BROOKLYN PARK (WCCO) — Police in Brooklyn Park are investigating four armed robberies that happened within one hour on Sunday night.

According to officers, three men armed with a handgun were robbing people on the street.

Sgt. Brice Sand the crimes happened between 9:19 p.m. and 10:18 p.m.

The robberies happened at the 6200 block of 65th Ave., 63rd Ave. and Virginia Ave., the 8000 block of June Ave., and the 8100 block of West River Road.

Police Inspector Todd Milburn described the suspects.

“Those suspects are described as being black males in their late teens,” he said.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Susie Jones Reports

Police believe the crimes are related and that the same three men were responsible for all of them.

Victims told police the suspects had a handgun.

Sand said there were no serious injuries, but one victim was hit with the gun.

Police said the suspects took cash and cell phones.

Milburn said they are still investigating the possibility of more suspects because it would have been nearly impossible to walk from one location to the next.

“The locations are spread out across the city,” he said.

The news is unsettling for neighbors like Lombus Crenshaw, who lives on June Avenue.

“I was home last night. I’ll be on the look out from now on,” he said.

Officers ask anyone with information about the crimes to call 911.

Comments (79)
  1. Come on ! says:

    when so much descriptive info regarding the perps is provided here I find it hard to believe that the public isn’t over-;oading the phones lines!
    Seriously – you want are help?
    Were the perps Pink-Yellow-White – Red – Rainbow colored?
    5 years old or 99??
    and we wonder why things go unsolved……lol

    1. Please get real says:

      Probably correct in the comment but it does not mean they are not younger white males now, does it?!
      Seems to me last week brought us a white bank robber, a white Walgreens robber and more. 😉
      BTW – I’m a white old guy from Plymouth. Here we make huge white collar crooks by the dozens but I will concede not quite as many with guns. Or maybe that may not be true at that…… ?

      1. what a moron says:

        Make that a senile, confused old white guy. Get real.

      2. dev says:

        Yes it does. Have a drive through that outstanding community once.

    2. Come on and re-read the article! says:

      It clearly says that the suspects were described as black males in their late teens.

  2. Timmy says:

    Permit to carry….Center of mass!!!

    1. Mr. Always Right says:

      don’t forget the double tap

  3. Dave says:

    Time to pack heat in BP.

  4. James says:

    yeah that happens all the time – I get off of 94 in BP in and get shot – hate when that happens! idiot!

  5. sad but true says:

    This also just in…..Fleet Farm just got a backorder of Gur-B-Gone in, supplis are selling quickly!

  6. TheTurthComesOut says:

    Brooklyn Park = North North Minneapolis.
    Seriously I live in Minneapolis and am afraid to go to Brooklyn Park.

  7. Adelle says:

    Brooklyn Park is not even that bad, everyone is blowing it out of proportion. Of course if you’re walking around outside at night you put yourself at risk for danger no matter what city.

    1. AP says:

      Really? Walking at night is now universally dangerous?? You must be from one of these sh;tholes.

      1. Dumb kids says:

        I say f-it at night – issue is the bar drunks more than anything. Live in Mound – and we almost pure white.
        What is with you people and the racist hate anyway? Did your momma’s fall in love with a black chap or something?
        Maybe get a life, read a Bible and toss the hate. 😉

        1. jackactionhero says:

          It isn’t the bar drunks causing the problems at night in Crooklyn Dark.

    2. jackactionhero says:

      Walking around at night in my town is not the least bit dangerous. As a matter of fact, I would let my kids walk the streets of my town after dark if they had a need to, and it wasn’t past curfew. Nobody gets stabbed or shot where I live. Not ever.

      Brooklyn Park IS that bad, and you cannot deny the statistical fact of that.

      Count up the shootings, stabbings, and violent attacks in BP, and compare them with my town. I’ll do the research on my town for you. There have been ZERO shootings or stabbings in my town in 2011. How about your town?

        1. Jake says:

          LOL. So much for ‘statistics’. The ‘report’ says that there were 2 murders in BP in 2011. The ACTUAL FIGURE is more like *5*, and we still have a month to go. If the actual number of murders is understated by more than 50%, you can bet that most of the other categories are underreported as well.

    3. Dan says:

      You are a nut job.

  8. Nancy Aleshire says:

    Moving out of Brooklyn Park to Fridley in February. All I will have to worry about there are tornadoes. My home was hit in May and needs to be fixed up before I move in. Lived in Brooklyn Park when son was born in 1984 and there were no problems then.

