MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — An alarming number of Minnesotans are opting-out of vaccinating their kids before sending them to school. An Associated Press analysis of state data reports that 6.5 percent of Minnesota parents opted out of vaccination before kindergarten.

However, if vaccination keeps all kids safe, is not vaccinating selfish?

“It’s very selfish. Vaccines are as much about the community’s health as they are individuals,” wrote Aaron Vehling on Jason DeRusha’s Facebook page. Most agreed, but a passionate minority spoke up for their right to not vaccinate.

“Forcing people to vaccinate is communism,” wrote Bonnie Kern.

“We get a fair number of questions” from parents, said Nancy Waller, MD, an associate professor of pediatrics at University of Minnesota School of Medicine, and a pediatrician at Fairview Children’s Clinic.

“People have all kinds of different concerns why they choose not to vaccinate,” said Waller.

Most medical experts believe vaccines essentially have wiped out measles, polio and whooping cough, among other diseases. But skeptics believe that those diseases were on the decline anyway, and things like better sanitary practices are more likely to credit.

Nearly the entire scientific and medical community disagrees; pointing out the risk of not vaccinating is far higher than the risk of side effects from vaccine.

“Sometimes people have trouble balancing those risks in their mind, especially if there’s a personal story of someone who believes they were harmed with a vaccine,” said Waller.

This year, 21 Minnesotans contracted measles, and the department of health reports that just 1 was vaccinated.

“That was convincing to some people. We had people come in to get Measles vaccine,” said Waller.

Approximately, 2,100 Californians got whooping cough last year, yet only 1 was vaccinated. Ten infants died from the whopping cough.

“Do you think parents in their 30s never saw these diseases and don’t think they can happen?” asked DeRusha.

“That’s definitely a part of it. When polio vaccine came out, people scrambled to get it,” said Waller.

Vaccines protect our individual kids, according to Waller, but there’s a bigger picture too.

“There are some children who really have a good reason, might have leukemia, might have an autoimmune disease. So, they do count on the rest of us to be vaccinated and keep the rate of disease low in our community,” she said.

Researchers call it herd immunity.

“So you can hide in the herd if you’re not vaccinated. And we need the herd, to keep those kids who can’t get vaccinated from getting those illnesses,” said Waller.

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  1. Jay says:

    It’s not selfish. It’s IRRESPONSIBLE!!

    1. Nicole Hollenkamp says:

      it is aparent to me that no one reading this is aware of the naturally safe other options to the injections, http://vaccinefree.wordpress.com/homeopathicvaccine/ is a site that offers an alternative to injections.

      1. kate says:

        Except homeopathy doesn’t work, especially as a vaccine.
        Is this your blog, otherwise why are you spamming the comments with it?

        1. think for yourself says:

          I am sorry you must be a professional who has thouroughly experamented with homeopathy, i would love to see your research kate…though i seriously doubt you have any research either way…don’t make statements that arent objective or that can not be backed up by your own science…thank you

          1. @ think says:

            “your own science”?? Are you kidding me, medical experts have proven the benefits of herd immunity. You not only put your children at risk, but also others that cannot be protected with vaccines. homeopathy can be good, if it’s a personal choice, but vaccination is about the COMMUNITY. You are selfish, and irresponsible!!!

          2. kate says:

            Actually, my comment is backed up by science. Homeopathy isn’t. It was made up by some guy 200years ago. It doesn’t work and science has shown that again and again.
            If you are a research scientist and have done a quality study that shows it works you should announce it to the world. Because it would win a couple nobel prizes as it would overturn a lot of science that has been backed up by thousands of researchers who have done thousands of studies.



    1. Sam says:

      A lot of shouting without actually saying anything.
      What are you getting at here?

      With regards to the idea that better sanitary practices are what wiped out those diseases: Most of them are transmitted in the same manner as the cold or the flu. If better sanitary practices had virtually eradicated these diseases from our society, so too would the cold and flu be gone. Foodborne illnesses, most of which are caused by improper handwashing, would also be gone.

      Despite all of this, I support every parents’ right to make this decision, as ill-informed as it is, for their children. I also believe that these parents should be held responsible when their child transmits such a disease to an individual who cannot be immunized (due to autoimmune disorders). Create accountability for the situation.

    2. Al says:

      No vaccine, no insurance coverage for that illness!

