MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police moved in Thursday morning to break up the latest protest by Occupy Minnesota, which eventually led to two people being arrested.

On Wednesday night, the anti-Wall Street group set up about two dozen tents to protest a recent ruling that bans them from sleeping at Government Plaza in Minneapolis.

Around 4 a.m. Thursday morning, police started taking down the tents and structures erected by the demonstrators.

Witnesses said officers asked the protesters to leave, but when the protesters wouldn’t, they started pulling them out of the tents. In that incident, there were no arrests.

Police then packed up the tents and began putting them onto trucks and that’s when the scene got a little rowdy, according to witnesses.

Demonstrators were upset and tried to keep officers from leaving by standing in front of the vehicle.

According to Sgt. Bill Palmer, police arrested Michael Anthony Bounds with obstruction with force and David Nucleo Alexander, 44, with obstruction without force.

Deputies said they were following the orders the county put in place that no tents are allowed outside the Hennepin County Government Center.

Last week, some people sued county officials because they thought the ban on tents and other restrictions violated their constitutional rights. A federal judge, however, ruled that the county has the right to restrict sleeping on the plaza.

Some protesters set up tents across the street in front of Minneapolis City Hall, but they were taken down around 9 a.m. There were two arrested in that incident — one for obstructing the legal process and one for defying the ordinance.

As temperatures get colder, it’s not clear how long they’ll be able to stay. Some demonstrators have already had to go to the hospital to be treated for hypothermia — one of the reasons that the county said it is so dangerous to tent out.

The protesters have occupied the plaza since early October.

YouTube Videos Of Protesters (credit: Dan Feidt)

Occupy MN Supporter Tackled
Incident With County Security
Rally/Setup Of Tents

Comments (151)
  1. dan says:

    Your 2 minutes of fame is over, please go home! I guess you were a few tents short of the 99 goal.

    1. Realist says:

      “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

      1. dan says:

        Yep, lots of laughing and ignoring going on right now. I dont think we have to worry about any fighting.

        1. Realist says:

          Fantastic! You are doing exactly what is expected of you. No movement has ever been successful without opposition. It seems the more people like you oppose the movement, the more momentum the movement gains. Thanks for your support!

          1. V Lenin says:

            That’s kinda funny, “Realist,” because you could pretty well argue that the left is currently in the “laughing” phase in relation to Michele Bachmann. By your logic, she’s on the verge of a little fight followed by a Presidency, perhaps?

            1. Realist says:

              Nope. Bachmann isn’t a resident of this planet. Good try!

              1. bobby says:

                @realist- first you ignore her, then you laugh at her, then you fight her, then she wins.

            2. Realist says:

              It will never leave the laughing phase… lol!

                1. Pop-Up says:

                  Thank You!

              1. Histoygood says:

                We know that this is not the “Realist ” but who ever posted this is correct. This is a very true statment. I might add Realist does not own a house nor worked a real carreer job of any type. Why can we see right through theeses people…history has taught us well.

              2. Love It says:

                Great comment, “Realist”

      2. bobby says:

        @Realist- This quote by Ghandi is old, tired, and has no relevance to anything that the OWS crowd is doing.
        If you disagree, then answer this for me…WHAT DO YOU WIN?
        This group doesn’t even know what they want, what is there to win?

        1. Realist says:

          I see someone is a fan of Fox & Friends.

          1. bobby says:

            answer the question.

            1. Realist says:

              What is there to win? The United States of America.

              1. bobby says:

                So the goal of Occupy MN is to “win” the United States of America?

                wow, with a goal that laser focused, it’s amazing that people don’t take you seriously. You are ridiculous.

                1. Realist says:

                  Correction: Win back. Thanks for playing!

    2. bobby says:

      I was thinking that too…..99 tents for the 99% huh?

      Looks like it was actually much closer to the % that this group actually represents.

    3. AntiTeabagger says:

      99 Problems but a b*tch aint 1

    4. JD says:

      The group should never have been allowed to violate the ordinance of overnight camping on the very first night. Our politicians let this get out of control from the beginning.

  2. Joe Hanson says:

    If no one was arrested, what happened to the money that was collected last night to bail Occupiers out of jail?

