NBC Apologizes To Bachman For Fallon Song Choice

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ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — GOP Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has received an apology from an NBC executive after an off-color song was played during her appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night” show.

Bachmann spokeswoman Alice Stewart told The Associated Press late Wednesday that the Minnesota congresswoman received a personal letter from Doug Vaughan, NBC’s vice president for late night programming.

The band played a snippet of a 1985 Fishbone song as Bachmann walked onstage for Tuesday’s show. The song’s title uses an expletive to refer to a woman who lies.

Stewart says Vaughn wrote that the incident was “not only unfortunate but also unacceptable.” She says the executive offered his sincerest apologies and said the band had been reprimanded.

Stewart also says Jimmy Fallon apologized to Bachmann when they spoke earlier Wednesday and called the host “extremely nice.”

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  • AntiTeabagger

    God will this women ever learn to shut her mouth?

    • The Truth

      Have you ever noticed that Republican don’t even acknowledge that sexism exists until it happens to a conservative. The same can be said about racism. Republicans – the ultimate hypocrites.

      • Tom

        @The Truth

        Isnt that that the truth! NBC didn’t have to apology to Bachmann ! Apparently Bachmann and her staff forgot that they were going on comedy talk show!

    • Debby

      I agree!! What did she want played…Hail to the Chief???

      • Billy C

        Get on your knees and smoke my cigar. I am your Commander and Chief! Got to love women (Debby) who know their place! Democrats…my kind of people!

    • Help!!

      Herman Cain has his hand on my thigh again.

      Please make him go away.

      • No Help Needed Here!

        Oh if only Herman Cain was a democrat. Are you sure this is a cigar Bill? Monica…of course it is…it’s a democratic cigar! If you choke on it…don’t worry…I’m a democrat…they love me because I’ll feel your pain!

  • The Crux of the Buscuit

    Bachman is a moron.

    • Tom

      @The Crux of the Buscuit

      Isn’t that the truth! What does that make the people who love her and think that she is smart?

    • jean

      yes she is,don’t we all know it,lol well maybe not

  • Kevin

    Media has treated women like trash starting with Clinton….then Palen….now Bachman…..and women just sat by and watched. NOW is a joke. So I just guessed its ok to trash women! They dont seem to mind at all…..Im off to tell my women what she has done wrong today…..

    • AntiTeabagger

      Now I know you have to be one of those rainbow flag wavers.

    • Molly

      Who are you trying to kid? The only woman who would come within ten feet of you is your mother and that is to let you out of your cage………..

    • Little Tin God

      Just so you know, it’s PALIN and BACHMANN.

  • The Crux of the Buscuit

    Bachman is too thin skinned to be President.

    • Matt

      aye so are their supporters

  • Mark

    I intensely dislike her and her politics, but she has a point. It’s not appropriate to attack someone on the basis of their sex and she deserves an apology. I just wish she would take her bad ideas based on wonky facts and go away, but she keeps getting the spotlight. On the other hand if she finds this so offensive I wonder if she’s ever told Rush how she doesn’t like him attacked DEM women based on their sex. It seems she only cares about when she is the victim of sexism, not when women in general are the victims of sexism.

    • silly freak

      She loves Rush when he shreds a woman, especially Clinton and Pelosi.
      Funny how that works isn’t it ;-)
      She so thin skinned she’d blow up the world when she flips out – China says she’s ugly….kabooom.
      Thank God there are safeguards eh!
      She needs to roll over and you know what

  • Rasputin

    How to drive liberals crazy:

    President Bachmann.

    • see the truth

      How to drive Conservatives crazy, call Marcus what he is, the First Lady!

  • GrandmaJ

    This is more than a PMS moment when things set her off all the time. Does she have tantrums at home when the wind blows leaves in her yard? Or as the Queen of Hearts would say OFF WITH THIEIR HEADS????

    I don’t want Bachman representing ME as a woman anywhere, much less in the White House.

    • Michelle

      Why are liberals so full of hate and bile?

      Is it because Obama is a dismal failure, is destroying the country and will not get a second term?

      • It's not hate or bile

        It’s just that anyone with half a brain loses patience with people like you who consistently display naive and poorly though-out political and social philosophies. Nothing personal, but hey, that’s the way it is.

        Obama’s destroying the country? SIGH!! Yet another off-the-cuff assertion with no basis in fact, And yet another in a long line of uniformed opinions..

        Rightwing propaganda is too just too easy a racket these days. That’s why it draws such weak employees.

        NAFTA Superhighway, anyone? Back to the GoldStandard!!

    • Moe

      Grandma, when has she had a tantrum? I’ve never seen one.

  • Free Country

    Look at all the hypocrites posting their venom.

    Sure, they would be tolerant if tables were turned and similar stunt was pulled on a liberal woman. Ha!

    Everything that is wrong with this country today. No morals, no respect, no tolerance to differing opinions.

