MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Local animal control officials made a disturbing find that shows dog fighting is happening in the metro area.

A 2 to 3-year-old pit bull was left in the animal control parking lot on Monday. Because of his injures, officers think he was used as bait to train another animal for a dog fight.

“This actually looks a lot better than when he first came in,” said Jena Clem, an animal control officer.

At Minneapolis Animal Care and Control, there is a pit bull whose facial injuries tell the story of extreme cruelty.

“When he first came in this was swelled and hanging down,” said Clem, while pointing to the dog’s jaw.

Injures cover the front half of his body from head to the bottom of paw. They are telltale marks which give officers an idea of how he was hurt.

“So what we’re thinking happened is another dog came over top and shook,” said Clem.

Animal control officials believe the pit bull survived a dog fight. He may have even been used to train another dog.

“I think this dog was definitely the loser in this match,” said Tom Doty of Minneapolis Animal Care and Control.

“He was very patient with us when we were treating his wounds and cleaning him up a little bit,” said Clem.

Dog fighting is a world the injured animal likely never experienced before, a friendly demeanor gives that away.

“In this case it’s probably someone’s dog they love very much and wondering what happened to it,” said Doty.

He’s proof that dog fighting exists in the metro area. Animal control gets cases like this about three times a month.

“It’s upsetting. We, unfortunately, see enough of it where it doesn’t phase us anymore,” said Doty.

Often times, animal control doesn’t hear about these cases until it’s too late. This dog just happened to be a lucky one.

“He’s safe now,” said Clem.

MACC hopes the dog’s owners recognize their pet and bring him home. Doty said it’s rare for someone’s pet to be taken from their yard, but it does happen. This summer, a woman reported to police an attempted dog snatching in Minneapolis.

There’s no way to move forward with any criminal charges as of now, but the U.S. Humane Society does offer a $5,000 dollar reward for anyone who has information leading to a conviction for dog fighting.

Comments (32)
  1. NZ says:

    I would NOT give that dog back to the owner! Look what happened to it in the first place!

    1. Pooch! says:

      I grew up in El Paso, Tx Dog fighting is everywhere it is very sad. I went to jail because a guy had a dog in the trunk of his car so i followed him and broke in to the car and took the dog and yes I did call the cops first no luck with that, anyway Im glad I did it and I would do it again. I got to keep the dog had him for 11 yrs.

      1. Svea says:

        You are a saint, and a person after my own heart!

      2. Daina says:

        I grew up in El Paso also, I hear the gang activity has increased over the years since I was there and I think this kind of thing has alot to do with gang mentality. very sad.

    2. Cynthia Nesteby says:

      How sad for this poor dog…these people need to be stopped! I lived in Cali. for a few years and found out the hard way that these people look for individuals giving away free puppies….sad to say they use them for training their dogs.
      I hope these people are found and jailed….

  2. Kris says:

    Well I’m sure the person who did this is reading this story! You are a weak individual that has to use a animal to hurt. I can only hope someone finds you and treats you like you treat a poor animal that can’t defend himself.

  3. SPS says:

    This is disgusting. Just pray that I don’t get my hands on these cowards. I’d kill them…

  4. Sam says:

    The dog’s owners are likely not the ones who put the dog in to fight. Read the story. It’s a friendly pooch. That’s an animal raised to be a pet, not an animal raised to be trained or bait.

    What, precisely, does diversity have to do with this?

    1. @Sam says:

      Hey Sam,

      You must not be familiar with Kevin… He posts the same thing on every thread… He has a low IQ and is unable to think beyond this one remark. His mom ran of with someone of color when he was young, and he’s been so traumatized since, he’s never been able to move past it. He just repeats the same thing over…and over…and over again.. (he must not have taken his RX today)

      Most people posting comments that are familiar with him, just ignore him completely.

  5. NZ says:

    I did read the story SAM and any RESPONSIBLE owner would NEVER let something like this EVER happen. How does a family dog end up in this situation… ASK THE OWNERS. This dog deserves a responsible, loving, and caring home.

    1. Cass says:

      If you really did read the story then you’d know, the dog was most likely STOLEN from the owners that have trained the dog to be a kind and gentle soul.

    2. J says:

      the dog got stolen from the owners to be used as a bait dog. it happens all the time.

      and also… this dog is not safe now! he is scheduled to be euthed tonight unless the rescue i work with can find him a foster home!! please help him!