  3. Ferris Lind says:

    yawn.. need coffee .. Oh .. occupy Wall St …. When instead they should have been yelling about ENDING THE FED! Glad they moved in .. Lazy People finding a excuse not to look for a JOB

    1. not sure says:

      I dunno – I actually have talked to some when headed to work and I find many actually have jobs and been burning up all their vacation time. 2 were actually engineers – siftware and electrical.
      There are some mighty bright folks there – and some on the opposite side . lol
      I respect and get the thought that the Street is bullchit bailout handout money grabbing sob’s mostly….but am not sure what they think they will accomplish.
      The world needs some changes at the top but also at the bottom. my .02 anyway

    2. Realist says:

      Are you completely ignorant? I very large cross section of OWS is calling for an end to the Federal Reserve. Stop watching Fox News and you might learn something useful.

      1. @REalist says:

        Coming from someone with the name Realist try being one for once, Are you thinking something will change by this? Money runs government and that will never change you either hope you have a decent job or you look for another country to live in, I can tell its business hours if you’re posting.

        1. Realist says:

          Oh, so lay down and just take it? I don’t think so!

          Also, I own a small business with 14 employees. How many people do you employ?

          1. @Realist says:

            I employ zero, I work 4 days a week, 35 hours a week, life is actually good. Comedy you owning a business, yet you only have internet access during a normal working shift, hmm never post after 4 or 5pm, becasue you’re not at your work computer. lay down and take what? My life is fine im not sorry that others made different decisions in life that sent them on the wrong course, sux to be them!

            1. Realist says:

              Oh, I wasn’t aware that I must operate my business during the hours YOU designate. Silly me thinking I could run a successful business at night. What was I thinking?! I thought that with 24 hours in a day, and with the majority of my clients in Japan (where it’s 3am btw), I felt I would best serve my customers by adjusting to the needs of my clients. Thank you for enlightening me though, I’ll start calling my clients when they are in bed so I can conform to your standards of working 9-5 MY TIME, and saying “too bad” to my clients. Good day, sir!

              1. @Realist says:

                The point is you don’t even own a computer you post when you’re working, I think this is foolish that you continue to lie, you can’t make a post at 7pm because you won’t have use of your employers computer that you sit on all day.

              2. good guy says:

                anyone with half a brain knows that you don’t own a business. It is getting late. why don’t you yell upstairs to have your mom get you some meatloaf?

  4. G Dog says:

    Yep, and those dang colonists should have quit after the Boston Massacre……

    1. bobby says:

      kind of a stretch, don’t you think?

        1. P Revere says:

          The contrast, of course, is that the colonial “revolutionaries” were hard-working people with jobs seeking to protect the product of their labor from being taken by an unjust government. The OWS folks are people who, in part, have no great interest in success by toil, preferring that the government take someone else’s stuff and give it to them. Big diff.

          1. bobby says:

            Thank you Mr. Revere. 🙂

          2. Realist says:

            Nonsense. Have you even been to a OWS event? Have you taken the time to talk with any of them? Have you done any research whatsoever? Or are you content with being spoonfed lies and misinformation by the mainstream media?

            1. Carl says:

              I have attended just as many Occupy protest as you did Tea party protest. I have also personally spoken to as many Occupy protestors as you have Tea party protestors.
              Works both ways, Sport

              1. bobby says:

                You beat me to it, Carl…..well said

              2. Realist says:

                If you look at it, the Tea Party is not the enemy of OWS. If you are so enlightened, you would realize that both sides have alot in common with what they are fighting. I actually support the Tea Party, but not the crazy GOP fringe that hijacked it. For the record, I’m Independant and voting for Ron Paul if given the chance, so don’t try and insinuate that I’m some bleeding heart liberal. I’m just fortunate to not be brainwashed by Fox News or CNN.

                1. Carl says:

                  So get rid of the FDA, EPA and everyother Federal Agency Paul is against? Talk about a wing-nut candidate. FYI, Realist, you are wasting your vote.

                2. Chimpy says:

                  So you’re going to vote for a guy that has no chance? The meaning of a wasted vote.

            2. bobby says:

              coming from someone who is/was full anti- tea party, yet never went to a tea party event.

              The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

  5. No Support says:

    Yeah you guys are so revolutionary. The problem is back then they had support. You people claim to represent the 99% but really you represent less then 1% of the 99%. Grow up get a job and be an adult for once. Lifes not fair, if you dont like your life change it dont blame others your just a nuisance now.

