LAKEVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — A 29-year-old Minneapolis man is accused of stealing purses from the cars of mothers dropping their children off at a Lakeville day care.

Jeffrey Michael Super has been charged with four felony counts, including theft, burglary and making fraudulent financial transactions.

The purses were stolen in late September from at least three different cars.

WCCO-TV talked to a Lakeville woman who was victimized by the same thief on three separate occasions. Janelle Iverson came home to find her things ransacked on the same day her purse was stolen.

Police believe Super broke in through Iverson’s window and then pulled his car into the garage where he proceeded to load the stolen goods. Iverson estimates he stole around $10,000 in items. In addition to ripping three flat-screen TVs off the wall, he stole laptops, electronic goods and even personal items.

“My driver’s license, all my credit cards, my birth certificate, my passport, all my son’ s information,” Iverson said.

Using the spare set of keys the suspect found in Iverson’s purse, he came back and stole her car out of her driveway while she was in the house.

“Your neighbors don’t always notice everything,” Iverson said.

Lakeville Police tracked down the activity on stolen credit cards and used surveillance to find Super. According to the criminal complaint, Super admitted to the thefts and burglary, and said he used the stolen items to get drugs.

“The idea that somebody’s touched things you would never even show your closest friend or family member, and then you just feel like it’s such a violation,” Iverson said.

Super was charged last week with four felony counts including theft, burglary and making fraudulent financial transactions.

Super was arrested in October for another stolen car and a police chase. He also was convicted of receiving stolen property in 2007.

If convicted, Super could face up to 10 years in prison.

Comments (42)
  1. tinted tiny tom says:


    1. jackactionhero says:

      The neck tattoo > very popular among Losers..I also have one,of a rainbow.

  2. tan pup says:

    Coward! I bet he owes child support too!

    1. ok says:

      Actually, he has given his son EVERYTHING he needs! He oves his son more than the world!!!! LOVE is more important than money!

      1. MN_Mom says:

        Umm, then why is he a thief?? Apparently, he needs money for something, even if it isn’t for his kid.

      2. @ ok says:

        Honesty and Integrity are more important than money, and so is setting an example for your children. You are as bad as this dirtbag for trying to defend him.

      3. @ OK says:

        You are obviously his mom, and failed miserably at parenting him. Go get back on your meds; the legal ones, not the ‘meth’ your son must obviously be on. Being on drugs is not an excuse for being a dirtbag criminal thug that steals from others. Go check yourself in honey.

      4. Paul says:

        where did he get the goods for his son probably from someones house

  3. jackactionhero says:

    Look at this sissy. Why do we tolerate trash like this in our society? Is there a reason?

    1. ok says:

      same reason we tolerate trash like you! Everyone is not perfect! YOU ARE NOT EITHER!

      1. Torrath says:

        Wow. Trash the commenter for wanting more out of this country. What do you know about him? What do you know about his life? What makes you more qualified to speak on someones quality to society than him? I have a sneaky suspicion that it is you, in fact, that is the trash. Your boyfriend or son or whatever he is to you is a boil on society. Only HE made the choices he made. Only HE made the decision to use drugs. Only HE stole the purses from innocent people that got their stuff fairly. He is the problem and you are an enabler. Try blaming HIM for his faults instead of everyone else. Your mentality is a key factor in what is wrong with this country. The first amendment gave you the right to free speech, too bad our liberal school system didn’t teach you when to just be quiet.

  4. TL the alligator says:

    one look at this loser and you know what he is about…he exemplifies why society needs prisons….wonder what his parents are like…..probably losers as well.

    1. ok says:

      It’s people like YOU who make inequality!

  5. ok says:

    he is actually a good person, he fell victim to the wrong crowd! Treatment not imprisonment!

    1. MN_Mom says:

      Wrong. Yes, I have and I learned that you cannot make excuses, control their behavior or make them change. Yes, drug addicts need help, however, they do still need to be held accountable for their actions. Why does him being on drugs excuse his behavior? Did someone force drugs into his system and make him become an addict or was his decision to do drugs a choice he made on his own free will? You talked about his son in another comment, hopefully, this guy can turn his life around for the sake of his son, if not for himself. I know what it’s like to lose a parent that was not able to do that.

    2. Tired of These Criminals says:

      If he is a good person and you obviously know him why don’t you make restitution to his victims, who are good people, and then he can repay you when he gets out of prision if he is as good as you say. The people he robbed have real jobs and work hard for what they have. Your son is it? comes in trashes their homes, destroys things unnecessarily, takes things from children, causes them to miss work to take care of the problems he has caused causing even more problems for the victims, but he is good, Right!. Why don’t you help make it right for the victims since you and your enabling actions are partially responsible for this pain and extreme financial hardship he has caused in other peoples lives.

  6. just sayin says:

    A tattoo on your neck sure says a lot. “look at me, I’m a loser!”

