MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Wisconsin teenager’s holiday was made in Minnesota Friday when her dad brought her to an exotic car community where she was able to take rides in Lamborhginis and Ferraris.

Maddy Wagner is autistic and she’s enamored with cars. Her father, Richard Wagner, convinced Bruno Silikowski, the man behind Auto MotorPlex in Chanhassen, Minn., to let his daughter ride along in a high-performance car.

But Silikowski didn’t stop at just one.

“[Maddy’s] dream in life is to become a test car driver for Lamborghini, so her father had asked… to see who might be able to give this girl at least a small ride in a car,” Silikowski said. “We thought about it and we thought instead of just one, let’s give her a whole bunch of opportunities.”

Wagner got in contact with Silikowski over Craigslist and the result was Maddy’s ride of a lifetime.

Maddy hopes to get her driver’s license in two years, but her Dad told her she’ll be driving the family minivan.

Comments (6)
  1. Johnny says:

    Minivan what a letdown, minivans are embarrassing.

  2. Roma says:

    Finally, some generous ultra rich people. And finially, a HAPPY news story for once! What a great day for her!

    But if she wants to be a test driver, she is way behind in the game. Get her started on go-karts RIGHT NOW!! Test drivers are usually “retired” race car drivers that started on go-karts at ages 5-7.

    Minivans can actually be a great learning tool because the suspensions are setup up soft and can help one learn & understand chasis dynamics much better than in a Lambo. You need to learn how to DRIVE a vehicle before you can drive a “PROPER” vehcile. (From a performance driving instructor.) A ride in a minivan with a race car driver would make you pee in your pants.

  3. ferado says:

    That is a cool story! Everyone at http://automotorplex.com/ kicks some @$$!

  4. Jake says:

    This was an incredibly cool story. BUT, I would suggest to the well-to-do crown, that there are many of us in the shrinking ‘middle class’, who would like to mingle with you, and who can appreciate what you have and what you are trying to preserve. Unfortunately, the MASS MEDIA slams just about EVERY major car show presented, or fails to promote them, or fails to RECOGNIZE the passion surrounding these events and collectors. SUCH a SHAME.

    1. travis says:

      boy… if I see one more news story knocking car shows….

    2. Chris says:

      Come to MN Cars & Coffee.

      Cars are out, garages are open, mingling welcomed, expected and appreciated 🙂

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