    1. fox and friends viewer says:

      well said!

    2. Megyn Kelly says:

      What he said! Long live the plutonomy, greed, suffering, ignorance, and shame!

      1. Carl says:

        Get an education Megyn and life looks much more promising!

        1. Megyn Kelly says:

          An education is essentially socialism.

          1. Carl says:

            WTH are you talking about? Educating yourself is Socialism? Wow, try not to say that in public unless you like the idea of people pointing their fingers at you and laughing!

          2. fox and friends viewer says:

            haha let’s not educate in this country so we can all live in tents.

            1. Megyn Kelly says:

              Tents are essentially mansions.

          3. Kevin says:

            Brilliant! Simply Brilliant! The most truthful statement I have read on here!

            1. Megyn Kelly says:

              Truthful statements are essentially ratings killers.

          4. AntiTeabagger says:

            Education gets you a job. Education explains what those in Occupy cannot.

            1. Realist says:

              Really? Education gets you a job? Do you realize how many college graduates cannot find jobs? How about the number of OWS protesters/supporters that are college educated? It’s quite comical… The GOP was complaining during the months leading up to OWS that this country has no jobs because Obama failed us (yes, one single man is at fault according to them o.0), then OWS comes along and the right is complaining that they should go get a job and stop being socialist hippies. Which is it? I’m flabbergasted!

            2. Realist says:

              In fact, I’ll share a funny story with you. A conservative friend of mine went on rant about how these uneducated, jobless hippies are ruining this country. While at the same time ignoring the fact that she is a community college dropout who has been searching for a job for 8 months. What do we call that again? Oh yea, that’s right, a hypocrite.

  6. Who do you protect? says:

    Dear Police:

    Please do your job and catch the real criminals. Crime has dramatically increased in Minneapolis because you cant stand when people exercise their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. Cant stand not being in control.

    Please catch the WANTED – the murderers, rapists, sexual predators, and child molesters. Stabbings and robberies are nearly and everyday occurrence.

    What are you fighting for?

    Please protect society FROM THE REAL THREATS!

    1. bobby says:

      The police would have much more time to do these things that you suggest if they didn’t have to babysit the crybabies that think they can do whatever they want in Government plaza.

      1. mll says:

        Thank you bobby! The police aren’t taking people off the street to babysit. They are upping staff and paying officers overtime. Who foots this bill? The 99% or whatever fake statistic they are using.

      2. Megyn Kelly says:

        Really? Are you dense? They had 3 years to take action, and they didn’t. Wall Street wasn’t held accountable for their actions, so the people are rising up against them. The 1% predicted this in 2005, so it’s not like this social uprising was a big shocker to anyone with a superyacht.

        1. mll says:

          it’s called capitalism. if you don’t like it, move to China.

          1. Realist says:

            LOL! This is NOT Capitalism.

            1. mll says:

              you should look up the definition of a free market. China has done well with distributing the wealth of their country. Move there.

              1. Realist says:

                You should look up the definition of Capitalism. If we were truly a capitalist country, we wouldn’t be bailing out banks. I’m sorry, but labeling banks “Too Big Too Fail” and throwing trillions at them is NOT capitalism. No amount of GOP/Liberal spin will ever change that.

                1. mll says:

                  I wholeheartedly agree that we should not be bailing out banks or businesses like GM that pay their union worker insane wages and offer retirement at 45 years old while the rest of us foot the bill. My uncle works for GM. I know what he makes and that he gets to retire next year and he’s about 47. I also know he is in love with the union that gave him all of that.

                  I agree that isn’t capitalism for a public sector to bail out a private one. But I disagree with the whole “distribution of wealth” angle. I’m pretty sure plenty of my wealth (and I’m a middle class American) is paying for the EBT cards accepted at every Pizza hut in MN.

                2. pipe in says:

                  Ah, but this is one thing these libs don’t realize is that their little obama messiah and his leaders made interest off these loans…

              2. Bigcat says:

                Mll you have no idea how China works. Go visit the villages outside the cities and you will see what communism is. China is only for the 1% of their society that is why they have free market zones. Possibly you have forgotten about tiananmen square and how they rolled in tanks.

          2. A Voter says:

            Capitalism is send their work, and your jobs to Communist countries, the slaves there work for peanuts.