    1. jackactionhero says:


      Fridley isn’t that great of an area either.

      1. Angie says:

        I live in Fridley and would much rather deal with the hillbilly meth labs than gun-toting thugs in BP. I was raised in BP and the neighborhood has gone to hell south of 85th. Don’t miss it at all.

        1. jackactionhero says:

          Fortunately, we have neither where I live. You see, it’s not a question between which you’ll put up with, because you don’t have to tolerate either one, Angie.

        2. Obv. says:

          Hillbillies in Fridley? it’s minorities and low property values is what Fridley is made up of

      2. what are you smoking says:

        Fridley is awesome….

        Maybe you are thinking of Columbia Heights dude…

        I lived in Fridley for nearly 20 years. My folks still live there.

        Give me a good example of a bad area in Fridley please…

        1. obv. says:

          40th and central? you’re welcome. They are the same town basicly

    2. TheTurthComesOut says:

      1984 no problems in Brooklyn Park? Are you serious? In the mid 80s Brooklyn Park was the #1 recruiting grounds for Chicago based gangs. They were just better at being more discreet back then. BP hasn’t been “nice” since the 70s.

      1. Obv. says:

        Actually in the late 80’s I use to bike around this area all the time, rar;y even saw a black person then

      2. Obv. says:

        Where were the rankings in gang recruitment you found? It’s been a dump for only about 15 years

      3. Billy Boy says:

        You have no clue what you are talking about. I moved into area in the ’90’s and never had an issue.
        You lose your gal to a minority I guess eh…….to bad but suck it up and move on

    3. Obv. says:

      Is this the same son you gave to the state to care for? I still remember.

  9. Fred says:

    Lots of section 8 in BP I would guess, more disproportionately so.

    1. yep says:

      There is a lot of Federal, State, County, private, etc. funding for people to live in Brooklyn Park or out of Minneapolis. Most of the apartments in the city are only 1 bedroom, but a family or two live in the 1 bedroom. Nobody seems to care or are willing to enforce laws. if these people get a job and can afford the apartment, they will lose their welfare and housing assistance.

  10. BP Resident says:

    I live in ghetto park. Unfortunately that is truly what the city has turned into. The cops say to call 911 when we notice anything odd or suspicious, but when we do the police give us an attitude for calling them, like we wasted their time (yes even when it is legit!) When you ID someone, the police let the suspects go and do not arrest them. This has happened multiple times, this is known from personal experience, from neighbors and other residents.

    The many committees and outreach programs the cities has do not help, as the ones actually committing the crimes do not live in Brooklyn Park. I residents need to do someone for themselves and stand up to those committing the crimes.

    1. Help says:

      The city council and or the police will not tell the people of brooklyn park the truth.And the news takes the bait from the people that will lie to look good.Brooklyn park needs the county state and the FBI and to for help on the gangs and crime in brooklyn park.We need more officers on the streets we need help ASAP.

  11. Get a job! says:

    Every area seems now a days has a bad area! Like for instance Burnsville and shakopee etc, theres good areas to live and not such good areas to live out there. Anyways what is this world coming to how sad you can not even walk in your neighbor hood. If they stole peoples cell phones and use them maybe they can track down there loction and arrest those 3 men. I hope they get caught and they lock them up throw away the key, they are probably losers and druggys go get a job!

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Not my area. 🙂

      Choose your homes wisely…

      1. Get a Job says:

        Was not saying your area! Just saying most cities has a bad little areas I no for a fact that those are two of them. Not as bad as some cities though of coarse like in Minneapolis etc!

        1. TheTurthComesOut says:

          I know tons of people who live in Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park. All of them agree BP is more dangerous than South Minneapolis.

      2. Timmy says:

        Just what state of euphoria do you live in?

        1. jackactionhero says:

          I live where nobody gets shot, nobody gets stabbed, nobody gets home invaded, no gangs of kids corner and intimidate anybody, nobody’s belongings that aren’t nailed down get stolen from the front yard…

          And again, sounds like you chose poorly when choosing where to raise YOUR family.

          1. Get a Job says:

            How would you know! you do not know where I live I live south of the river also! and they allow section 8 in one area in the city and it went down hill since cops there alot. Again I live south of the river !!! Just saying how even in a good city there can be a small bad area.

