WASHINGTON (AP) — GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann says many people who had supported Herman Cain in the race are getting behind her candidacy.

With Cain now out of the race, Bachmann says Republican voters see her as the tea party candidate and the “most consistent conservative” in the contest.

The Minnesota congresswoman tells CNN’s “State of the Union” that Cain’s supporters considered him as an outsider and that her conservative positions are most reflective of his.

Cain abandoned his White House bid on Saturday under the weight of sexual misconduct allegations.

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Comments (53)
  1. Ferris Lind says:

    what like 2 people?? Been reading and confirmed that most of Cain’s head people are moving over to Ron Paul .

  2. Well I guess that settles it says:

    “Bachmann says…”.

    Must be true.

    1. Money says:

      She’s losing it. Everyone knows that Cain supporters are moving into the Ron Paul Camp, even she knows it

  3. Tom says:

    So the nuts are just moving from nutjob to another! Not much news there!

  4. Mr. White says:

    Who told her that? god?

  5. joe says:

    Still don’t understand how she and every other candidate that already is in office can go out running for president and still do their job in their own state??

    1. Repley Joe says:

      Joe she is NOT doing her job in the 6th Dist. she abandoned the entire state. Even she says she is from Iowa.

  6. Frankie says:

    The 1% of the population that voted for Ron Paul in the last election he ran for president will find their way onto this board to praise his perceived greatness not realizing that he will tax them more with his proposals.

    1. Jill says:

      Huh? Ron Paul will raise taxes?

      What planet are you on?

    2. Nickel says:

      Hey Frankie, Paul has never supported any legislation that raise taxes, ever, not in 30 years. In fact if it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t even be allowed to buy gold or silver. The scoundrels wanted all of that.

      1. Aye!! says:

        Back to the GoldStandard, I sez!!

        To hell with that NAFTA superhighway, I sez!!

        Help me!! I’m melting!! What a world; what a world!!

      2. Frankie says:

        If you are so poor at math you do not realize to raise the revenue needed the working class will have to pay more or the debt will have to be raised. Politicians make all sorts of claims they cannot meet. To meet what a balanced budget on what Ron Paul wants to tax at you would have to cut the military to less than what it was under Clinton, have a cure for every chronic disease, and have the tooth fairie be real. Your comment on gold is so off based it is not worth further comment

        1. Home Schooler says:

          I got a better idea, go after the traitors that benefited from the wrs, bailouts and drug companies.

          “The little people are over-taxed and over-regulated, the founding fathers would be ashamed of us for what we’re putting up wit” – Ron Paul

        2. Don't Tread on Me says:

          Frankie, You have no clue what you are talking about. I think even CBS comment boards are a little to mature and intellectual for you. Maybe you should debate with children on the playground. It seems your spelling and grammar are about on par with that level as well. I really have no clue what you are trying to state about him wanting to tax. Are you drunk or just stupid?

          1. Frankie, or is that Glen, maybe Kevin, James, or Jjon says:

            It has been a good laugh to follow Michelle Bachman from afar. After posting comments in various styles and with different names I think you people are all on par with her. It amazes me with what little information what assumptions people will make. Post something right wing, you get “Murph”, If you post something contrary to right wing you get people wishing physically violent things will happen to you. And then there are people like you abounding on the board commenting on spelling and grammar with mistakes in their own posting.

            1. Don't tread on whoever it is I feel like being today says:

              Lol. Sorry for forgetting to remove the capitalization of my “Y”, but that is far from making my post incomprehensible. I don’t post here to challenge peoples ideology. I could really care less I post when I see comments that question the writer’s comprehension of the subject, or in this case the candidate. The grammar comment was just for an extra kick. I feel that knowledge is more important than view points, because if people understand things better than we can do away with a great deal of BS we put up with in our society, especially regarding our government. My concern with “Frankie” is that he doesn’t really understand our budget issues or RP’s position on how to fix it. While I’m not entirely sure of what he’s stating, it seems to me that he thinks that increasing revenue is the only option. Fact of the matter is RP is the only candidate who has put forward an honest budget plan, that of which would not require more revenue or any “tax at you”. The gov’t has plenty of revenue, its the spending that is hindering its ability to provide services. And due to that, Paul would welcome the reduction of military expenditures well below Clinton Era levels. So to state it like its some gloom, inevitable option he would need to take is a misinterpretation of his policy stance. Like I said, I post so people don’t get the facts misconstrued.

              1. Frankie says:

                to mature or too mature.
                Ron Paul wants to remove, pure and simple. His plan to lower the cost of health care is to make the individual buy the insurance to protect themselves from the doctor’s mishaps. It does not lower and may even increase the cost of health care. Does get his fellow ob doctors off the hook for high premiums
                Energy plan, build more nuclear power plants with no plan as to what to do with the spent rods.
                His plan to reduce government is the same mentality, remove without plans for redirecting responsibility. Magically without oversight things will work. That would be like a Petters investment. Get read of restrictions. Read Upton Sinclair The Jungle and you might have an understanding of why there are restrictions and regulations. Even in spite of the regulations there are still problems with salmonella in meat.
                For all the big government reduction talk coming out of the Republican camp the size of the government did not shrink in the 20 years there were GOP presidents. To think it will under Ron Paul is laughable, Congress, GOP or Democratic has never gone along with any proposal to shrink government. When you start to talk about reducing spending the reps get very provincial. Look at the debates in closing bases under Clinton. To reduce the government to where the taxes would be under a balanced budget with flat taxes as proposed by Paul is such an impossibility. Truth on Ron Paul is to ignore what the GOP is, a party that looks out for the wealthy.