        2. AntiTeabagger says:

          Big Shock people, Wall Street is in New York, go there and sit and cry.

    2. Protecting taxpayers property says:

      Um …. They were dealing with criminals.

      They probably did spend way too much time although. I would have preferred to see the tents and their occupants sprayed down with fire hoses and then dogs sent in to evict the varmints.

      1. Realist says:

        Thank you for showing a complete disregard for the U.S. Constitution and for advocating violence against your own people. You would be very popular in the Syrian government.

        1. Rasputin says:

          Wow…. I really think that you should read the U.S. Constitution and all the case law that comes with it. Realist, you are a real, how should I put this, MORON.

        2. BigcatMPLS says:

          Realist, you act as though they are holding these people to a higher standard then the general public. Your rule of law is if the cops hit you they are criminals if you hit a cop your defending your so called right to assemble. Maybe if you spent more time at your so-called business instead of worrying about “Panda” the 400 lb protestor you’d be making a real difference.

      2. Megyn Kelly says:

        We could use someone like you at Fox News? Please tell me you hate brown people too! Blatant bigotry will gain you 6 points on the application!

    3. What a joke says:

      I bet most of the guys at “occupy” are rapists,sexual predators and child molestors!

      1. Realist says:

        Of course you say this with zero facts to support it. Anyone who makes up their own facts as they go, with absolutely nothing to support their statements, is simply not a good person.

  7. Andy says:

    This makes me sick, I have been a marine since 1996 and have done 4 tours. Apparantley I’m serving to protect the constitution and peoples rights to freedom of speech and assembly. I fight for these people at occupy minnesota and am very proud of that! When i see them being arrested and mistreated by the ever growing police state it makes me think my service is and was for nothing. Whether you agree with them or not they have every right to do what they are doing, that includes putting up tents!!

    1. Andy's wrong says:

      You couldn’t be more wrong Andy, but thanks for your opinion

    2. mll says:

      so are you saying that it’s okay to put up tents? if that’s the case, every homeless person in Minneapolis should be allowed to put up a tent wherever they choose downtown. What’s the difference?

      there’s nothing wrong with exercising “free speech”, but I am not sure where the constitution says you can set up a “home” wherever you’d like.

      1. dan says:

        No kidding, I wonder what the Occupy crowd would think if the homeless put up tents in their front yards? Oh wait a minute, none of these people probably own a home.

      2. Andy says:

        The constitution says right to assembly and thats what there doing. “Andys wrong” how am I wrong? What part? So I only serve in the marine corps for the American citizens you think desrve to excercise there constitutional rights? mll I admit when a valid point is shown to me and the tent issue I believe you got me on that one. I do feel however when I ve seen people arrested simply for occupying, protesting and not setting up structures that the police state is violating their constitutional rights of freedom of assembly.

        1. Andy's wrong says:

          You couldn’t be more wrong about the tent thing, which you coincided.

          The Federal judge told them that a few days ago and the hippies decided to taunt him so they were cleared out. They were not kicked out for being there or they would have been evicted weeks ago.

          My guess is that it was getting cold and they wanted to go back in the homeless shelter so this tent stunt was a way to go “home” and make it look like they were forced to.

          1. Andy says:

            Here is the problem with people like you “Andys wrong”. You are stereotyping these people as jobless hippies taunting the police. I’ve been down there and have a job, am a career marine and in fact most people I talked to down there were employed, didn’t resemble anything like a hippie and in fact there are a lot of other service members there to. Be thankful you live in a country where you can excercise your rights(for now). To the [public park thing….come on really?

            1. pipe in says:

              Take New Yorks little minion protestors for example…. There is that little thing called ACORN that was paying people to be there. I guess if you call that a job that wouldn’t be something i’d put on my resume…

        2. mll says:

          I come from a family of navy veterans and currently have siblingsI and cousins serving in the air force. I respect everything that our military stands for and protects. My husband is a deputy for Hennepin Co. There are boundaries that are being crossed downtown and the protesters are acting like toddlers testing how much they can get away with. Occupy and exercise free speech, but that doesn’t mean that they can completely disregard all other laws that people like my husband are protecting every day as well.

