US Representative Michelle Bachmann talked with Dave Lee Friday morning.  Bachmann said she accepted a written apology from an NBC Vice-president.  She talked about her Thanksgiving gathering and promoted her book signing at the Mall of America.

Here is their conversation.


Comments (3)
  1. Bach who says:

    When will this washed up hag simply GO AWAY.

  2. Flash1 says:

    She says conservative women shouldn’t be treated that way and liberal women shouldn’t be treated that way. She seems to think that everyone is either conservative or liberal. Studies show that 30% of voters always vote Democrat and 30% always vote Republican. So the comment begs the question: How should the other 40% of women be treated? As a father of only daughters and a grandfather of only girls, the answer is “respectfully, of course!” But why must people always be categorized?

  3. John says:

    Why are liberals so full of hatred and bile?

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