          2. TheTurthComesOut says:

            Let me guess you also live where there is no diversity, no culture, no theaters, no fine dining restaurants, no nightlife, nobody that thinks differently from their neighbors, etc. like a real city can offer you. Funny thing is that i lived in the suburbs for 20 years and have live in the city for almost 20 years and i can tell you that personally I saw more crime in the suburbs than in the city. I can’t even tell you how many times my car was broken into in the suburbs. but i can tell you it has never been broken into in the city.

            1. Get a Job! says:

              Funny thing is , I never had my car broken into once and I live in suburbs south of the river! Not sure what you are talking about.

            2. jackactionhero says:

              I’m not a diversity, culture, theater, fine dining kind of guy. Nightlife? I live in Wisconsin. We have small town bars. Night life is what causes problems. Nothing good happens after midnight when people are intoxicated and in large groups. That’s what the city breeds. Lots of people doing dumb things in groups.
              I hunt and fish, spend time at my kids’ sports, and guzzle beer. I don’t need muslims or Mexicans running around in gangs to feel better about being White. I’m good with it already.

              There are some bad suburbs out there. I don’t live in one of them. There are 4,000 people in my town. That’s barely even a town, let alone a suburb.

              You want to be surrounded by concrete and people instead of nature and animals, that’s totally up to you. Just know that the massive city and millions of people concept doesn’t work well when you get down to the brass tacks.

              1. desert eagle .50 says:

                «Night life is what causes problems. »

                Another of your “facts”?

                «Lots of people doing dumb things in groups.»

                Something you’re quite well at doing all by yourself.

              2. Obv. says:

                You live in Prescott, your former moniker is Eastside Evil thanks for clearing that up, thats why no one likes you under this anme also.

                1. jackactionhero says:

                  Dang, you don’t like me? Serious? 😉

          3. @Jack says:

            You also don’t even own a home computer which is unbelieveable, thats why we always know it’s you, you only post during business hours, The Realist=Eastside Evil=Jackactionzero, all 3 are the same. Yet you’ll claim to earn 6 figures with no internet at home, dah winning.

            1. jackactionhero says:

              Who doesn’t own a home computer? LOL

            2. jackactionhero says:

              Actually, I’m not the Realist.

              1. sad but true says:

                They are not good followers like i am…….have a good day Arch!….maybe buy you a beer someday ” in the park?” Keep up the GOOD informational postings! Have a good day.

                1. jackactionhero says:

                  Good recognition! I was indeed the Architect as well. I’m always up for a beer! I’ll actually be at Billy’s on Grand tonight for a bit…

          4. eat this says:

            I live in Mac Groveland. That says enough. 🙂

        2. Get a Job says:

          EXCUSE ME! Are you talking about yourself!

        3. Get a Job says:

          You must be referring to yourself!

          1. Get a Job says:

            Timmy~ This comment was towards you!

      3. @JackactionZero says:

        I love how jackactionzero will never state his area, or if he did he would lie and say bearpath or North Oaks.

        1. jackactionhero says:

          What is bearpath? There was a black bear reported 4 blocks from my house a few months back. He probably arrived on a bearpath, eh?

        2. sad but true says:

          Actually, he gave a hint yesterday, but you missed it.

          1. sad but true says:

            …..I got his city PEGGED, but won’t disclose it!

            1. sad but true says:

              I’ve been following his moniker long enough to recognize him, ….I would never disclose his former monikers, due to the fact he brings up very VALID points and is an asset to this forum He may be opinionated, but is very well educated on the subject to which he posts on, I wish others were.! Some want to think it, the Arch tells it!

  12. Susan says:

    This part of town is disgusting and no matter what you do with the old Brookdale, it will become a slum too because nobody cares for a thing – why do the projects get rebuilt more than the average person remodels!

    1. Hmmmm says:

      You talking B. Center dude vs Park. Night and day different.
      Brookdale area pure ghetto. Lived on Drew Ave next to Brookdale in the early 70’s and never saw a minority. Never had a problem either….today it kinda freaks me out to drive by the old ‘hood. Times change

  13. Sandy says:

    I live in Hastings where it’s very white and very low crime. I love it.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      I wouldn’t say Hastings is very low crime. There are a lot of vehicle and garage break-ins in Hastings. Hastings is very nice though. I was there last night for my son’s hockey game, and he got the game winning goal to beat Hastings! YESSS!!