      3. Your stupid says:

        Agreed. there is a big difference between freedom of speech and assemly and creating a cult like compound in the middle of a downtown area. Talk all you want, gather all you want, but at the end of the day clean up your d*** mess, and go to your home if you have one. Thanks

    3. bobby says:

      @Andy- Thanks for your service.
      Unfortunately, what you don’t seem to understand is that these people ARE being allowed to protest. No one’s rights are being infringed upon.
      There are rules that everyone must abide by. You, me, everyone. No one is getting special treatment, and no one is getting unfair treatment.

      1. Andy says:

        know ones rights are being violated? What about the kids that were maced at the college campus? They were doing nothing but sitting there! It scares me to read some of these posts and it continues to make me question my service to the people of this country. The clashes with the protesters is obviously becoming more about government control over its people, I hope you can see that. The police state is obviously getting a lot stronger and thats frightning to me.

        1. MNproudVet says:

          Andy, you are so full of it! I served in the military for 27 years and you and I both know (if you were actually in the marines) that if Marine Police or Security told you to move out of an area and you refused, you would be in the brigg within minutes! Try setting up a tent in front of a commanders home on the post (which is also govt property) and not only would you be in the brigg, you’d end up in Leavenworth! I suppose you would consider that violence against their own people too?? You are such a putz! Laws are meant to be followed!

          1. Realist says:

            “Laws are meant to be followed!”

            Wow. Sounds very German. Thanks!

    4. Realist says:

      Agreed! I served in the Army (Active) from 2000-2006. Unlike some of the people here, I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. You would never find me advocating violence against my own people, unlike some of the classless people that post on WCCO (and elsewhere, for that matter).

    5. Rasputin says:

      I doubt you were a Marine. Andy

      1. and says:

        Hey Sc%m bag you better believe I am, 0311 for 6 years and a scout sniper for 9. Your welcome for your freedom by the way

        1. Rasputin says:

          Duh every Marine is 0311….. Still doubt it…… I fought for my own freedom by the way.

    6. Oorah says:

      Andy, being a Marine myself, I doubt by your candor that you ever served in my beloved Corps. Your grammar is not the standard of a Marine or how you question your service. As Marines we never question how we have served only that we have served and always know that it is not for nothing. We don’t make it a point to let others know that we have served. We just serve because it was what we were called to do and don’t question it. I would like to know what your MOS is and why you have so much doubt. Also, there are not many active duty jobs in MN so you would have to be a handful of Marines whom I personally know and I highly doubt that. For someone to pose as a Marine or any other branch of the service is just plain wrong. However, this is an open blog so freedom of speech does apply here.

      Sempre Fi

      Oorah to all my brothers OCONUS.

      1. And says:

        Oorah I doubt you were a marine and it sounds lkie you never served in any conflict. Probably another wanna be P.O.G. from another branch. I’m not active duty anymore smart guy never said I was. Reserve for the last nine. OOrah to the real marines out there not this fake above me.

        1. Oorah says:

          I have nothing to prove to you and would be willing to compare resumes anytime. So I take it you were in an MP since that is the only unit here in the cities at Ft. Snelling. My unit….

      2. AntiTeabagger says:

        I spent 14 Years in the Air Force Special Op’s Unit and ate the same dirt as the Marines and the Navy Seals. We do our jobs because we have to do our jobs, we signed up to defend freedom for not only America but for those on this planet that cannot defend themselves and spread democracy.

        However I only defend the rights of the people of Occupy when they use their rights how they are supposed to. Right now, they are not providing an agenda, nor have a leader in which negotiations could be at a single focal point. These so called protesters have no objective other than to sit and cry about how everything is wrong in this country. I say do something about it then, sitting on your tails is not being proactive! Create an Agenda, create objectives and set goals for your so called revolution. Right now you have too many fights to pick from Banks, to Wall Street, to the local police. It is like trying to take on the world all by yourselves. I have a saying I use as a modivation when I am working with a group of people. ” I am not trying to solve world hunger, I am only trying to make a sandwich” In other words, take things one small step at a time.

        If Occupy would organize themselves better, provide a leadership and guidance system within it and have objectives, goals and agendas it would go somewhere. Right now, you are the butt of every joke, because you look like sheep following a blind sheppard.

        FYI I am a SMSGT, USAF – Panama, Desert Storm, Kosovo, and GWOT Disabled Veteran.

