U Of M Student Robbed At Gunpoint

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A University of Minnesota student was the victim of an armed robbery in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood, according to a university crime alert.

The robbery took place around 10:30 p.m. on Friday, off campus on 7th Street Southeast between 13th Avenue Southeast and 14th Avenue Southeast.

The suspects allegedly came up behind the student, pushed him to the ground and held him down, while threatening him with a handgun and demanding valuables. Two of the suspects went through the man’s pockets.

The student was not injured in the attack but reported losing a number of items.

The three suspects are described as black men, ages 17 to 21, about 5-foot-7 to 5-foot-11 with light to medium builds. The suspect with the gun was wearing dark clothing and a black jacket, with a short fade haircut.

The Minneapolis Police are investigating the robbery. Anyone with information is asked to call the Minneapolis Police Department tip line at (612) 692-8477, reference case number MP-11-348465.

  • Jane

    Why is it being reported now? If the public was told sooner, then maybe they would have been found.

    • jackactionhero

      The Somalian Community is a peace-loving Community..Rather than paint them all with such a broad brush,try extending some empathy & goodwill towards them..It helps build relationships,friendships,goodwill & a better world for us all.

  • shock therapy

    Since our society is now mainly based on violence, perhaps we should return to Public executions for those who are cowardly criminals. It might actually make them Think, before acting out their abusive crimes. We have hit a new low.

  • Horace Mann


    You need to move to Saudi Arabia. You’ll LOVE IT there.

    • big baby

      Oh please grow a pair you liberal loser.

  • jeff

    It’s those damn Somalis that live in the crack stacks by Augsburg that are doing this. I went to the U and almost every week the police would send out a report stating that someone was robbed or beaten up by the same type of individuals that they are describing. I think they should allow students to carry handguns so that they can protect themselves from these criminals.

    • desert eagle .50

      The bad guys know that the U bans carry of firearms so they know it’s easy pickings there. I feel stongly that the U should not have the right to supercede state law, and that people with a valid MN carry permit should not be prohibited from carrying. Allowing qualified and properly trained citizens to carry firearms does not increase crime, it lowers crime. There is not blood in the streets like the old west contrary to what the anits would like to believe.

  • death penalty

    Minnesota needs the death penalty. People would think twice!

  • Ralph

    1) The kid just got a real education.

    2) The Republicans just got a new member.

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