Reportedly, the next issue of GQ has a list of the “least influential people alive,” and former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty is apparently at the tippy-top of that list. Ouch.


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  1. gtV says:

    Well, T-Paw had this ‘wonderful’ dubious honor coming for his outstanding MN non-accomplishments and political shenanigans. Tim Pawlenty is really a personable friendly individual I wouldn’t mind having a beer with and talking fishing with. However, forget talking politics and GOP principles with T-Paw. He is no Lincoln, Roosevelt[Teddy], Eisenhower, or Reagan.

    Pawlenty could with astute MN GOP advisors brought this state out of the economic doldrums and abysmal budget shortfalls. In fact, if he followed GOP gubernatorial and/or GOP legislative predecessors who were visionary old school Minnesotans this state might just be showing a budgetary surplus. Well, be a nice personable gent is not the same as being an astute visionary personable GOP politician.

    To be influential, one should have vision. Vision for his/her constituency that transcends political ignorance and abusive power. Pawlenty seemed to have been preoccupied with the 2012 Presidential ascendancy pipe dream that is mired in inane vitriol and political blood letting. He ignored his state in a time of impending collapse and constant shortfall. Where was his vision for MN?

    Influence and political power is fleeting and short-lived. Fortunately, for Tim Pawlenty, being #1 on “the least influential” is also short-lived if taken as a passing phase of political time. Good works and visionary political actions, works, and successes for the home town folks will be always remember more than the rabid ignominious shallow political craziness that now exists. Who knows, future time will tell us how truly influential Tim Pawlenty is/was if he implements his dreams and visions for a better Minnesota. No instant cyber list can calculate what the future holds. I wish him luck.

  2. thewirecbs says:

    I fail to see how President Obama’s name found it’s way onto this list. Hatred perhaps?

  3. thewirecbs says:

    He IS a very influential individual to MANY people around the planet! It must be hatred…

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