  14. Saw it coming says:

    Actually, think back 7 years when the alternative to the much higher priced Maple Grove, new home construction was the steel of a deal Brooklyn Park. Much more house for much less money. Back then $700,000 was actually a nice house in BP while it was the entry point in MG.for a single family, 4 bedroom. The property taxes are a bit higher in BP but the bummer is that unless you pay for private school, you are stuck in the rough schools. Does anybody remember when Brooklyn Park was featured on Oprah way back in regards to the gang situation mentioned above? BP has been rough for a long time.

    1. Cindy says:

      yes I do and the gang member said if he or other gang members needed to hide most gang members would go to brooklyn park mn.GOD HELP US!!Wcco news should look at that oprah show for this……..And show the facts .The city of maple grove in the year of 2010 had 9 robberies in a full year.brooklyn park has had 15 and 14 robberies in the last two mo.

    2. jackactionhero says:

      Actually, 7 years ago Brooklyn Park was still Crooklyn Dark. That has NOT changed in the last 7 years at all, and to say so is either a bald-faced lie or pure ignorance of reality.

    3. Neil says:

      I saw that show and that is what the gang mamber said run to gang city USA.

  15. Uggh says:

    Living 15minutes north of brooklyn park, I fear the section 8 slime is slithering its way out to me!

  16. Murph says:

    It’s only the beginning,ask Granny and Gramps how they are doing? It’s easy to duck into a well lit store or whatever if you feel threatened.But ALL people get desperate when times get rough.We will be beating each other with clubs on the roadsides to claim a squashed rabbit dinner soon! I don’t doubt that Russia and China will be air dropping care packages soon!The Party of NO!..Has to GO !!! Vet’s coming home to no jobs,no place to live! YOU FIGURE IT OUT! If you are satisfied with you got that’s just swell,hey! BUT,many are not and will be joined by many more if the Norquist stiffs have their way.Hey about that 666 guy,Cain! Religious Conservatism is sure taking a beating by championing slime balls like him!

    1. Jake says:

      The “party of NO has to GO”??? Just a tip, dude. The southern half of crooklyn park has for the most part, been ruled by welfare loving, illegal alien loving, section 8 loving, criminal loving DFLers for decades. Grover Norquist has very little influence there. Yes, it IS that BAD, even around Blondie’s.

  17. Brooklyn Dark says:

    and Crooklyn Center are full up with 10th generation, African-American, cradle-to-grave, welfare recipients.

  18. LMAO says:

    “Im aftaid to get off 94 in bp”
    LMAO! I cant believe how EVERY single time theres a news story about brooklyn park/ center all of the nut jobs and scardy cats come out of the woodwork and blast these news sites with their ignorant, racist, just plain stupid commentary. Every city has a rough area and its a fact that crime happens everywhere. What happens when white people rob a walgreens or a bank, barley any comments, but let it be brooklyn park …. Oh here we go again. Everybody I know lives in brooklyn park and its NOT like compton or this huge ghetto that you people claim it is. S.mpls is safer than Brooklyn park?? Are you Kidding me? You must be dilusional. Compare Brooklyn park crime stats with mpls or st. paul, then get back to me. Also If nobody has notices BP is the 6th largest city in the STATE of Mn so of course there may be a little more crime, but the population is much bigger than someplace like maple grove, for example. Im not afraid to go to brooklyn park, I do all my shopping, dining and other activities there, just walked back to a friends house from blondies a week ago, didnt get shot, stabbed, robbed or mugged…. and I plan on doing it again and again, because Im not afraid to leave my house.

    1. Blah Blah says:

      Nah man, BP ois ghetto, that is pretty much true. Stating that doesn’t make me afraid, it just means that I’m telling you the truth.

  19. the real ghetto says:

    Those who think BP is scary and won’t get off the exit are dumb.
    Sure there are parts that are shady – but I have no problem driving through. This isn’t upper manhatten. Geez.

    The only part in Minneapolis that gets me a little crazy is driving over West Broadway up to the northside… I dare you to take a drive at 5pm from Broadway up to Dowling down residential roads… notice all those that hang out on the porch and street staring at you as you drive by.

    1. the real ghetto says:

      Oh and not during the winter… During the summer the activity is very high.

  20. 45 Caliber says:

    Knock, Knock. Cmon in doors open. Sorry dont know you sir. I want yo money! Oh hang on a second let me grab you the cash, its in the safe, pull out the 45 blast LIL homeys brains all over the wall. stay in a super 8 that night. Hire his sister to clean your house the next day. Walla, They wont be back.

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