  8. Andy says:

    Dan that is the stupidest thing I ever heard. Setting up a tent in a front yard would be trespassing on private property. Last I checked the government center is public property. Dan if you don’t have anything the slightest bit intellgent to say please don’t post

    1. bobby says:

      Andy- go to any city park, look around. They will all have signs that will tell you the rules. No camping, no alcohol, etc etc etc….Follow the rules, are suffer the consequences.

      1. mll says:

        the homeless should set up tents in parks and on sidewalks. they should call it the “occupy parks and sidewalks movement”.

    2. dan says:

      Wonderful point Andy, didnt we just read in the news last week of the Occupy crowd illegally breaking and entering a foreclosed home. That was illegal. Setting up tents on Public property is also illegal. You have all the rights in the world to protest, but please tell your friends to obey they law.

      1. Megyn Kelly says:

        Dan, where are your comments asking Wall Street to obey the law? Let’s not forget that’s what started the Tea Party/OWS.

        1. dan says:

          Just like the occupy crowd, you break the law and now you get to suffer the consequences. Please give me one example of Wall Strret breaking the law and not suffering the consequence?

          1. Realist says:

            Citibank selling junk to clients and betting against that same junk. Clients lost millions, Citi made millions. But that’s OK, right? Who cares how you win, as long as you win?

            1. dan says:

              I asked for an example of breaking the law. This was not an illegal activity. Why dont you spend more time trying to close the loop holes if you dont like them. Oh that’s right, Citibank gave millions to the Obama campaign and one would hate to slap the hand that feeds them.

              1. Realist says:

                Wait, what? That wasn’t illegal? Are you mental? It was very much illegal, and Citi had been busted for it in the past… even promised to never do it again. You’re ignorance and willingness to completely ignore what’s going on around you is alarming.


              2. Realist says:

                Good one using the typical GOP hack tactic. Always changing the subject to Obama, as if he had even the slightest bit of involvement in Citi selling toxic securities BEFORE he was in office. But, it’s his fault, right?

  9. A Voter says:

    The only thing the police are accomplishing is the certainty that Minneapolis will have a new mayor come the next election. For every protestor they are harassing their are a at least a thousand voters that would like to join them, if they weren’t afraid of being identified, and losing their jobs.

    1. MnProudVet says:

      And there are 10,000 of us for every protester that hate the smelly “gimme people” who expect the rest of us to give them stuff and that the govt owes them a good life! The protesters are an insane group of crybabies!

      1. A Voter says:

        Statements like yours proves you have no idea what the real issues are, and don’t care to know. As a Vet you go to other countries trying to cram your ideas down their throats, but have no idea what’s happening in your own country.

  10. Common Cents says:

    @Realist, thanks for trying but 99% here don’t want the truth. They’ll just keep yappin’ about things they know nothing about. All are slaves and sheep that work for the government (taxes, subsidized contracts, inflation)whether they realise it or not AND are more than happy to defend their slavery. They’re lost, dont wast your time. If you want more info check out realitybloger. wordpress. com.

    1. Roger says:

      I am glad I and over 50 and will never have to pay back all the money we all owe, $65,000 each. by the time kids of 20 or so get to be 40 the countries debt will so enslave them that a viloint revolution may happen. Maybe a faild state for another 20 years then start again. Would not have to be this way if people would become accountable for themselves.

    2. Realist says:

      It’s still fun to examine how their minds work. 🙂

  11. Kevin says:

    If they stop protesting at Bachmans book signing’s…..and really go after the problem….I would fight with them…..but they have no clue…..so…….who cares….they sit there while the gov tries to force a union on private citizens….and the gov tries to have the poor pay for a stadium for a billionaire…….get a clue….

    1. Realist says:

      But… Bachmann is part of the problem o.0

      1. Kevin says:

        Bachman is a nobody….in panties…….she is only one hair on the arse of America.

  12. Ordinary Guy says:

    Put a quarter-percent fee on each Wall Street trade and you won’t see the angry mobs in the streets. Day-traders and automated selling has made the market unsafe for retirement saving and no help in growing our industrial might.

    1. Realist says:

      Speculation is a culprit as well. I think you are on to something with a transaction fee, but it would be impossible to change with our current political leadership.

