Gopher’s Coach Kill Suffers Seizure

Gopher head coach Jerry Kill suffered another seizure after Saturday’s game against Northwestern.

Kill is OK. He suffered the seizure while flying back from Northwestern.

  • Guy

    They’re going to have to modify the scoreboards :

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  • Bye, bye goober

    Sorry about his health issues. In other matters – he’s a lousy coach, an overpaid coach, and a “hee haw” dufus that we don’t need in Gopherville.

    Maybe he could go to LA with Wilf and the Vikings. That would be a good fit.

    • Phid

      Now how would you reason that he is a “lousy coach”? If you came into a program inheriting a group of players recruited by your predecessor who won perhaps a handful of games over the past few years, would you be able to turn around the program in a year? I don’t think so.

  • mike

    Making smart ass remarks about someone with a health issue? That takes a man’s man to do that doesn’t it? Walk proud idiots.

  • Luke

    Ya know, I’m starting to wonder if these seizures come from taking generic drugs. Because sometimes when you take a generic over the name brand the release for that drug can release all at once in your bloodstream rather than slowly (a timed released). I’ve actually read about people experiencing seizures because of this before. So maybe he should look into that? Just a thought

  • Coach Kill


    Pheeelllppppp aag aag aaag


  • Dave W - Glencoe

    You can’t turn a program around in 1 year! Give him a break…. Every year should be getting better…

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