MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police in Minneapolis are looking for a vehicle that rear-ended a squad car twice and then took off.

Officers said the squad was hit near 3rd Avenue and 7th Street in downtown Minneapolis around 4 a.m. Monday.

Two officers were in the squad.  They both complained of neck and back pain and were transported to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment but were released. Their injuries were not serious.

Police originally reported looking for a blue Jeep with front-end damage, but later said there was no description of the offending vehicle or driver.

The squad was disabled so it couldn’t chase after the suspect’s vehicle.

Comments (8)
  1. odd says:

    How wouldn’t they have an accurate description?
    Sleeping on the job?

  2. dev says:

    Passed out drunk probably

    1. The Gags says:

      Probably just left your moms house (again) so I could see how they could be tired.

  3. Whitey Larson says:

    officers complained of sore back & neck = $$$$$

  4. Common Cents says:

    This one I can’t swallow. If a Crown Vic was hit so hard in the rear that it was disabled, there is no possible way the other vehicle would have been able to drive away from the scene. Honestly, think about it for a second… and they couldn’t as much as look at the vehicle that hit them… I’m callin bs on this story!

  5. Saint Paul Police like to sleep and drink on duty says:

    I think they meant to say this happened in Saint Paul, I am an ex Saint Paul Cop and they like to get their Zzzzzzzz’s while on duty.

  6. Dave's not here says:

    Can anyone spot the cop in this comment thread?

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