MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Governor Mark Dayton has made a repeated call for a deadline for a Vikings deal. So far Republican leaders have not agreed.

Presumably there is a concern that if the deadline passes and there is no deal the process would be dealt such a setback that it might be impossible to resurrect.

But without a deadline it seems difficult to believe a deal can be reached. Procrastinators among us no full well it is only with a deadline that difficult tasks get done.

The unwillingness of everyone to even agree to a deadline suggests the political will to get a deal done might not exist at the capitol. And if that is the case there will be no new Vikings stadium. Without a stadium, most analysts agree the team will certainly move.

A deadline would do something else. For those of us who write, report and talk about the stadium there would be a set end point to look forward to.

For those in the public weary of hearing about the issue there would be an end point to. And for that alone, a deadline would be welcome.

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  1. Here's a deadline says:

    Here’s a deadline proposal: Zygi has until November 20, 2011 to agree to pay 100% of the new stadium he wants. If he doesn’t meet the deadline, he moves the team anywhere but in MN.

    We have a lot of people willing to donate their time to help him pack his bags.

  2. Ace says:

    I’ll be happy to help him pack

  3. S. Loring Baker says:

    They should get it done now!

    It will never happen without the local sales tax, authorize that funding now without a referendum (like the one authorized for the proposed Anoka site five years ago).

    If the Vikings leave we will pay $2bil in 10 years for a different team.

  4. Tour Guide says:

    No need to pull any punches, conservative politicians don’t have the will to get anything done. They prefer to get in the way and then blame others when things fail. Counting on GOP leadership to work with the state on this issue is as empty of a hope as expecting them work with the state on any other issue. What difference will a deadline make in this political environment?

  5. Tour Guide says:

    I recall the adage beggars can’t be choosers. Zygi is a beggar. He has the money and supposedly the business sophistication to build profitable developments. But he is leveraging his ownership of the Vikings to get taxpayers to cover some of his margins in the Viking stadium development he wants. Why else choose a site like Arden Hills over one of the Minneapolis options?

    It is obscene that Wilf seems to be getting his way. If he wants taxpayer help, he shouldn’t be calling the shots. Minneapolis is packed with existing businesses owned by Minnesotans who have worked hard to build their business. Why should we cater the whims of of an out-of-town opportunist like Wilf? The stupidity of it is overwhelming.

    Losing the Vikings would be disappointing, but I don’t like being held up and robbed either. We have other priorities in this state. If we are going to sacrifice those priorities to help fund a project for a multi-millionaire, then we better fund it in a way that makes the most sense for taxpayers. It is hard to see how Arden Hills trumps Minneapolis by that measure.

  6. Tim says:

    Who are these “analysts” that are convinced that the Vikings will move without a handout from the taxpayers or even more gambling? The one’s I’ve seen quoted seem to have a personal interest in making a new stadium happen and can’t really be trusted to consider the best interests of the “people”. The Metrodome has a new roof and playing surface, is paid for and for the purpose of playing the game of football is as good as any other stadium in the league. Most people can’t and won’t ever attend a game in person no matter where it is played. They watch the game on television and to the fans at home or in a local bar, there’s no reason to change the place it’s being played. I suspect that the real reason that Zygi wants a new stadium (and hopes we’ll pay for most of it) is to increase revenue from private viewing boxes, parking and numerous commercial opportunities from surrounding development. A publicly subsidized stadium development (such as the one proposed in Arden Hills) with hotels and retail nearby developed by Zygi would put him in direct competition for lodging and hospitality dollars with all the existing businesses in the metro that didn’t get the benefit of a taxpayer assist. If Zygi insists that a new stadium is necessary, I suggest he take out a building permit and get busy making it happen. There’s no real reason that any of us need to help pay for it.

  7. Amy says:

    “Without a stadium, most analysts agree …”, ah, let’s not forget, the Vikings DO have a stadium…it’s called the METRODOME! If they really didn’t have a stadium, then I could see how this issue would be as big as it is. But I’m fine with them leaving if they don’t like it. I’d rather see our schools funded 100% (heck-I’d take 60%!)