    • @ Free Country (lol)

      Hiya there Freedom Pads …. how ya doing with the daily bs ya bring? It’s really getting a mite old – try something new. And change that pad

    • james2

      hey Free Country, Michelle Obama was booed, and she took it in stride. Why? Because she has a sense of decorum, and dignity, and she is sure of herself. She’s not ranting and raving for people to like her like Bachmann, and angry when they don”t. See the difference?

  • Aunt Grace

    nor in the bedroom where success is usually a given

  • Oh you libs!!

    You Bachmann haters you!!! The media, always picking on her. The Hollywood elite, always picking on her.

    Don’t you realize it really is all about her?

    Don’t you know she believes today that her conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator?

  • Dear Michelle

    You are correct. Next question please.

  • concerto

    If God tells me to murder I’m crazy and delusional but if God tells me to run for President I’m sane and darling on Fox News

  • Herbert Grumb

    She never would have know the title of the song until someone told her, and really.. it not like it isn’t true!

  • rottdogge

    Huge surprise…all the liberals are out doing what they do best: rip someone better than they are…fear biters. Call names and insullt MB instead of facing the truth, whcih is that liberals can do little better than call names and hurl insults at the enemy. That’s why Barry has resorted to that….he fears the inevitable. Funny how all you clarions of equal rights for all, suddenly find that trashing a woman who dares to think independently is just fine. Typical liberal hypocrites.

    • Brian

      “he fears the inevitable…” I’ve got to ask, the inevitable what? The only thing inevitable about MB is the inevitable THUD that will follow her downward spiral. TPaw heard it, MB isn’t far behind. GOP voters are putting distance between themselves and this ditz. She’s going nowhere and she’s thrilled about it. Idiot.

    • sure

      You say this…”whcih is that liberals can do little better than call names and hurl insults at the enemy.” Then you say this…”Typical liberal hypocrites.” Wait..who’s the hypocrite?

    • Derick

      Funny how liberals are the only ones with any brains.

      • Michelle

        That IS a funny statement! Good one!

  • See BS

    Everyone gets fired for making the wrong joke in the workplace, White corporate run liberal media does anything they want.

    Corporate run liberal media likes to flog anti-bullying legislation — so public school children get punished for making jokes too.

  • Nightfly54

    I am a Lib and while I not a fan of Michele’s if she is a guest she has the right to be respected.It is to easy to take shots at her,Really even I have had enough.She is troubled and hope she gets some assistance to cope better.

  • mary

    When Obama ran you couldn’t even use his middle name or you were accused of being racist. Funny how liberals justify their hateful attitude.

    • Naw

      Using his middle name just meant you were trying too hard to be cute.

    • It's not hate

      It’s just that libs have much patience left anymore for people with naive and poorly though-out political and social philosophies. Nothing personal.

      Rightwing propaganda is too just too easy a racket these days. That’s why it draws such weak employees.

  • alan

    Hey, if the shoe fits . . .

  • worryfree

    This was a Godsend for Michelle- it will give her a little publicity and sell a few more books.

  • Hyuck, Hyuck!!

    Why that’s a might funny thar, Homer!!

  • Ronald

    Now I have to see her ridiculed on Southpark, the kids would have fun with her.

  • Tina

    Her mouth runneth over again! Please MIchele, give the world a break!!

  • http://raisingsage.wordpress.com raisingsage

    Sorry, BB, that should be ” So many liberals, so FEW rounds.”

    • Naaa

      Naaa.should be so many sick puck rightys and not enough dirt to cover

      • James 4:14

        Bring it on you food trough wiping waste of carbon atoms. go f yourself

        • Why

          you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

          Sorta like your thoughts. Mists that appear once in a while, then vanish.

    • Hyuck, Hyuck!!

      Well gosh durn now it’s even funnier!!

  • Scott Funk

    Oh c’mon! Michelle Bachmann IS a lying as bi—-! It’s been proven MANY times over by sources all over the country! The woman couldn’t tell it to you straight even if she had a gun to her head! Hell, I live in her district and voted for her once but never again. Wanna Example? I live right next door to the river in St Cloud, and Bachmann had done all she possibly could to keep one of the bridges from being replaced after the whole 94 minneapolis bridge collapse that killed so many people. She had the unmitigated GALL to show up for the bridge opening for a photo op, as if she’d supported it the whole time, wearing a construction helmet! I hate that woman! Never saw anyone so willing to take credit for something she didn’t do. Worse, I heard from her fellow GOP’ers that nobody can ever get ahold of her; it’s impossible to get her to do her job because she’s never there!

    • Damon

      I don’t intend to be mean or anything, but as I recall, the 35 Bridge collapsed, not tha 94. In a way, it sounds like you are making mistakes just like Bachmann???

  • jr

    Publicity stunt all day long here. Nobody would talk about her being on Fallon’s show. Now here name is all over the media. Poor Michelle got attacked poor baby. All politicians are liers, male of female don’t care either way. She is already behind and swimming upstream she needs all the attention she can get. There is now way people did not know this song was going to played.

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