Verdict In Transgender Murder Expected Today

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A judge will determine the fate of a man accused of killing a transgendered person in Minneapolis.

Arnold Waukazo is charged with first degree premeditated murder in the death of 45-year-old Krissy Bates, who previously went by the name Christopher Paul Bates.

Waukazo, 41, is accused of strangling and stabbing Bates in her apartment in January. It was the first homicide in 2011 for the City of Minneapolis.

The two had apparently been dating for about a week.

Waukazo waived his right to a jury trial, so a Hennepin County Judge will hand down his verdict.

That’s scheduled to happen at 1 p.m. on Tuesday at the Hennepin County Government Center.

  • Richard Cheese

    Why do we call him a her???
    What a messed up world.

    • jackactionhero

      Why do we devalue a life based on who he wanted to be perceived as in life?

  • just sayin

    It’s a SHIM.

  • jackactionhero

    Tranny Porn..I watch it endlessly..

    • Special Agent Dale Cooper

      Word…. :) j/k But your comment made me chuckle. Reminded me of a skit from Kid’s in the Hall.

  • saint ramer

    Why is it necessary to identify the victim as transgendered? Like murdering a transgendered person is any better/worse than murdering anyone else?

    • Jane

      It depends on the reader, they are just reporting the information. If it was a Vikings player that got murdered, then they would say Vikings player, and not just some average individual.

      YOU’RE interpreting as an individual that may be better/worse than someone else. The article is does not imply or suggest so, it is just reporting the facts.

      Plus, how boring would the title of the article be if it said, “Another regular joe got murdered”.

    • Betsy

      Exactly!!!! SHE deserves the SAME RIGHTS as EVERYONE else!!! SHE was MURDERED! PLAIN and SIMPLE! It is horrific enough and making issues about being trans is only taking light OFF the REAL issue at hand>MURDER!!!!!

      • TL the alligator

        …..and then little Bobby became Betsy

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