    3. don't want it says:

      I think what she is saying is…………if your kid is vaccinated he/she can’t get sick. So if your child is in contact with one who hasn’t been vaccinated, what’s the harm? Your child won’t get sick because of the vaccine, right??

      If you are afraid that your child will still get sick, then what good is the vaccine??

      1. because... says:

        The vaccine is not 100% effective, it’s close but there is still risk

    4. Hugh says:

      The problem is that parents are not actually doing research..The doctors and scientist that have went to school for 20+ years are the ones doing the research.

      The parents that are not vaccinating their kids are reading a few “junk science’ websites and claiming to be informed and making a good decision. That reasoning is laughable.

      The very scientist that made the first claims of vaccinations being linked to autism was discredited for not using proper testing and research procedures. I seriously doubt that there is a single parent out there that actually has a masters degree in immunology or biochemistry have not vaccinated their kids.

    5. Julie M says:

      if PARENTS TRULY BELIEVE THAT VACCINES PROTECT THEIR CHILDREN FROM DISEASES THEN WHATS THE MATTER Your child is safe she is vaccinated, she has no worries i thought, why get something that is not 100% safe and has so much poison in it and effect so many children!!!! Vac were alright b4 like in the 1980’s but they were way different then and worked and are less harmful, now, its getting so bad that are children are not safe anymore buy getting it, here in 2011 the vac are diff and nastier,, when vac are 100% that they work and are safe! i might think about it until here in 2011 i will not get the my children vac for my kids with how much it has changed, U ALLL ARE PUTTING STUFF IN YOUR KIDS WITH NOT KNOWING WHAT REALLY IS IT!!! THINK ABOUT IT! do you really know?? or are u just believing it cuz your doc said witch was told it also…

      1. jackactionhero says:

        You are not an intelligent human being. You don’t have the slightest clue what you are talking about. Nothing you said was factual. It is all your own personal, unsubstantiated claims. What a nonsense-filled comment that was. Truly. How embarrassing.

  3. Kristen says:

    I am a parent of a 3 year old who originally opted out of the immunizations. After talking to my daughter”s pediatrician, I decided to get my daughter immunized. I was worried about side affects from the vaccination because of “new found research” and did not want her vaccinated. After hearing my daughter’s doctor EXPLAIN why it was less of a risk to get my daughter vaccinated than risk the health of other children who’s parents had no choice, it was not a question in my mind. There are children whose parents have no choice. And at the end of the day the fatalities from unvaccinated children (children who are not able to be vaccinated, or who have decided not to vaccinate and have inadvertadly infected children who were not vaccinated) far out-weigh the “so-called” side-affects of vaccinated children. (More than likely if your child had side affects your child is still alive.) (And I do not mean to offend anyone…..this is just my opinion…..

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      How DARE you express an opinion that supports the medical industry and scientific opinion? Scientists and doctors are only trying to milk the public for profit. I know this because my sister-in-law’s best friend’s cousin read an article somewhere about a child who once might have been harmed by an immunization AND it is against my religion. You are trampling on my rights. If you do not stop, I will SUE you and WCCO.

      1. Beth Thull says:

        So it’s against your religion to save your child from dying, never heard of that one before. The cost of the child getting the diease is far greater than the side effects of the vaccine it self.

        1. Jack Parker says:

          That’s what you think, Beth. The effects of vaccines aren’t “side” effects. Do your own research and learn about the long term and permanent effects. Unless you consider sterilization (just one example) a “side” effect.

          1. Joe's Mom says:

            I think that was sarcasm. I know, it’s hard to read sarcasm in posts like this…but get a sense of humor! You’ll live longer…

      2. James says:

        1) You are an idiot!
        2)Really? Your sister in law’s best friend’s cousin? With your comment I am surprised that person can even read. Also, “an article somewhere who MIGHT have been harmed.” Which measn no harm possibly was the outcome.
        3)Good luck in your suit against WCCO. Your claims are based on someone you have never met. Not a good start!

  4. I'm Just Sayin' says:

    Immunizations are for the childs good as well as society. I understand we appear to have a growing group of people that believe they are smarter than hundreds or even thousands of doctors and put their child above society as a whole. What a great example you are to the rest of society, a shining example of “I put me and mine above all of you.”

