Minnesota GOP Chairman Sutton Resigns

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Tony Sutton has abruptly resigned.

Sutton tweeted his resignation, saying it took effect at 5 p.m. Friday. He says he feels it’s best for his family to move on.

In a letter to Republican activists, Sutton says he feels “a great sense of accomplishment” with the party’s election victories in 2010. Republicans captured both the Minnesota House and Senate, but lost the governorship when Democrat Mark Dayton narrowly defeated Republican Tom Emmer.

Sutton now says he wishes the party had not been involved in the gubernatorial recount. In his letter, he says he “should have said no and endured the political heat.”

The state GOP has been struggling with debt. According to a Star Tribune report in late October, the party remains $533,000 in the red.

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  • Next Gig

    DWTS with Marcus.

    • Tom

      @ Next Gig

      That is very possible lol

    • He'll Be Populare at the 90s

      Out of the closet already. Clearly he is a Michelin-gay-man living a secret life.

  • Murph

    One down and too darn many to go! He should ask the Koch brothers for some of their pocket change!

  • Give Him Credit.....

    …..for being smart enough to see the writing on the wall !

  • Dopey

    At least Sutton was a human being, Ron Carey, was nothing more than a phoney out of stater that dreamed big of selling used cars to old ladies.

  • zee the reporter

    its nice to see a GOP hit the road !!

  • Enough already

    Who is Tony Sutton?

  • Hmmm

    Wonder what he did?

    • me

      Yeah, I also wonder what else could there be?

      • gone baby gone

        “I have always put politics first in my life and rationalized it by thinking I was doing this for the greater good. My 4-year-old daughter came to me a couple of weeks ago and said she feels like she doesn’t have a father anymore because I am gone so much,” Sutton said in the letter.

        “We all make sacrifices for the Party _ however, I feel I have made more than my fair share. Now it is time for others to step up and serve.”

        Sutton, who was elected state party chair in 2009, told The Associated Press he was not asked to resign. He said he came to the decision over Thanksgiving.

        “It really has taken a lot of time away from my family. It’s been a real strain. I just feel it’s time to move on,” Sutton said.

        • Paul Solinger

          Not sure I buy his spin. No one quits a job and give less then one hour notice before the resignation takes effect, unless there’s a reason for it. If he came to this realization over Thanksgiving, he could have given notice last weekend,

    • A Voter

      Tony, Chaz, Sutton pounded his fists, and cried foul every time a GOP candidate lost an election.

      • Tom

        @ A Voter

        That is because Tony and the GOP think that just because their base of voters are clueless, delusional, etc that the rest of us are!

  • Swamp Rat

    I wonder what brand of T-Bags he used to drink? The MN GOP is not a Republican Party anymore in the traditions of the past GOP great ones. I wonder what other GOP/T-Baggers will jump ship?

    • Ken

      They did pretty well against the dumbacrats last election.

      • Paul Solinger

        Dumbacrats? Really? Is this the best insult you guys can come up with? Wow. I would be embarrassed.

        • ken

          thats all t-bag comments deserve.

        • Jack

          Its acually right on considering the IQ gap is 21.4 points according to Harvard study in 2009.

      • You're all Crazy

        Yeah Ken, so there……

      • Tom

        @ Ken

        The difference between the Dems and GOP is that Dems deal with reality and the GOP deal in pure fantasy!

    • Tom

      @ Swamp Rat

      I am very liberal, but there have some GOP people who I did like. Take for instance Jim Ramstad, Chuck Hagel. Olympia Snow, Susan Collins, Simpson, and others, but now the GOP have been taken over by nutjobs.

      • Swamp Rat

        I couldn’t agree with you more. In fact the ‘nutjobs’, the T-Baggers in particular, you allude to have ruined American politics and the American way of political debate and governing the way the Constitution sets forth.

        I may be a Democrat in many ways but I am also a traditional Republican in others. Maybe, that’s what’s called a “moderate” but that’s the American way of looking at things. It’s too bad the extremist ‘nutjobs’ have spoiled the way the country is heading. Thus, far there isn’t any political leader who has the chutzpah &/or a definite game plan to get us out of the present national or state turmoils we are in.

  • TL the alligator

    he used to be Tonya…now he is “Tony”.

  • Pavel

    Another obstructionist bag of wind gone! He and his cronies tried to hold up the government by recounts and now they have to pay! Good enough!!

    You are right. It was not “voluntary for sure!

  • StraycatStrut

    As you see “CCO leads the way with liberal hate comments once again. No wonder no one can work with them. They are just grumpy windbags who got their tents taken down.

    • Swamp Rat

      Get a Life! The other major broadcast stations are saying the same thing. What’s in that tea or kool-aid you have been drinking? The alleged “grumpy windbags” “who got there tents taken down” sounds like you were there? What T-Bag did you use for your cup of teat today?

  • Tom

    @ maxey

    Your right!

  • Tom

    @ Straycat Strut

    If you don’t like the truth being posted simple answer to that problem….don’t read them!

  • sick and tired of Politics

    I am embarrasased to say I was born and raised in Minnesota after reading these comments. What ever happened to civil behaviour, respect, and courtesy. If he says he is resigning for his family, why can you people not take him at his word for now, until something is proven? This is exactly what is wrong with politics these days, look at Herman Cain. A few unfounded accusations and the latest by a woman that has made many similar accusations and threats and you are already digging a hole for him. On the other side of the fence though, “defnie it”, “I did not have sex with that woman” and lieing to congress were all acceptable though huh? How about you let time judge the person and you worry about your own behaviour? That goes for the left and the right.

    • Jerome

      “If he says he is resigning for his family, why can you people not take him at his word for now, until something is proven?”

      Because he is a politician. And look at that pic…

      • sick and tired of Politics

        so the same goes for Governor Dayton, klobacher, Franken, Ellis, Obama, Clintons, Frank, Dodd, …? Of the group, if you are going to judge by looks, only Obama can be trusted?

    • Swamp Rat

      @sick & tired
      Tony Sutton is not Herman Cain by a long shot except that they are caught-up in the GOP/T-Bag political meat grinder with unrelated controversial problems with political baggage.

      You don’t tender your resignation from the state GOP Chairmanship one hour before 5pm on a Friday afternoon unless it’s serious. Yes, I take Sutton at his word about family concerns but there is a can of political worms he has left open. This makes me wonder why at his sudden resignation. Get the message?

      As for Herman Cain, you are completely off on another political space mission. Cain, for whatever reason, has some excess past personal baggage and improprieties; in effect the treatment of women on the job and and personal involvements; that has surfaced and making a mockery of his campaign.

      We, the people, haven’t heard the last of these allegations, Until these matters are cleared up or proved false etcetera then Cain better fall on the proverbial sword and disappear. Is this the kind of candidate you want for President?

      So before you shoot the messengers of breaking political news or declare you are “sick and tired of politics” do your homework on the people you support. They don’t have to be perfect but they should have a reasonable good ethical background to run for the offices they seek. Now then you can be properly judgmental in defense of the candidates you support.

      Also, with the state of American politics today you should be fervently questioning everybody who is seeking office and representing you in government. History bears out this fact. If you don’t question who comes into the political arena then you get what you deserve. Think about it!!!

      • sick and tired of Politics

        Yes these allegations are never just made up before an election or primary to bury a candidate, nothing like in 2008 and the funding allegations against Norm Coleman that later were dismissed as false. Yes you are right, we should question everyone, including those with questionable pasts making allegations against someone of power.

  • He looks like

    Jabba the Hut.

  • G Dog

    Sutton probably ate the GOP into debt.

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