ROSEVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — Two Roseville Police Officers opened fire on a man they say threatened them with a handgun.

Officers were called to an apartment building around 8:30 p.m. Thursday night for a call about domestic violence. Authorities said the call was from a woman who sounded like she was being choked.

The phone disconnected and dispatch made numerous calls to the home, but only received voicemail.

According to the police report, when officers arrived at the apartment at 655 Larpenteur Avenue West, they went up to the unit where the 911 call originated. They spotted a man, now identified as 55-year old Wayne Malone, pointing a gun at them near the doorway of the unit.

They asked him repeatedly to drop his weapon, but he refused. So the officers fired several rounds and killed him.

Once the apartment was clear they found Malone’s wife and adult child in the apartment unharmed.

The apartment building was evacuated while police and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) investigated. Apartment residents were kept warm in a bus.

Officers said Malone’s wife was the one who called 911.

Police said they’ve responded to four calls to that address since February 2010. That includes cases where he had threatened to kill people in his apartment building and where he was combative with police and paramedics.

The two officers involved are Officer Grant Dattilo, a 5-year veteran, and Officer Joe Adams, a 4-year veteran. Both have been put on paid administrative leave, standard procedure in these types of cases.

Comments (21)
  1. zee the reporter says:

    Two Roseville Police Officers opened fire on a man they say threatened them !!

    1. I_hate_mini_vans says:

      Your point being??

  2. Obv. says:

    I bet she is very glad the killed him, now she won’t have to live her life in fear anymore. I wish the police would shoot more people and kill them, there are so many worthless human beings out there.

    1. ez says:

      The sad thing is she will most likely gravitate to another abuser.

  3. KegHead says:

    St. Louis crackhead with a gun.

    Go figure!

  4. Don'y play with fire I guess says:

    Don’t know much by this story but the real story is this – you have gun and you brandish gun you likely will be dead.
    End of story

  5. Geoooorge says:

    What else would they soot him with?

    1. @Geooooorge says:

      pee-pee’s ?
      an option

      1. ron says:

        how about bows and arrows?

  6. ron says:

    Ammo is expensive, Perhaps better shot placement next time…..

  7. Just Sayin' says:

    I saw the report on the morning news & what caught my attention is the cops had hung a blanket over the entry of the appartment building. Why? Some thing they don’t want the public to see?

    1. @sayin' nada says:

      Yeah – most folks don’t like to see blood and gore nor do they need to.
      You want to make something out of it obviously that is not there. Dude – you, as always, are a true POS

    2. Realist says:

      Yea, a dead body. Idiot.

      1. SO SAD says:

        Yeah, but the shooting happened on the 2nd floor……..idiot/POS yourself. Another thing, why the name calling? Don’t like someone else’s opinion, that’s fine, but you don’t need to call people names. Are we back in high school?

        1. at Just sayin' - so sad and all the others used says:

          I belive your past and current posts are catching up to you here junior.
          Maybe take some time off, even move to another state and start anew with your gibberish.
          Or just continue to change your handles and chat with yourself as most people don’t waste their time.
          Me? – I am retired so I will 😉

    3. ez says:

      Yes, the dead body! Learn how to read.
      Here, let me help you with this “They spotted a man, now identified as 55-year old Wayne Malone, pointing a gun at them near the doorway of the unit.” They shot him near the apartment door, and unlike the movies people don’t die right away when shot. He either staggered back into the apartment, or fell inside when the police shot him. The public does not need to see that.

  8. Donnie S says:

    It’s terrible what these officers go through when something like that happens. These cops are doing what they are trained for and that is something nobody will understand unless they have been there. I am just using my military experience to compare because I have a very hard time living with what I have done for my country while serving. Something you never get over. Damm people put officers in those situations, cops are not out looking for people to shoot.

    1. thankful says:

      Thanks for fighting for our country. I hope you can make peace with yourself…I can’t imagine the things you must have seen.

  9. Thanks says:

    Numerous calls to address…incl a probation violation, perp carrying a weapon – my thought is automatic. Man down.
    Pity the officers – never an easy thing to live with when you do it. It will haunt them for years.
    That said – you did your job, you did what needed to be done and no one else was hurt.
    Thanks for keeping the rest of us safe officers. God Bless!

  10. Kevin says:

    This moron had many issues with the police in the past. Hiding Felons….got tased by the cops….drank himself out cold…..threatened to kill people in his apt building… less welfare check going out….

    1. wow says:

      Coming from a person whom recieves welfare, Im sure your happy that more money for u..

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