      1. Ordinary Guy says:

        I’m with you, but I hear that same downcast futility nonsense every day, and it’s just not true. Improvement starts fresh every single day, and today is no exception. We all must forego all the “Givens” in the problem and rethink the basics of what we want to do, then design a way from all our ideas to accomplish it. We’re just not used to it and we think we’re powerless.

        We’re not. Fighting with each other endlessly just feeds our weakness. We are not. Americans have to find it within their character to regenerate along the founding spirit of freedom.

  13. Davy T says:

    The ones ridiculing the OCCUPY movement are of the same ilk who ridiculed the Civil Rights protests, Vitetnam War, Suffragettes, Labor, etc. Eventually, the people will win. The elite cannot continue to subvert without consequences. Power to the People!

    1. Realist says:

      The amazing part is the 1% is enjoying the support of their brainwashed middle-to-low income supporters. The propoganda machine is working quite well on a good cross-section of the populace.

  14. WhatdoIgetfree says:

    Everyone under the age of 25 shuld be out tossing rocks at these “entitlement class” people. All they want to do is put the country further in debt for their benefit. In 10 to 20 years the country will be in such debt that kid of 15 to 25 now will have a much lower standard of living because of the efforts of the “entitlement class” movment.

    1. nintynine says:

      Yes, it is a fact that this is an “entitlement class” movment.

      1. Realist says:

        Surely you have something to back your claims? Usually when you use words like “fact” you have something of substance to back it up. Unless you are “one of them” that attempts to pass opinions as facts. *cough* Michelle Bachmann *cough*

        1. :) says:

          Sure there is evidence. Look up the videos from the past weeks since your “movement” started and listen to what some of “your people” are saying. Want want want, give is everything we want. This is “in fact” the entitlement class” movement.

          1. Realist says:

            Are you suggesting the Tea Party lacked fringe within its movement? Old people donning tri-point hats adorned with tea bags… that’s normal? I guess every movement is more closely identified by its fringe. Does that mean the whole movement is not worthy of our time to even attempt to comprehend their grieveances.

          2. Realist says:

            Also, this in no way even addresses the comment you directly replied to. Just more deflection and subject changes. A very common GOP tactic these days.

    2. Realist says:

      Yup, the country is ruined so let’s maintain the status quo! Let’s lower taxes on the 1%, raise taxes on the 99%, and watch this country spiral until nothing is left.

    3. Realist says:

      Advocating violence against your own people? Stay classy Constitution hater.

  15. StraycatStrut says:

    I see the “Realist” is using a computer and a form of internet connection….. hmmm… part of the fruit of the Capitalist world for you to spout your “stupidness”. “Realist” maybe it would be better if you move to China. Be better there for you and you could live in a tent 24/7.

    1. Realist says:

      Yes, I am so stupid for thinking that Wall Street should be held accountable… LOL! Thank you for your kind words!

  16. jojo says:

    I can’t believe the blind sheep here. Realist seems to hit it right on.

    1. Realist says:

      Thank you. I don’t have all the answers, but I can tell the difference between right and wrong.

  17. Realist says:

    1. Don’t say ‘capitalism.’

    “I’m trying to get that word removed and we’re replacing it with either ‘economic freedom’ or ‘free market,’ ” Luntz said. “The public . . . still prefers capitalism to socialism, but they think capitalism is immoral. And if we’re seen as defenders of quote, Wall Street, end quote, we’ve got a problem.”

    2. Don’t say that the government ‘taxes the rich.’ Instead, tell them that the government ‘takes from the rich.’

    “If you talk about raising taxes on the rich,” the public responds favorably, Luntz cautioned. But “if you talk about government taking the money from hardworking Americans, the public says no. Taxing, the public will say yes.”

    3. Republicans should forget about winning the battle over the ‘middle class.’ Call them ‘hardworking taxpayers.’

    “They cannot win if the fight is on hardworking taxpayers. We can say we defend the ‘middle class’ and the public will say, I’m not sure about that. But defending ‘hardworking taxpayers’ and Republicans have the advantage.”

    4. Don’t talk about ‘jobs.’ Talk about ‘careers.’

    “Everyone in this room talks about ‘jobs,'” Luntz said. “Watch this.”

    He then asked everyone to raise their hand if they want a “job.” Few hands went up. Then he asked who wants a “career.” Almost every hand was raised.

    “So why are we talking about jobs?”