  7. ok says:

    That picture is not Jeffery! Its drugs! and there is too many people out there that need help!!!!

    1. GEt.a.LiFE says:

      funny looking drug…

    2. disgusting says:

      How about giving us the “only Jesus can judge” speech. Don’t forget the “he was just turning his life around” speech. What loser steals a mothers purse? Lock him up for a long time.

      1. ok says:

        an addict does! He needs treatment not imprisonment!

        1. The Infidel says:

          He can get treatment IN prison. Just sayin’.

        2. disgusting says:

          @ok. Looks likes he was busted in 2007 for the same thing.Stop making excuses for him. That’s not helping.

        3. What a joke says:

          Sounds like your on drugs yourself…My 4 year old nephew knows more about right from wrong than this loser!

  8. well says:

    I could care less about tattoos in places you can cover up – but when it comes to presentation at a job, nobody will take you seriously. People will just look at you like you’re nuts.

  9. ok says:

    NO excuses… this time around he needs help that was never offered before. All of these people with negative comments are innconsiderate snobs. Justice is not solely within paying the price of the crime, but in helping those who commit these delinquent acts to never do such a thing again. Our criminal justice system does not care to help these people, and people like YOU make it impossible for these criminals to GET HELP! Yes it was his choice,, his actions, his addiction. No excuse for that. All im saying is recidivism is what will occur if these type of people dont get help. And for the comment on getting treatment in prison… that treatment is bs

    1. disgusting says:

      He’s a dirtbag and you sound just as bad. I feel bad for those women he robbed. Lock him up.

    2. HDMC says:

      You should bow your head with embarassment. if YOU cared, if this was supposed to be YOUR friend or whatever you relationship with this puke is, where were you? where was your commitment to help someone who deserves it? i guess your caring ends at defensive commenting.

      i have no pitty for this man, addiction or otherwise.
      He should find God, and thank him that the purse he stole was not my wifes, and the house he robbed was not mine, otherwise this headline would read a lot different.
      so go f-yourself and your pitty party of moraless friends.

    3. MN_Mom says:

      Never offered before? What, let me guess, you want the tax payers to foot the bill for his treatment and get him the best treatment possible (not what will be offered while he serves his time)? Hasn’t he taken enough when stealing people’s hard earned money and belongs, traumatizing these families and invading their privacy? Now they, and the rest of us, should foot the bill to get this “great guy” some treatment? If you care so much, how about YOU foot the bill and make sure he gets what he needs. I have my own kids to take care of and my own security system to pay for due to the likes of this “great guy”.

  10. rick perry says:

    Send him to Texas,we ain’t executin anyone till January.

  11. Paul says:

    .He stole the toys of a 6 yr olf prrobably for his child.He must of shown his desire to change as he stole a car in Oct and fled the police. The court system should give him enough time to amend or find some core values.I will be there for sentencing to remind the judge how the system needs to be responsible in protecting society.Mom of this loser enables him. Had I been home I would havr shot this tresspasser and he wouldnt have the balls to enter other peoples residence.

  12. KegHead says:

    Crack, crack, crack.
    Meth, meth, meth.

  13. Kyle says:

    wow boys and girls – you just fired a boatload of venom at the perp. Fine by me as he is garbage.
    Now how about becoming real people and caring adults and start firing at Amy Senser, who is walking the walk, talking the talk and enjoying life and her freedom AFTER snuffing out a life? Is she walking on Sacred Ground? Did she receive a Free Pass from God to kill and be free?
    Pretty funny way you folks react and respond to things. Very sad

    1. very sad kyle says:

      Gues what Kyle. Read the daily news, not once a month.Plenty was said about Amy Senser.You must be a druggie friend of this dirtbag.

  14. just sayin says:

    A repeat offender deserves no justice. Do away with this ugly filth.

  15. @ ok says:

    ok clearly has a severe psych disorder, and/or is his failed mom. This d-bag is NOT SPECIAL, he is a repeat offender that deserves prison. Drugs is not a pass on criminal behavior. Plenty of people are addicted to drugs, and chose to ruin only their lives. This idiot is a sociopath that needs jail. As does ok, for her pathetic defense of him. “think outside the box”, what a joke. Let out all drug addicts, they deserve a pass

  16. desert eagle .50 says:

    « presentation at a job, » whatever that means…

    I am tattooed wrist to shoulder, both arms. I assure you I am taken seriously at work and am well paid for it.

    Get real…

  17. KR says:

    First rational comment I’ve heard from you yet.

  18. jamie super says:

    that is not jeffrey super that is someone else cuz when he is sober and not using he don’t do that stuff he is a good man and he loves his son and you guys need to keep his son out of it…it is not how he was raised its how he chose to live and prison NO treatment HELL yes and so you all know i’m not scared i love my brother jeffrey super no matter what he does

    1. super duper family says:

      Stealing ladies purses. What a guy. Does he steal from you Jamie Super?

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