We just enjoyed our fourth warmest Thanksgiving on record with a high of 59 degrees, and we had a great follow up act with a high of 54 on Friday.

Now the winds of change are coming. It will be warm enough for us to start with rain showers on Saturday as a nice stream of moisture comes up from the south. The heaviest rain will fall in Wisconsin leaving us with the wrap-around precipitation.

Temps will fall throughout the day as the wind cranks up from the northwest. Expect average wind speeds between 15 and 25 with some gusts up in the 40s. We will start with the rain and experience a change to snow as cooler air wraps in behind the low pressure center. Accumulation should be minimal for most of the state with an inch or two possible in northern Minnesota. Just be cautious driving around on Saturday.

Things calm down on Sunday with lighter winds, more sunshine and cooler air. We should have an afternoon high near 36. That sounds cold, but that is actually close to average this time of year.

  1. Kevin McFly says:

    Chris, I would think a guy like you would prefer “reach-around” to “wrap-around”…go ahead, express yourself!

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