MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minnesota man is using an old idea as a new tactic to keep the Vikings in Minnesota.

“It worked with (Brett) Favre so I don’t know why it wouldn’t work here,” said Jay Tappe.

Tappe is a Vikings season ticket holder and is the man behind a new billboard that will be unveiled Monday at St. Peter and 11th Street in St. Paul.

The billboard will read, “50 years of blood, sweat, and tears, keep our Vikings here.”

“If you put a billboard up, they will pay attention,” said Tappe.

“They” in this case are state lawmakers. In football terms Tappe is working on “field position.” His billboard will be in a place where lawmakers can’t help but see it, about four short football lengths from the Capitol’s front steps.

“We just need to show these legislators that we want to keep our Vikings here and its part of our history and it’s our team. We aren’t letting them go anywhere,” said Tappe.

Tappe has experience in these matters. He’s a disc jockey by night, but a Vikings motivator by day. Last year he paid to have a billboard put up in Hattiesburg, Miss., to try and get Brett Favre to come back for one more year. It worked. Favre even said so.

“I’m driving home after a month of contemplating and there are billboards popping up in Hattiesburg that say how much we love you and we want you back. Whoever thought that would happen? I felt I owed the fans and the team one more season,” said Favre during a press conference announcing his return last year.

This time around, Tappe knows the stakes are even higher.

“It’s a lot of bureaucracy and a lot of red tape,” said Tappe.

But he sees no reason why it can’t be done. He’s spending more than $4,600 on the billboard. Tappe said he’s simply tired of the false starts, and as a fan and a Minnesotan, he’s looking for a touchdown at the State Capitol.

“If we would lose our team I would stop watching football altogether. That’s bad for the NFL, that’s bad for everything. The money that we would lose and the team leaving would be horrible,” said Tappe.

Tappe’s billboard will be on display for one month. He is taking pledges and has received a lot already, but is still about $2,000 short.

Anyone interested in pledging can go to 4millionvikesfans.com and make a donation.

Comments (45)
  1. What a nut job says:

    Hey Wacko, Put you sign up in LA or another place would be where the sun doesn’t shine.

    1. Stick the sign says:

      I agree, What a loser. Sign should read 50 years of losing, and it is time to move to another town and state

    2. Jackson says:

      Jesus, you’re so dumb you can’t even put together a grammatically correct sentence. Look, I get that being a busboy is tough, and that G.E.D. test is REALLY hard, but don’t try to make fun of your betters. They’re laughing at you 😉

  2. Exp says:

    Let ’em go to LA. They barely even bothered to show up against the Packers, and haven’t made it to the super bowl in 34 years. That’s about as long as it’s going to take for the income that the state makes from the team in taxes to pay off the new stadium. If ever, if you count interest on the money we have to borrow up front to pay for it.

    1. Paul Anderson says:

      Yeah Vikings take back that $305 million in taxes you have paid because the State on Minnesota is so rich they dont need it. Take the jobs that go with your being here as well. Nothing like hearing from the short sighted!

  3. Let 'em go the way of the Northstars! says:

    Agree with all the above. The Vikings $UCK. I quit following those losers the day Tommy Kramer “twisted” his ankle. God, you all are real “pieces” of work, and you “receive” (not make) WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much money, and for what, “playing”?! The public has got to STOP paying the outrageous prices that allows all these NFL FLUNKIES to continue living high on the hog, as you all sit in your cr@ppy apartments while working your buttS off. Doesn’t that irritate you-all in the slightest??!!

    1. Paul Anderson says:

      Yeah it irritates me that I spend more than $1500 per game to come watch the Vikings play, that I and tens of thousands like me do the same, and we have to put up with ungrateful comments like this as a thank you to contributing to the economy of the state!

  4. Jeff says:

    $4600.00 ???? What a frickin’ idiot…next tiem buy yourself a plane ticket outta here MORON!!!

  5. Jeff Duke says:

    Hmm, loser and idiot have already been taken. How about moron? “If you put a billboard up, they will pay attention,”
    Yeah, my opinion is often changed after looking at a roadside advertisement. Idiot loser.

