Last Vietnam Vet Retiring From ND National Guard

FARGO, N.D. (AP) — The last North Dakota National Guard member to have served in the Vietnam War is retiring this week.

Master Sgt. Alan Peterson of West Fargo was being honored at a ceremony Wednesday at the Fargo Armed Forces Reserve Center.

Peterson joined the Navy after graduating from Pine River High School in Minnesota in 1970. He served on an aircraft carrier off the coast of Vietnam and also at an air base onshore.

Peterson later joined the North Dakota Guard. He has served in Iraq and also on seven overseas training missions, in Honduras, Korea, Jamaica and Panama.

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  • Andy

    Who gives a s$#@t

  • cliff

    Andy are you a hater or a liberal. I think this was a great positive news story. We should be thank full for his service to our nation. If did not have men and women who where willing to sever our nation, we would have lost our rights long time ago.

    • Andy

      Cliff I’ve been in the marine corps since 1996 and have done 4 tours. Your welcome. I don’t put labels on myself either.

  • felice

    What an awesome military career! Don’t think there were many people joining the military in 1970. VERY unpopular war. I was 17 at the time & didn’t understand why no one celebrated or even cared about the vets coming home. They just kind of straggled back………..

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