WALKER, Minn. (WCCO) — One person was killed and another was listed in critical condition after one car broadsided another vehicle in Cass County Monday afternoon.

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, the crash happened about three miles south of Walker along Highway 371 just before 6 p.m.

A vehicle being driven by an unidentified 93-year-old person blew through a stop sign at Highway 371 and broadsided a vehicle traveling southbound on the highway. That vehicle was carrying a family from Walker.

The 93-year-old driver was listed in critical condition. Another person was killed, but that person was not identified.

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  1. Maybe ... says:

    Guess I’ll take a stab at the 93 year old – likely wrong. lol
    Up here we live a ways out often, no easy or simple fix to get places without driving. Do we drive.
    It’s not that uncommon for older people to drive and guess if a family member or MD or the PD sensed an issue they step in. Our traffic is less than a city. The number of accidents is less than a city. I don’t think age is usually the #1 factor in things. Yes-reflexes slow. Vision can change.. That stated – it is a decision the driver makes and barring someone stepping in (if need be) ir continues.
    I live in Eden Praire, work in Minneapolis and live in Walker 4-5 months a year.
    I would – every time – rather take my chances on the roads with older drivers than young kids just licensed or the typical drive I make every morning were Jill is doing her make-up while driving or yapping on her cell, John is texting or shaving and lil’ Lizzie is driving with a boatload of kids, the car is rocking and she reaches over to slap someone, Big Bob and Lil are DWI and swerving all over the place ….. all these things while on busy roads.
    If someone should NOT be licensed – yank it. In this case who knows what happened – it was an accident that was sad and tragic.
    They are called accidents

    1. markH says:

      “They are called accidents”

      No, they are vehicle crashes that result from licensing agencies that do not allow for or provide for mandatory testing of elderly drivers. These are NOT accidents, they are the tragic and ANTICIPATED outcomes of regulatory ignorance and indifference of the lives and welfare of other motorists-and it seems also you. Peace.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        Very true, MarkH. It seems that we allow for a certain number of victims to elderly drivers crossing the center line and ignoring stop signs and stop lights, and unknowingly driving the wrong way on a freeway, oblivious to the panicked drivers streaking past them coming the other direction. We seem to accept that there will be multiple fatalities per year, and just cross our fingers that it isn’t one of us, rather than taking ownership of the issue and finding a resolution.

        One thing is for certain. They are NOT accidents. Some of us are expected to die at these drivers’ hands. The government allots for it and accepts it. Ever feel like the government doesn’t care about you? LOL

        1. @mark/jack says:

          mark and jack are one and the very same – for those who have not noticed over the monthsthat he/she plays the “talk to thyself game”. To be that bored must mean one suffers from boredom it seems. Little kids or little minds playing childish games. Not even funny but it is a bit sick

        2. It's the Libs says:

          Yes, a government conspiracy! This stuff never happened when Bush was in office.

      2. baby marky says:

        you dude are a fricken stuppid idiot but we have known that for months. Peace..and go smoke yer pipe dummy

      3. carolmarierust says:

        If the elderly have to do mandatory testing, how about teens who cause more accidents due to multi-tasking? And drunk drivers with multi arrests/accidents. My dad was ex-highway patrol, and drove well untill he died.

      4. Krissi says:

        Mandatory testing should NOT just be for the elderly. Every single day, I see people of all ages running stop signs, passing on the shoulder, and causing other unsafe driving conditions. I’d rather have an older person behind me any day of the week than some jerk who thinks they need to tailgate because they think their destination is more important than someone else’s. And lets not forget the bicyclist I almost saw get hit when someone passed illegally on the shoulder as I was waiting to turn into my driveway… Not too many people give a darn about the rules of the road anymore, it’s all about them.

  2. red says:

    Kudos to you Mark- Elderly drivers should be tested—

  3. Foolish people abound says:

    Indeed and so should every driver, lets say every other year. And until one has 10 years driving experience under their belt do it every every year. Or 6 months even.
    As long as we are at it – lets do a comparison of age groups. Split out every 5 years – 16 to 21 and so on.
    Lets take a good hard look at where the percentages of accidents fall, who commits what, the frequency, the reasons like inattentiveness, speeding, DUI, any Rx at all in a system, check every cell phone for text and last number online times for the driver of said vehicle, number of moving violations and accidents that that individual has had in past.
    Now that we have covered it all do you wanna wager which group has a higher percent of accidents. Of fatalities? Which ones cost the insurance companies the most in claims?
    I spent 27 years as an underwriter for a large insurance carrier and if you people think this “elderly” group is where the issue is I suggest you change the beverage type you drink and what you are inhaling. 😉
    You really have some distorted concept of reality – maybe part is due to the media but most is in your own mind I suspect. Check the facts and you will withdraw your over the top comments.
    No question the older age group has accidents. The rate of occurances is lower and they are charged a correspondingly lower premium because of this.

    1. You tell em says:

      Good message Foolish people abound. Alot of lip service in the comments by folks using their mouths and not their common sense!

  4. red says:

    I was just saying I PERSONALLY do not feel a 93 year old should be driving. But also cannot stand the drivers who are always texting, cellphones, tail gating, etc.

    1. so then ?? says:

      so what you are saying then is we have a problem with 60-70% of todays drivers? Then do we retest all for a form of stupidity? How is it decided ?
      just askin’

    2. carolmarierust says:

      So at what age are you going to force people into apartments or nursing homes? I know some people I would ride with up to age 100, but others I won’t ride around the block. Tonight I had a 20/30 year old driving a cement mixer pull out in front of me. I drive defensibly, and expeced something like that. I took my foot off the gass and had to slam on the breakes, swerve right so as not hit him. Who do you think would be blamed, the youngest or the older person (me)??

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