MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Every day this week, we’re letting you in on a secret — a piece of information from different industry insiders that will help you save money.

WCCO talked to a hair dresser to confess the best times to book an appointment and even buy shampoo.

“The biggest money maker — color,” said hairdresser/stylist Michelle Morris. “Everyone who wants color is willing to dish out the money — charge them!”

Morris tells it like it is.

“Layers will extend the haircut. It will give you a little bit more body, a little bit more fullness,” she said.

You’ll want to buy your products in the summer to get them at the cheapest price, but it’s the opposite for services.

“The best time to save a few dollars on your services and products is in the salon’s slow time. So we’re looking at after the holidays –January, February,” said Morris.

As for color. Morris said it’s OK to do it every other time at home. Just ask your stylist before you buy a box.

“A lot of times consumers don’t take into consideration what their natural hair color is — they just look at what color they want to be. Then we end up getting the phone call (that says) ‘help, fix it,'” said Morris. “And that’s where the cost comes in because then you’re paying for corrective color and you’re looking at close to $100.”

Morris also said if you think your stylist is overcharging you, tell them. If they don’t work with you, you can “break up” and find someone new.


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