MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Census Bureau is reporting that 15 percent of Minnesota’s children, or about 190,000 of them, were living in poverty last year.

That’s a significant increase from the 14 percent who were living in poverty in 2009, but Minnesota’s child poverty rate remains among the lowest in the nation.

However, the rate remains uneven when examined by race. While about 10 percent of white children in Minnesota were in poverty last year, about 46 percent of black children lived below the poverty line.

The state’s white child poverty rate was lower than the national average. Minnesota’s rate for black children was much higher than the national average of 38 percent.

The report released Thursday says Minnesota was among 12 states with child poverty rates between 12.5 and 16.5 percent.

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Comments (8)
  1. G Dog says:


    The Republican agenda is working!!!

    1. nobama says:

      Gdog you should be nutered if you have children god help us if they are as stupid as you

  2. Kevin says:

    Ummmm…so 10% of white kids are poor….and 46% of black kids are poor??? Now tell us the numbers for Somalians, Mexicans, Nigerians, and Hmong! This sums up this POS state! I see that as 90% of white families are PAYING for the 46% of blacks….and God knows the percentage of mexicans, hmong, somalis…etc….See G Diggidy Dog your liberal agenda is doing great and freakin growing! If you give it they will come….and come they do…..

  3. Get it? Got it? Good! says:

    Funny. I bet the states where most of them came from have are having declining poverty rates among children. e.i. Illinois, California, Texas to name a few. And talking about statistics, why not talk about the reasons they are in those situations! Certain communities have populations that are booming out of control. How dumb to people have to be before they realize this? I have to get back to work now. Someone has to pay for all of this.

  4. Reality sucks says:

    But, pizza is now a vegetable. I’m glad these kids got an upgrade, Reagan told my generation that ketchup was a vegetabe—these kids get the actual tomato paste that composes a pizza sauce. Sounds so much better in the scheme of poverty.

  5. Citizen says:

    The numbers of children and people in poverty will go down as soon as Conservatives finish forcing the government to redefine “poverty” to include the value of food stamps and all the rest…

  6. DougT says:

    No – the number of children in poverty will go down when [girls] women stop having children out of wedlock. The largest factor putting children into poverty is living with a single mom.

    Cross your legs girls – its for the children……

  7. peace says:

    Why do people continue to have children if they can’t afford them. Are we no brighter than 3rd word countries. Maybe schoold should start teaching economics and basic math.

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