MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minnesota Vikings cornerback Chris Cook plans to claim self-defense as he fights charges stemming from an altercation with his girlfriend.

Attorney David Valentini said at a court hearing Tuesday that Cook would contest two felony charges, which include domestic assault by strangulation and third-degree assault. A criminal complaint said Cook attacked the woman Oct. 22 after she spoke to an ex-boyfriend.

Valentini says the alleged victim has recanted her allegation that Cook tried to strangle her. Prosecutors say they intend to pursue both charges.

Cook has been reinstated by the Vikings after a two-week suspension, but he isn’t playing or practicing with the team.

Cook’s next hearing is Jan. 13, with a trial date set for March 5.

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Comments (14)
  1. The Vikings need aggressive players says:

    Of course the Vikings reinstated him – he fits the mold of Zippy’s Raiders just fine.

  2. Chuck says:

    Boy, it sure helps your cause to look like a thug. Maybe spending some of that big money for a shave, haircut, and some good advice on how appearance helps or hurts your cause would be a good investment!!!

  3. Mr. Always Right says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha….lol…ha ha ha ha …good luck with that

    1. No doubt says:

      “size differential”… says it all. This large thug had to strangle a little woman to defend himself. She was very threatening.

      Clearly a defense of last resort for his incompetent lawyer. You think any jury would buy it? Yeah right. Like someone said before, his lawyer could at least suggest he not dress like a hood-rat thug when going into court.

      Please pick me for his jury, please, please, please

  4. Mad Dog says:

    Hopefully he’ll be able to play next week the Vikings need him so they can win. Football players are above the law, just look at OJ and Ray Lewis. If he don’t get off he should kill his lawyer. SKOL Vikings.

  5. James says:

    “Cook has been reinstated by the Vikings after a two-week suspension, but he isn’t playing or practicing with the team.”

    My kids won’t be watching the MN Vikings, nor NFL football!

    Ziggy, you need to CLEAN UP YOUR TEAM, NOW! FAIL. FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL. you’re a man of self interest with no integrity.

    1. The Fan says:

      They had because of the players union. It had nothing to do with Ziggy or the Vikiings. If you’ll remember the boat house incident Ziggy has NO PROBLEM cleaning house. Do your homework before you put the blame where it doesn’t belong.

      1. @the fan says:

        Ultimately, the person at the top is ALWAYS where the blame belongs. He has the responsibility to make the decisions, and he owns the results. He may surround himself by others and delegate some decision making to those he trusts, but at the end, he is the bottom line. He also has a say in the union negotiations as an owner.

        Conversly, if the vikings did well and won something, do you think he would not be included in the praise or would he say he had nothing to do with it?

  6. TL the alligator says:

    that this loser has not been released from the team just shows what a loser Ziggy is as well…..and i’d like to know who that other loser/moron is that showed up with him in court, the caucasion one with the stupid skull cap on, god forbid he is one of his attorneys, but either way, birds of a feather will flock……and cutting his imbecile dreadlocks will NOT sway an intelligent person, he is still the same POS that he alsways has been…..i hope he loses his job, all his money and then goes on welfare where he would have likely been all along anyways.

  7. NO TAX MONEY FOR ZIPPPY !!! says:

    HOOD RAT !!!!!

  8. loser says:

    Just remember, your kids idolize these losers. This is what you pay to support by going to a game.

  9. It's just football says:

    That Chick must be really buff. Unfortunately not buff enough when threatening a professional football player.

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