  5. sharon says:

    My ancestors, generations upon generations did not vaccine and lived. Doh, because I am alive, telling you this. Vaccines are a modern invention feeding the controlling cabal (big pharma, big medicine – research medici clan) all the while controlling the population with their toxic concoctions. They even admitted, one time, oopsy, they put SV-40, cancer in the polio vaccine. time for you all to wake up! Earth is controlled. And, if you don’t go along to get along, out you go. LOL

    1. Todd W. Olson says:

      When was the last time you heard of anyone contracting polio, Sharon?

    2. Hugh says:

      And you ancestors only lived an average lifespan of maybe 30-40 years. As a species we are getting smarter and understanding how to protect ourselves from disease.

      I am also sure that your ancestors believed that faster than the speed of sound travel was not possible, that we would never get to the moon, and that the world was flat.

    3. Sarah says:

      Agreed sharon !!!! THe thing is it sad ppl are talking like this!!

    4. jackactionhero says:

      “My ancestors, generations upon generations did not vaccine and lived.”

      I do not believe for a second that your ancestors are alive. Sorry.

    5. kate says:

      How many of your ancestor’s siblings died in infancy from vaccine preventable diseases? The infant mortality rate is so much lower, not nearly as many parents have to deal withthe loss of babies from disease. You think the natural way is better? Dying and permanently harmed babies is natural and that is what happens when diseases such as whoopong cough, measels and polio come back.
      Remember, poison ivy and arsenic are natural.
      Aspiriin was inspired by tree bark. But if you get a headache which one would you rather take? Chew on some bark (if it is even the right species) that has an unknown amount of a possibly useful substance, and who knows what contaminants, of an unknown dose. Or would you rather take an aspirin where you know the purity, dose and consistancy?
      I’m not even going to address the paranoia.

  6. Jack Parker says:

    So many people are brainwashed. Look at the first comment as an example. People like that let others (govt, media, advertising) do all their thinking for them. Most people don’t know about the toxic and harmful metals and chemicals used to make “vaccines” and the long term effects that accompany them. I haven’t vaccinated in years and I never get sick. If I had kids, they wouldn’t be vaccinated either.


    1. Todd W. Olson says:

      My reseach shows that smallpox and polio were eradicated thanks to vaccines and immunizations.

        1. Todd W. Olson says:

          This is nonsense. Homeopathy didn’t eradicate smallpox and polio.

        2. susan says:

          stop the spam. Someone’s blog is not a good source of info. Try the Mayo Clinic or some other respected organization.

    2. Bill says:

      “So many people are brainwashed.”

      Among them, apparently, is Jack Parker.

    3. maxey says:


      You may not get sick, but, after reading your post, it’s evident you didn’t get off Scot free.

      By the way, I assume that at some point in your life you’ve been probed by aliens from outer space?

    4. Hugh says:

      OK Jack

      Let me know when you have a done all the thousands and thousands of hours of clinical research, published papers and had your results scrutinized by the scientific community.

      I will be over here holding my breath waiting.

  7. Bill says:

    People should have the right to choose–but the government should then have the right to bar those children from going to public schools, bar those parents from taking the tax deduction parents get for having “dependents”, allow insurance companies to refuse to pay medical costs for diseases preventable by the vaccines, allow parents of kids who can’t be vaccinated to sue those parents for inflicting harm upon their children, etc.

    If the anti-vaccinators are too stubborn to listen to science and reason, let them pay the costs of their lunacy.

    1. ann says:

      I do agree with you, except the tax deduction parents get for having kids. All parents should get that regardless if they decided not to vaccinate their children.

    2. PB says:

      Totally agree, Bill! If you make the choice, then you must live with the consequences and pay the price for that choice.

  8. Let them get them up North says:

    The only vaccination I don’t agree with is the chickenpox vaccination. Before the vaccination, kids would get chickenpox and the parents would have a party and invite more kids. Get it done!
    If someone can logically explain the reason for kids not to have chicken pox, let me hear it. Scarring? LOL?

    1. FYI says:

      If you have had chicken pox, you have a greater chance of developing shingles later on in life.

    2. Marci says:

      I meant to reply to you instead of starting a new thread, but:
      I, too, was originally against the Chicken Pox vaccine. At the time I was doing research and trying to decide whether or not to get the vaccine, a bunch of kids in Texas got a flesh eating virus on top of the chicken pox. (This was 11 years ago or so). I can’t remember how many, but there were deaths from the secondary infection. My kid got the shot.