  6. sick of people's BS says:

    Thank God you people who are posting are in the minority. We will see who wins out on this one.

    1. Truth out says:

      There is no god and you are in the 20% club on the stadium issue. That makes you a liar.

      1. sick of people's BS says:

        prove your statements to me and then we will see who the liar is.

        1. Jack says:

          “Would you favor or oppose using public money for a new Viking’s stadium? ”

          Favor: 22%
          Oppose: 74%
          Don’t know: 4%


          1. Sam i am says:

            Yeah like the Startribune is where to get a non biased leading polll.

            What an effing moron. Go back to your basement.

            Everyone knows that the Startribune is was of the most liberally biased papers on earth and if it doesn’t benefits unions or Mayor Rybak it won’t be positive.

          2. Your Lost says:

            They already stated that no public money would be used…ID10T. They are working on it and the thing will be built.

          3. PLATOON says:

            Jack! You’re still posting?Even after being callled one of the lamest people in Minnesota last night.Was it hard to sleep last night?Man,I would hate to have that title hanging over my head. JACK DIRT ONE OF THE LAMEST PEOPLE IN MINNESOTA.

  7. Rocket Scientist says:

    Nice, that is commitment. I hope it helps. Remember the billboard that touted Bush after the election? Maybe THAT guy was the moron.

  8. Rockford says:

    Get the stadium deal done. I see all the non athletes are on the board this morning.

  9. Rockfish says:

    Lets keep the team. The Vikings are a state asset. And yes, the sissy boys are definitely posting today.

    1. Josh says:

      Wrong, the Vikings are privately owned…they are only an asset to people who blindly follow a losing team that has a history of losing. I think the revenue from taxes on anything to do with the Vikings lost would be marginal at best. As a Minnesotan Packer Fan I would honestly like to see the Viqueens stay, its a fun rivalry to have…..BUT…..Wylf (or however his name is spelled) has more than enough money to buy land and build his own stadium. I would think that all the brainwashed, liberal lemming OWS and class warfare crowd that predominantly makes up the populous of MN would be hating the “corporate welfare” they are giving him. Just my 2 cents….and let the angry, insulting replys begin!

  10. Mad Dog says:

    This guy sounds like a real wacko. Send the Viqueens to LA. They have gone longer then anyother team with out winning a NFL championship (Pre Super Bowl) or Super Bowl. Even the Lions & Cardinal have won a NFL chapionship. Any team that hires Mike Tice as a head coach and loses to the Aints in the playoff is a laughing stock outside the state of Minnesota.

    1. Karl Heinrichs says:

      Actually, the Vikings have won an NFL championship too, just like the lions. You’re so stupid as to not even merit a response, so you’re obviously not from Minnesota. To bad this guy has a girlfriend you could only dream of and more money and success than you could ever achieve. lol

      1. Mad Dog says:

        Hey Karl if you would have read my post you would see that I wrote Pre Super Bowl championship. The year they won it they lost to Kansas City in the Super Bowl. And you think Mike Tice was a good head coach? Boy other teams sure lined up to hire him as a head coach didn’ they. And I am from Minnesota. So now who’s stupid?

        1. Rocks in her head says:

          No, you still are.

          1. Mad Dog says:

            If you want to follow a bunch of losers go ahead. Losers tend to stick together.

  11. If brains were gunpowder there'd be no explosion here. says:

    He would have been better off spending that money on appointments with a psychiatrist to help rid him of his delusional thoughts that the Vikings are worth keeping.

  12. Jack says:

    I hope the politicians are smarter than that nut job.

  13. TXSKOL says:

    Great job Jay!!!!!! Don’t let all the basement dwellers comments get you down! SKOL!

  14. Ralph says:

    Put the sign up, build the stadium and to hell with all you other whining cry babies, all pathetic whiners.

  15. Carol Robshaw says:

    I think you guys are all nuts! We need to keep the Vikings in Minnesota. I’m from SD and spend plenty of money in your state going to Vikings games. You may not think it’s much, but $500+ a year going into your economy helps. It helps keep the hotels full, the bars tenders hopping and the restaurants happy. If the Vikings move, I may just have to travel to KC and spend my money there.