    1. Gene says:

      They can also play in TCF Bank stadium.

  8. lane hughes says:

    let the vikings leave Green Bay has always been a good team to root for

  9. Hate the pack says:

    I would die first before I would root for the Packers! Just get it done!

    1. me says:

      Do you prefer pills, bullets, the rope or jumping off of tall buildings?

      (Just asking so that we know where to go to collect your body)

  10. packers are a joke says:

    problem is we have to much flame bait packer fans in this state to get anything done. they troll these message boards and use slander on the Vikings that in turn sways people on the fence. If you like the packers so much, move to Wisconsin and quit taking our jobs in MN.

  11. Murph says:

    Too little money.too little time! Game over! Vikes,Congress ,the Party of NO!.Bad vaudeville [Faux, aka, FOX] can only fool those who never saw it before it was politics.The trouble is people in red states are used to millionaire driven poverty.people in blue states are just now getting a taste of it.The sad part is,that the very people who could save this country are being prevented from doing so by Congress and those still thinking and stinking inside the box!Wake up,save Fannie and Freddie,not by hand outs ,but to low interest loans to retired people who cannot be hurt by job loss.Only by bad governance! Two good loans to secure income seniors could cancel out one or more bad loans made before the Bushmaster bit us! But time is running out! When seniors run out of cash,this country is down the tubes!Stop trading oil,start trading bad for good mortgages!

    1. Murph says:

      Count the Vikes as another casualty of the Bush era! You can no longer afford them.Plus sadly for Wilf,neither can any other American locality! That’s the ball game,no NBA, no Vikings,no roads,no bridges ,…contact the Party of NO! for more details!

    2. DougT says:

      Somebody is off their meds. Fannie and Freddie are black holes that took on way more risk than they should have and have been into the pockets of dems for a long time.

      Fox news is considered right wing only because the rest of the mass media is so far whacked left it would seem to be conservative. Its a relative thing.

      And the only reasons “seniors” have any money is because they have had a lifetime to save and the dieing beasts ponzi schemes called Social Security and medicare and medicare to live the good life off of. The rest of us are working to pay the “youth tax” to support the non contributing vultures of our society.

      And the whole blame Bush thing has gotten a little old – I mean the Messiah has been in office for over 3 years – I thought he would just wave his magic wand and make everything better – Perhaps I just did not drink the kool-aide…

  12. Gene says:

    You’ll need to used to this phrase:

    “The L.A. Vikings!”

    It won’t be too bad. Your life won’t end. You’ll have more money in your pocket. And you won’t have the happiness sucked out of your soul every Sunday afternoon.

    1. Another Gene says:

      Kind of goes well with L.A. “Lakers”. Hey, I see a pattern here!!

    1. Gene says:

      Yes, get it done, remove Dayton from office immediately before he does more damage.

  13. Did you read what you wrote? says:

    “Procrastinators among us no [sic] full well …”

    “For those in the public weary of hearing about the issue there would be an end point to [sic]”

    Never mind the tissue-paper-thin content of your post. If you’re going to be this careless, why bother posting at all?

    1. John says:

      When you’re as attractive as Esme is, you don’t need to *right* good.

  14. Ordinary Guy says:

    Fan support is not good enough. Tie in local manufacturing, as well as construction, a converging daily rail transportation hub, business and shopping 365 days instead of 8, improvements to our quality of life and environment. These are ways to involve the public interest, not just to benefit billionaires.

  15. Zygi Wilf says:

    Give me your money.

    Now. I’m not kidding.

    Give me your money. Now.

  16. Daquota1 says:

    Okay…the Vikings represent Minnesota…so it would be nice if they could each donate some of their money towards a new stadium in appreciation of their fans…as well as the possibility of concidering stock shares with their new statium…it really could be a beautiful site for all to endure with the enjoyment of entertainment …where is the committment of reassurance on behalf of Minnesota…

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