    3. Joe's Mom says:


      “The three cases described in this report indicate that healthy children continue to die from complications of varicella, a disease that is preventable through vaccination. Although commonly viewed as a benign disease of childhood, serious complications and death can occur following varicella. Varicella is the leading cause of vaccine-preventable deaths in children in the United States. “

    4. Joe's Mom says:

      So, “Let Them Get Them” have we swayed you on your opinion?

    5. Linsey Rippy says:

      Wow. Obviously you have never heard of someone dying from it. My aunt was in the ICU from chicken pox. If my child got it, she could very easily die. Or have brain damage. Thanks, but I will choose the vaccination.

    6. kim says:

      did you know that chicken pox blisters (and measles) can be anywhere on the body? Yes, even near the eyes and on their private parts. Do you really want your child to have to suffer through a week of two with blisters there? Do you want to take a week or two off from work and try to comfort your child while they are in such misery? (and then another week when the next kid gets it, etc.) Have you ever had to almost bathe your child in calamine lotion to try to ‘get the itching to stop mommy’.
      Yea, no reason to give them a vaccine. Getting the disease is so much better.

  9. Marci says:

    I, too, was originally against the Chicken Pox vaccine. At the time I was doing research and trying to decide whether or not to get the vaccine, a bunch of kids in Texas got a flesh eating virus on top of the chicken pox. (This was 11 years ago or so). I can’t remember how many, but there were deaths from the secondary infection. My kid got the shot.

    1. ash says:

      or maybe If the pro-vaccinating are too stubborn to listen to science and reason,and true life story of children, let them pay the costs of their lunacy. u can keep from getting vac but once its in there body that it …cant take it back, tell me this when the diseases were way worse back in 1980’s why the heck they gonna add on almost 40 more vac thought it worked with just the 10 we got yeah cuz it did!! point is to many ginny pigs believe out of books then real life story form mother and children,.. sad

  10. No sicky. says:

    It needs to be left up to the parents.
    As for myself?
    I haven’t had a flu shot, never will.
    I get a cold usually once every three to four years.
    Haven’t had the flu since fifth grade.
    Meanwhile all my co-workers who got the shot all got sick LOL.
    Vaccinate all you want.
    They constantly eat food off their desks. (EWWWW).
    Never wash their hands.
    Sorry but no vaccine will protect you from bad hygeine.
    The majority of people are walking cooties.

    1. Linsey Rippy says:

      You do realize, right, that you cannot get sick from the flu shot? It’s a dead virus. If you are talking about the “stomach flu” that’s not what the immunization is for anyway.

    2. Jake says:

      Well, the last time I got the flu, about 12 years ago, I thought I was going to DIE. Got it in the filthy hottub and pool at Breezy Point Resort. That’s why I don’t jump into pools and tubs like that anymore. I was out of work for a week, was afraid to see the Doc, because I didn’t want to contaminate the entire clinic, all I could eat was chicken noodle soup once or twice a day. So I avoid the malls generally, and I wash my hands often, even if it’s only water.

  11. Linsey Rippy says:

    I am the mother of a 5 year old that had a heart transplant when she was 3.5 years old. As a result of the meds she takes to keep her heart from rejecting, she has no immune system to speak of. That means that we rely on herd immunity to keep her safe. Which means that your unvaccinated children are a potential walking time bomb for my child. If you choose not to vaccinate your child, that’s your decision, but I feel that if you are negligent of public health, you shouldn’t be able to have your kids take advantage of the public school system. You can’t have it both ways. It’s not fair to children like mine who have had to fight like you would not believe just to LIVE to have to worry about being exposed to scary stuff due to parents’ negligence. I have to say, if I got a serious disease as a child that left me crippled, sterile, or brain damaged, and I found out it could’ve been prevented with a vaccine that my parent opted out of, I would be devastated. This country has gotten way too lax with public health-saying that they need to be “anti-government” and not let the gvt tell you what to do with your child and then turning around and sending them to public school is a bit of a contradiction! The current generation has not had to deal with the horrors of a serious epidemic like polio or smallpox. I guarantee if you speak to someone who has lived through it or lost a child to something like that, they will tell you that to opt out of vaccines is nothing short of selfish & negligent.

    1. bobby says:

      Great post Linsey Rippy. I hope all is well with your little girl and that she remains healthy.