  16. LMAO! says:

    Money well spent down the sewer!
    I hope the Vikings leave so they can take those drug addict and convicted felon VWO members with them. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

    1. jackson says:

      Ha ha – you should be ashamed of yourself for being an internet coward unable to even stand behind your own words. It’s fun watching losers make fun of people they’re jealous of!!!

  17. Super Freak 84 says:

    maybe we should keep the vikings and ship all you losers out to the dakotas or montana…. seems like you dont like to do anything that is fun so enjoy the great plains!

    pathetic the opinion of people on here… the vikes are a state asset and attract people to the city… can you name another major succesful city that does not have an NFL team? (dont count ones that are within driving distance of NFL citys)

    1. Me says:

      Ummm…Los Angeles???

    2. bugsy says:

      Ummmm … London, Paris, Rome … they seem to do just fine without an NFL team.

      What else ya got?

      The Vikings are total losers … and they’re proven it with their 51 year record.

  18. Billboard fund says:

    I’ll toss in 2 bits for a sign to get the Vikings located in that new stadium …. outside LA
    Let’s set up a moving fund at Bremer Bank. I don’t trust the team not players if we send direct to them.
    It likely be used to buy some booty or dope if they have control. lol

  19. Ordinary Guy says:

    Helping the local economy? What do you suppose people would do with their entertainment dollars if not spent there, save it up for their stock portfolios? Spend it in Wisconsin or the Dakotas?

    They’d spend it on un-subsidized local entertainment. Geez!

  20. whatever says:

    A season ticket holder will not stop watching football if the loser vikings leave.

  21. Jay says:

    Seems to me, they should all let the money do the talking. Put together a way for people, not the state, to throw money into a pot. Those that want the team, put the money in the pot; those that don’t, don’t put money in the pot. At least that would be a very concrete way of making it work or not. And, if the money in the pot goes to the Viking management they get to spend it as they see fit. Maybe the real losers will be the ones that either find out the team’s staying, because of the huge amount of money sent in; or, the losers will be the ones not sending in enough money. Personnally, I want my tax money to go to other, more useful, actually beneficial things for the people of Minnesota.

  22. grrrrr says:

    So many people spend money on hotels, transportation, food, in bars and in MN for Vikings games…if they leave their would be a lot of revenue lost and a lot of jobs….if they stay, there will be many jobs kept and new jobs available…..MN would lose a lot if they leave…keeping them here IS beneficial to the people of MN!!!!!!

    MN had the North Stars and the Lakers….they both left because of one reason or another….now we have the Wild and the Timberwolves….if the Vikings leave, in a few years, MN will decide that they need a NFL team…and have to build them a stadium and pay for a new franchise…..just do it now and save money in the long run!!!!!!

  23. Paul Bunyan says:


  24. Lazy Larry Forex says:

    The the next occasion Someone said a blog, I hope who’s doesnt disappoint me approximately this place. After all, It was my substitute for read, but I just thought youd have some thing interesting to convey. All I hear can be a handful of whining about something that you could fix when you werent too busy searching for attention.

  25. Patty Christensen says:

    74% of Minnesotans do NOT want to help support a new Viking Stadium.
    We have thousands without jobs, companies are closing, homes are in foreclosure, grocery prices are going through the roof……. and someone is talking about a Billboard about building a stadium FOR the Vikes. I find that rather hysterical! WHO are you kidding? Making a mockery of the fine taxpaying citizens in this state….. & asking for ‘support’ for a new stadium? All of our extra money is going to help members of our immediate family who have lost their jobs. Sorry, my bank is closed!

  26. LMAO says:

    ^^^^ To Jackson’s response: Yeah I’m jealous of drug addicts and (repeat) convicted felons. What a dumbA$$ you are!

  27. Jay Tappe says:

    I find all of the hating comments, hilarious. There is nothing any one of you can say to break me or my fellow Vikings fan’s stride. All of you people who called me names, are so insecure about your own selves and are seriously UN-EDUCATED!

    If you’re not hated, you’re not doing anything!

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