MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is investigating the shooting death of a cougar in southwestern Minnesota.

Officials said a male cougar, also known as a mountain lion, was shot and killed on Tuesday in a rural area of Jackson County. DNR officials said the cougar did not pose an imminent threat to people at the time it was shot.

It is illegal to kill a cougar in Minnesota because it is a protected species, according to state statutes.

The Minnesota DNR is investigating the incident, and the cougar is being examined by wildlife specialists in Grand Rapids.

Comments (31)
  1. Cougar says:

    Probably some hunter who thought he/she could have it mounted, hope he/she gets their guns pulled, prision time, loss of hunting license, and a huge fine!

    1. kaycee says:

      i hope yu get all of that just for this comment! its hunting season- it could have been an honest mistake

      1. Megan says:

        Sadly that’s not the case. Read the original story someone posted below. I’ll paste it here too… I’m with Cougar. It was some hunter thinking oh i have a gun I can kill whatever I want to.


        1. Mark Too says:

          Just read the link on your post . . . What I read . . . it was a someone finishing his chores. NOT A HUNTER.

      2. Yeah says:

        If some doof mistook this for a deer, he/she should never be allowed out again.

    2. konjokris says:

      I’m with ya Cougar, I hope this guy/guys get in big trouble. How dare he think this is an answer.

  2. GEt.a.LiFE says:

    “DNR officials said the cougar did not pose an imminent threat to people at the time it was shot.” why wait til it is an imminent danger to people or outside pets?! pathetic. im glad its gone, sad that it went that way and on minnesota land.

    1. Yeah!! says:

      Just shoot first and ask questions later!!

      That’s the ticket!!

  3. justsayiin says:

    what if it was just done by mistake? it is deer hunting season?

    1. bpk says:

      If you mistake a cougar for a deer you are a hazard to all other hunters and need a visit to the eye doctor.

  4. sandy says:

    Sieze gun, huge fine, loss of hunting and jail.

  5. Scrooge says:

    how do they know it didn’t pose an imminent threat, how does one define that?

  6. Jim says:

    MN is soooo White Trash.

  7. BearskinBob says:

    What I want to know is what kind of idiot would report it to the DNR. Shoot, shovel and most important shut up.

    1. Mark Too says:

      When I’m in northern MN or northern WI I hear the farmers up there say the samething when it comes to wolves. (Note farmers, not hunters.)

  8. rick says:

    so bearskinbob, do we just shoot anything that moves and call it hunting? moron!!! you are the reason I quit hunting!!!!!

    1. BearskinBob says:

      @ rick I didn’t shoot the cat or say that I would have. If I am the reason you quit hunting, I am guessing you were never a hunter to begin with.

  9. PackMan says:

    People like megan make hunters look bad.

  10. felice says:

    Get.a.life- you’re so dumb. You’re probably one of those people that would like to see all animals that as a coward you’re afraid of, to be hunted to extinction. Of course, if people didn’t breed like rabbits (especially the ones that can’t afford to take care of them or won’t work to support them) maybe there would be more territory for these “protected animals.” YEAH, AND I’M REAL SURE A COUGAR LOOKS LIKE A DEER & might have been mistaken for one- OR, NO, MAYBE IT’S CLOSER IN APPEARANCE TO A BEAR.

  11. Packman says:

    You city folks need to live on the farm for awhile and see that there is more to life then saving a pretty little cat. When you are in the middle of nowhere little things like that need to be done.

    1. Ummm says:

      Why, exactly, do things like that need to be done out on the farm? Just ’cause you see something that scares the s*** out of you really isn’t the best reason to start shooting.

  12. Ellen says:

    Amen packman! I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot a cougar, bear, wolf, coyote, pit bull,
    rottweiler or anything other critter I felt was a threat to myself or my horses!
    Do stupid city folk think you should wait until a wild animal takes a bite out of
    you before you shoot him?

    1. Mark says:

      Must be horrible to live in constant fear.

    2. Well says:

      Mostly it’s because too many of these so-called hunters would have no clue if there was a threat or not. They’d see a cougar or a bear and just start blasting away ’cause they’re scared.

  13. felice says:

    Not a city folk & not trigger happy either just to prove i can kill something.

  14. Poster 972 says:

    Just let the cougar alone, hell in 2 years they will be thick and annoying as turkeys and Canadian honkers.

  15. farmer_steve38 says:

    Sorry, not in southern Mn. or towns.

  16. meme says:

    wow I gotta say I live in the area where this was shot.. I am 12 miles from any town near a river & big wooded area.. I worry about what if it attacks my pets & animals but the wild animals have a right to live too.. there is plenty of deer for them to eat & who knows how long it has been here.. they were here 1st.. we are taking away their territory with our growing towns & population.. & it did run away so hmmm think that means it wasn’t a threat

  17. Just Think says:

    I also live close to where this happened about 5 miles away. Just because it ran away doesnt mean that its not going to come back it had half of a deer ate in there grove. I don’t think a “wild” mountain lion is going to just leave his food behind. The only wrong this that he did was tell to many people about it. They have young children and how different would you think if the mountain lion attacked one of them and then they shot and killed it?? Then would it be a threat?

  18. jc says:

    Can you follow up on what happened with this story. Are they pressing charges for illegally killing this animal or are they letting it go? We never hear what happens after the fact.

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