  6. You mean says:


  7. Rasputin says:

    Sad, very sad….

  8. Mike Vick says:

    It wasn’t me,I’m in Philadelphia!

    1. Gary says:

      real funny , jacka$$ !!

  9. Christine Brown says:

    It’s hard to make assumptions about the owners without knowing more. Yes, someone probably left the dog alone but it may have been just for a minute. Someone took the time to do some training with him; he wasn’t just a bait dog. Or maybe he got out of a secured kennel. It happens. I’m glad this dog is getting cared for, and if the original owners don’t come forward, the dog may not have much of a future.

  10. Dennis from Elk River says:


  11. rottdogge says:

    Actually, this dog is not that badly injured if he was in a pit fight. Contrary to what the article said, the other dog may be extremely dead. And another myth, a well-bred APBT is a great dog….they will love people to death….but they will fight another dog to death….the other kind of death, that is. That’s just how they are. Many people believe that owners make these dogs fight, but that’s not the case. As ugly as dog fighting is, these dogs fight with the same instinct as a bloodhound tracks. If you don’t believe me, read some of the books written by Carl Semencic. Again, “friendly” toward people has nothing to do with the prey drive these dogs have when confronting another dog.

    1. Murph says:

      I have seen two pit bulls who have been raised together,they play fight constantly! They do not hurt each other!They do know the difference between friendship and loathing.Unfortunatately they have no concept of right or wrong! One of my most precious and loved dogs was 1/2 siberian timberwolf.My cousins,females took me out to ride horses not once but twice.Each time the gentlest horses in those stables took me on a ride of horror.It was not until much later that the scent of the wolf dog on me dawned as the culprit! We as humans tend to trivialize what natural creatures take for granted.One day as a pre teen my parents left for the weekend secure in my 14 year old statement that I was sleeping at a friends house.In the middle of the night something woke me,approaching the front door,I saw a hand reaching in trying to undo the last resort chain!In the darkness I found the wolf dog who would NEVER leave my side.Drooling,crouched and up against the wall that held the door.My choice at that age was thus. Do I say something and save a miserable life or let it happen! I turned on the light and the culprit got away and I kept my loyal dog,who outweighed me by 25 lbs! Vote with your heart! I think democratic dogs and even wolves are more loyal than Repugnicans!

  12. j speedbag 64 says:

    jeezuz what a brutal picture of this dog……

  13. Sam says:

    I presume you mean naive.
    How is it being naive to presume that a dog that sits quietly through a vet exam has not been trained to dog fight? Ever dealt with such a creature? They are not tractable. They react violently to any sort of pain, including the pain of having wounds treated. A fighting dog would have had to have been anesthetized in order to treat the wounds you see in the picture above.

    @NZ So if the DOG was taken from a fenced-IN yard when it was let out to go TO the bathroom, the owners ARE responsible to what HAPPENED to it?
    Personally, I would blame the people who stole the dog out of its yard.
    Now, to be sure, if the dog was caught while wandering the neighborhood, then the original owners _were_ irresponsible, but that is hardly the only scenario where the dog could have ended up in the hands of a dog fighter.

  14. Don Juan says:

    In my wildest imagination I could never see how this extreme cruelty to animals could be even remotely entertaining, just makes me sick that some do.

  15. dmympls says:

    Sam, you are ignorant and do not know of which you talk: “How is it being naive to presume that a dog that sits quietly through a vet exam has not been trained to dog fight? Ever dealt with such a creature? They are not tractable. They react violently to any sort of pain, including the pain of having wounds treated. A fighting dog would have had to have been anesthetized in order to treat the wounds you see in the picture above.”

    THIS IS NOT ONLY INACCURATE, IT SHOWS HOW LITTLE YOU KNOW ABOUT PIT BULLS. Calm and loving is EXACTLY how they respond in this situation. Please educate yourself with experience before espousing drivel and disseminating misinformation. Too much abounds already.

  16. Cass says:

    Have there been any other updates on his pup’s health? I tried finding more info on the different news stations websites but found nothing.

    1. J says:

      this dog is doing fine health wise, but needs a foster home TONIGHT to be safe! please help this beautiful pup!

  17. Carrie Bina says:

    He was pulled by MARS rescue! Yay!

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