    5. Don’t say ‘government spending.’ Call it ‘waste.’

    “It’s not about ‘government spending.’ It’s about ‘waste.’ That’s what makes people angry.”

    6. Don’t ever say you’re willing to ‘compromise.’

    “If you talk about ‘compromise,’ they’ll say you’re selling out. Your side doesn’t want you to ‘compromise.’ What you use in that to replace it with is ‘cooperation.’ It means the same thing. But cooperation means you stick to your principles but still get the job done. Compromise says that you’re selling out those principles.”

    7. The three most important words you can say to an Occupier: ‘I get it.’

    “First off, here are three words for you all: ‘I get it.’ . . . ‘I get that you’re angry. I get that you’ve seen inequality. I get that you want to fix the system.”

    Then, he instructed, offer Republican solutions to the problem.

    8. Out: ‘Entrepreneur.’ In: ‘Job creator.’

    Use the phrases “small business owners” and “job creators” instead of “entrepreneurs” and “innovators.”

    9. Don’t ever ask anyone to ‘sacrifice.’

    “There isn’t an American today in November of 2011 who doesn’t think they’ve already sacrificed. If you tell them you want them to ‘sacrifice,’ they’re going to be be pretty angry at you. You talk about how ‘we’re all in this together.’ We either succeed together or we fail together.”

    10. Always blame Washington.

    Tell them, “You shouldn’t be occupying Wall Street, you should be occupying Washington. You should occupy the White House because it’s the policies over the past few years that have created this problem.”


    Don’t say ‘bonus!’

    Luntz advised that if they give their employees an income boost during the holiday season, they should never refer to it as a “bonus.”

    “If you give out a bonus at a time of financial hardship, you’re going to make people angry. It’s ‘pay for performance.'”

  18. StraycatStrut says:

    “Realist” now trying to control speech.

    Don’t Say “USA”…. say “China” and go live there.

    Cheers to you buddy… there is a place for you somewhere in this world.

    1. Realist says:

      Umm… I didn’t write that 🙂 That’s straight from Frank Lutz, a GOP strategist.

  19. I'm Just Sayin says:

    why is this under the subject of “news” and not “crime?” They can not be arrested if they did not commit a crime. So this should be listed under “crime,” not “news.”

    1. Realist says:

      Thank you Mr. NotAnEditorOfAnything!

  20. b says:

    what a free country we live in i say the cops should be arrested police use more force that they have i say we sue

    1. @ B says:

      if I were on the jury, the cop is not guilty, right amount of force was used, in fact not enough.

      Besides, you say your the 99%, but I don’t agree with you creating extra costs (i.e. police overtime) that I have to pay for!

  21. just an Average Minnesotan says:

    “Last week, some people sued county officials because they thought the ban on tents and other restrictions violated their constitutional rights”

    Guess someone really needs to actually read the Constitution.

    Are these idiots serious?

    1. Kevin says:

      Oh my God Average! You have no clue! The 98th Amendment clearly states that spoon fed POS may put up tents and cry “anywhere they want to”. This of course is followed by the 99th Amendment which clearly states “Me…me….me….me…me…mine…mine…free….free…free…..owed….owed….owed…..you have and I dont your EVIL…….you have and I dont your EVIL! And then their is of course the 100th Admendment which I love “Mommy and Daddy said life was a fluffy pillow and I deserve it all! Because Barney says I a a purple special little king and queen!”…..

  22. Stop the Drama says:

    I love you over dramatic morons who scream “police state.” Wow. Iran and China laugh at such nonsensical statements. There are dozens of countries where these protestors would have been SHOT today, instead of simply having their Hello Kitty tent taken down. There are countries where these protestors would be rotting away in dank, dark cells right now for simply speaking. Defying a court order by a federal judge and being arrested for doing so by MPD is not a f**king “police state.” Get a god damn clue.

    1. Realist says:

      “There are dozens of countries where these protestors would have been SHOT today, instead of simply having their Hello Kitty tent taken down.”

      I think it’s safe to say we are rapidly approaching this sort of treatment in the US.

  23. Pop-Up says:

    Tents are cheap, and there are a lot more where those came from.

  24. Pop-Up says:

    WCCO needs to fix this feed,
    1. Replies are not posted where entered, and make no sense.
    2. Comments are not posted, error message says they are duplicates.
    3. Error message says slow down you are posting to fast, Hugh?

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