      1. Linsey Rippy says:

        Thank you. So far, so good! But that’s due in part to the fact that if you aren’t vaccinated, you don’t get to be around my kid! 🙂

        1. kate says:

          My husband is alive thanks to a transplant. Over 6 years now and he is doing well. Best wishes for your family. I get flu shots so I don’t pass it to him or his mom (she is late 70s).
          Makes me so mad when people start spewing the line about personal choice when the research they are doing is watching talk shows rather than listening to doctors that have studied this in actual schools. You have to give the appropriate amount of weight to each side based on the evidence they have. The anti-vax side doesn’t have the science to back it up, that is why they resort to slogans and sound bites.

    2. Mandy says:

      Amen, Linsey! Children who haven’t been vaccinated are like “Typhoid Mary” to your sweet lil girl!

    3. Meg says:

      so i guess my child that was goc vac and right after ther 15months vac, she stoped talking, coudl not talk well , and was so sick she almost died, shoudl still get the vac?? no thanks sorry adn for all teh other moms that got there child vac and died, or became vegetables, or even let say lighter systems then that and were lucky not to get the worse effect should still get vac, no sorry but thats sad, need to word you word better there linsey , yeah ur child needed it so u think i guess but see u gotta speak for both side,alot of mother are losing there children bcuz of vac, GO ahead look up vac injured children u will be heart broken!! but i also pray your lil one get strong, but at the same time u see that ur not the only one just cuz ur on the other side of the table for a diff reason!!! SO it not fare to children like mine!! RIGHT?? BUt there is better way to heal your body then having poison put in it!! look it up! ask mothers!

      1. Linsey Rippy says:

        I am a mother. And I would respond further to your comment, but I can hardly decipher it.

        1. Julie M says:

          Thousands and thousands of KIds are getting left crippled, sterile, or brain damaged, From vaccination, look it up, why are pro-vac so worried about the UN-vaccinated anyways, thought the shot worked?? lmao anyways there is more kids dieing and getting so sick from over the counter medicine, then getting a disease look up the numbers……

          1. Me says:

            Lindsey, I sympathize and understand why you firmly believe that every child who can be, should be vaccinated. However what I think Meg is trying to do is to get people to understand that there have also been children whose parents did the responsible thing, only to have their children suffer serious side effects, or worse, die from the injection. I think what Meg is saying is why should she risk her childrens lives, anymore than why would you want your child exposed to something that could potentionally cause her harm. Parents that don’t vaccinate, sometimes do not out of fear because of the cases you read about in the media..

            I realized the herd immunity, and agree with it, after all, my daughter has had all of her vaccines but, I also understand why some parents do not want to vaccindate especially, if their child has already suffered serious side affects. Both sides have a legitimate concern…trying to please both sides however, well that’s another matter.

            1. kate says:

              But there isn’t evidence that children have been crippled or died from vaccines. Especially compared to the damage teh diseases can do.
              The non-doctors and researchers feel free to make things up. The legitimate researchers have to tell the truth because their work is checked by other researchers – including their competitors. Check out the Mayo Clinic’s site. They are respected around the world for their information and ethics.

          2. jackactionhero says:

            “Thousands and thousands of KIds are getting left crippled, sterile, or brain damaged, From vaccination”


  12. bobby says:

    I love how the anti- vaccine people all say “do some research and decide for yourself”.

    That makes sense. I don’t think i’ve ever seen anything that wasn’t 100% accurate on the internet.

    1. Shara P says:

      AMEN Bobby! I’d like to see the medical credentials for all these “informed parents”!!!!!

      And THEN I’d like to sit them down with my daughter’s Oncologist, and have THEM explain why their child should be vaccinated!

  13. Shara P says:

    I tell you what….I have a 3 year old little girl…..who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia…and as a result, she CANNOT get her vaccinations….and if any of these Non-vaccinated children get MY daughter sick, and she dies…..I will SUE THE SH** out of you!!!!!!! People need to stop being so selfish, and vaccinate their children…by NOT doing so, you are not only affecting YOUR child, but MINE, and any other children who are prohibited to get theirs…..because they are already near DEATH in the FIRST place!

