MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Supporters of racino, a racetrack and casino combo, announced plans to increase the prize money for the races by nearly $26 million.

The Minnesota Racing Commission listened to a proposal Thursday night.

They believe that could be a big jump start for the Minnesota horse racing industry.

A report obtained last week said slot machines at Minnesota’s two horse racing tracks — Canterbury Park and Running Aces — would generate enough annual revenue to build the Vikings stadium with plenty left over for education.

The Minnesota State Lottery prepared the study, showing racetrack slots would generate $432 million a year and $133.3 million in new taxes to the state.

If approved, a racino could open in as little as six months.

The Indian Gaming Association said the racino numbers are grossly inflated because tribes will boost their payouts to keep customers.

They also warn that it could mean layoffs for thousands of tribal casino workers statewide.

Comments (15)
  1. No! Not if any of it goes to Zippy. says:

    We have enough gambling already. Don’t need any more.

  2. Say Yes says:

    Gambling is already here, all over the state. It is about time MN gets some gambling revenue to help the Vikings, education, roads etc. Please vote yes!
    or let the people vote!

  3. Shannon says:

    None of it is going to Ziggy, heck Zippy as you so like to call him is going to bank roll 450 million of his own money. He is investing in a state owned property. I am so sick of you anti-stadium people. If Jesus asked for a pulpit you would deny that too if you thought you had to pay for it. Attitudes like yours are one of the reasons the economy has become stagnite. Growing involves building, you are already paying for people sitting at home and collecting unemployment, Lets get these people back to work!

    1. Yep, I'm an anti stadium person says:

      Stagnite? Hmmm … I guess you’re entitled to your opinion, even if it’s wrong.

  4. stubby says:

    Native American tribes are the number 2 contributer, labor unions being number 1, to the democratic party. THis puts ol’ wild eyes in a tough spot. Do what’s good for the state, or do what’s good for the democratic party.

  5. say no says:

    i just feel that more people gonna be in more debt from gambling cuz if u put slots at both race tracks then next thing we gonna have a casino downtown tryin to get more money from broke people….i just dont know if its worth it

    1. rex says:

      People who want to gamble or people who allow themselves to become addicted can gamble almost anywhere now! They can go to Bingo, They can buy pulltabs at almost any bar, scratch-offs at almost any gas station, attend a basement poker game, or they can drive one hour almost any direction to get to a casino from the TC metro area. If they are gonna gamble they will find a way. Adding a Racino will not create a worse problem, night add another option for someone w/ a gambling addiction but addicts will find a way one way or another. But this WILL help Minnesota!!! And maybe the Indian Casino’s will be forced for once to pay out fairly instead of rob people blind.

    2. lb says:

      Gamblers are going to gambler regardless of wheather they go to a reservation casino or a state ran racino. To me it makes more sense to gamble somewhere that the schools and community can benefit. Try visiting a reservation casino to get informed. You don’t have to be a gambler to see how full they are and how they are taking people money merciless. They obviously need some competition.

  6. Tribes pay their share says:

    Why don’t the tribes just kick in funding to the stadium and education. If they are so worried about layoffs and people not going to the casinos then this will resolve it.

    1. CommonMen says:

      Gads..they just admitted how greedy they are and that they could have better payouts… what a bunch of total jerks. Their own words beg for the State to open a casino. Come on guys, get it done! PS. I just lost $2400 this week in that big casino my 401(k) calls Wall Street. Yes I think I’ll go home and tell my wife I just lost $2400 gambling on wall Street…that’s OK. But then I just might loose $100 at the State Casino and that would be …bad? Not!

  7. jimmy says:

    So according to the greedy gambling is good for the state. Go back and read history and see why we got rid of gambling in this state.

    1. lb says:

      Gambling actually is not ridded in this state. Did you forget about the reservation casino’s?

  8. That is what I would do says:

    You would think the tribes would try to save their market by kicking money in.

  9. M says:

    The tribal workers already get monthly money. Of course they would get less then some of there like 100k a month..tax free!!!!! Oh darn, I feel so sorry for them!!

    I do not see why have slot machines in other places would be bad, Vegas makes out ok. People are going to go where they are comfortable. I live close to Mystic, but I do not go there, because they will not even let you bring booze to your room!!! They actually will search your bag if they think you have any!!!

    Maybe serve drinks for a charge and make up some of your losses!! Cantebury has drinks!!!

  10. betts says:

    i’d go just because it isn’t indian owned… and it might clean up some of the somke smell.. and i’m not alone…

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