    Shame on the parents and their LACK of knowledge, who do not vaccinate thier children! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

  14. Jake says:

    No, it’s not selfish. It’s dangerous, irresponsible, ignorant, and stupid. If you are an import, and refuse to get immuninzed, or have your kids immunized, you should be on the next cargo ship going to your country of origin. If you are not an import, and refuse the same, well, we can’t deport you, but if you come down with one of these epidemic diseases, then YOU should bear the TOTAL COST of your treatment, and the cost of treating EVERYBODY ELSE who you probably infected. WAAAAY back in the 20th CENTURY, people were screened before being allowed into this country, immunized and/or treated BEFORE being allowed to mingle with the general population. Children were required to get their shots before going to school.
    Back in the 60’s and 70’s, I never heard of anybody getting the measles, polio, smallpox, chickenpox, whooping cough, yellow fever, etc. when I grew up. Yet, last year, we had a measles outbreak right here in MN. Guess how it got here — people coming from Africa. When I joined the military, I had to get shots there TOO, including a TB screen. The FACT IS, is that immunizations PREVENT far more illnesses than they cause. As for those parents who claim that their children came down with some terrible disability (like autism) due to a bad immunization shot, well I have my doubts. I think that some research should be done on the LIFESTYLES of the both the mother and the father prior to the autistic child being born, which I have never seen. I don’t recall any ‘autistic’ children being around me in the 60’s and 70’s. Shara P, you are right on.

  15. think for yourself says:

    Youre righ autism is a newly discovered disease, but people are on a more compressed immunization schedule than way back in the 60’s
    I personally would like to mention the relevance of SIDS to this post…
    Injecting a baby is not neccissary for immunity please research this option

    1. Linsey Rippy says:

      Not necessary for immunity? Hmm.. then why has our lifespan dramatically increased? Can’t believe everything you read on the internet. Thanks, but I will take the opinion of a Mayo Clinic Infectious Disease specialist over your “wordpress” that anyone could’ve written. The doctor that supposedly connected autism with vaccines? No longer practices medicine and also has had ALL his research completely debunked. Just sayin.

  16. Deana says:

    If they medical community wants the individual to take the bullet for the herd, then the medical community needs to make the vaccines SAFE for the individual.

  17. formilerd says:

    Good post. I became reviewing often this specific web site that i’m happy! Very helpful info especially the leftover department I keep such advice a whole lot. I’m trying to find this unique facts for a long period. Thank you and for good luck.

  18. Momof2boyz says:

    To the people who do not give their kids immunizations because of the toxic chemicals in them – do you let your kids play with toys made in China? Do you test all toys for lead or maybe who know what other toxins? Do you eat organic food – because pretty sure there are some questionable pesticides used on the veggies we eat…probably some questionable hormones used in the meat/poultry we eat…Just sayin’.

  19. Jody says:

    My 10 week old healthy son died almost 9 years ago within 17 hours of his first set of vaccines. The government of course denies it. Their expert witness in court stated “no child has ever died from vaccines”, yet they list it on the information sheets of the vaccines for the parents as a potential complication. I think it is ridiculous to vaccinate infants with immature immune systems for 7 different diseases at one time. Vaccinating my baby, cost him his life.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      “Vaccinating my baby, cost him his life.”

      I’m sorry for your loss, but that simply is not a true statement.

    2. Vaccines ARE Safe says:

      Your child did NOT die because he was vaccinated. I don’t know your specific case , but it is TRUE NO CHILD HAS DIED BECAUSE OF VACCINES. You can accept that fact, or live in denial. It’s your choice.

      1. think for yourself says:

        Than what caused the death? Dont claim to be an expert or leave a statement that you can not prove. The country is in denial that the pharmaceutical companies would not possibly make available somthing thats not 100% safe. Well youre wrong because that happens all of the time. Drugs are always being pulled off the market because they cause deaths or severe side effects, why are vaccines different then? What makes them so divine, flawless?

  20. wow says:

    me=21 year old vaccinated every shot, still alive 0 diseases….. enough said! VACCINATED or guess what you can homeschool your child and they can get every disease and when they die you can live with the guilt….

  21. Marie says:

    What I find sad is the main reason parents don’t want to vaccinate has to do with junk science.

  22. J says:

    My oldest child had seizures after a DPT shot. We were advised not to give him anymore DPT’s, and not to vaccinate our other children. We were also advised to not do chicken pox (this was in the mid to late 80’s) due to it being a new vaccine. My children were vaccinated for everything else, but never whooping cough.
    I had the true flu, not just a stomac virus in 1992. It was the most horrible sickness I have ever had. I was sick for over 3 days and I really thought I was going to die. I have had the flu shot ever sense.

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