                1. Don't Tread on Me says:

                  Like I said, far from incomprehensible. Also, your arguments have become ideological, which as I stated before, I don’t contest. But as far as valid information, on insurance, I work in underwriting. Premiums are going up across the board in every area of the industry because the insuranse market is in such a “hard” state. That’s an issue of risks and rates. As a professional, I would love to see less regulation in my work. You have no clue how much of your premium goes to pay taxes and surcharges on our end. As far as regulation goes, our rating bureaus kill us every year on fines over details that zero effect on final premium. Your stating they “may even increase”, when the fact of the matter is that under ObamaCare, they will increase because the government is challenging the market. Capitalism doesn’t react in favor of consumers in the event of gov’t intervention. Temporarily, maybe, but bubbles always form.

                  Nuclear energy is an issue that we are still mastering. Paul is not a chemist or physicist, so to put that burden on him is non-sense. Like any president, his intention would be to encourage technology to advance in order to suite our growing demands.

                  And once again you go on to state that his plan would require some undesired consequence. He would eliminate gov’t programs willingly, because there would be no need to replace them. He would consolidate resources into remaining agencies and departments where they are necessary, but the bloated and unnecessary agencies will go. I also used to work in government, and know first hand how unnecessary and inefficient a lot of gov’t functions are. For example, he would remove the TSA. Not just for issues concerning liberty and law, but because that is a function that should be performed by private entities. That would create jobs and require greater scrutiny and accountability. That same logic would be applied in many areas of government.

                2. Don't Tread on Me says:

                  And the biggest flaw in your argument is to encompass his stance with other Republicans. He is an outcast in that party because he challenges them in virtually every aspect. You state that he, like all others, only supports the wealthy. He is against the Federal Reserve, a private entity whose board is confirmed by the government, and whose members are the same individuals who run lending firms that have destroyed our country. So as far as regulation in the market goes, there is a HUGE conflict of interest. The policies of the Fed only seek to keep these firms strong and their executives loaded. Paul would end the Fed and put money back in control of congress. The most wealthy people in the world should not also be the ones controlling our money system and the interests rates that benefit them. Fractional reserve banking is in essence a ponzy scheme that only becomes more corrupt.

                  I agree with you that it is highly unlikely, even laughable, to think that the size of government would ever be reduced to levels wanted by Paul. But the thing is, Paul agrees with you too. He states openly that his measures would be contested in every instance. So therefore his proposals will only be met halfway at best. But when you think about it, he is also the only candidate who is willingly to start putting the framework in place to get there by restructuring government and getting rid of the road blocks preventing it from happening. With the Fed gone and corruption due to special interests cut down to its waist, much more positive initiatives can begin.

                  I don’t care if you like big government. I don’t care if you like the establishment. I don’t care about your politics. I do care that you don’t shame a candidate with false information and associate him with causes he doesn’t support. I will read your book because I am interested in it. You should read up on the Fed.

  7. Rolling my eyes up North says:

    Until she opens her mouth and tries to sound smart. She may as well join Cain in “suspending” his run.

  8. the crazy one says:

    think when this beetch is dead they will open her skull at Mayo to see what type of disease she had? Be fun to compare to the dillusional one that Hitler had. Maybe they can be traced back to the same fried out dna mapping.

    1. Jill says:

      I think we know who the crazy one is here. You are doing a fine job of representing liberals.

      1. As opposed says:

        to the uninformed?

    2. djp says:

      Now THAT is funny…LOL. Love it!

  9. Dave P. says:

    Is she serious? Does she really believe she has a chance? Every time she opens her mouth she shows how out of touch with reality she is.

    1. Empty Space says:

      Every time she opens her mouth all you can see is hair roots.

  10. ok says:

    If you dislike Bachman you like ‘free’ stuff from the government. Simple as that.

    1. The Crux of t5he Buscuit says:

      All Government benefits are paid for by taxes. Even the trillions borrowed by the Republicans will be paid back with taxes. How do you figure any of that is free?

      1. ok says:

        Did you see the ‘ ‘ around the word free? The people that pay the taxes aren’t the abusers who feel they are owed something though those people haven’t paid a dime of fed income taxes ever. 50% of society are freeloading, dirtbags who want to steal from people who worked harder than they did or make better decisions than they did. Bachman may be 30% nuts but she is spot on where the economy and a few other things are concerned.

        1. Deep Thinker says:

          @ok ….. Don’t forget all the free “stuff” Bachturd gets from the government, all of you supporters don’t seem to think it’s odd that she says one thing but then follows another….(free farm subsidies, & yes she does personally benefit, medicare payments to Marcus’s “pray the gay away” clinics, her salary is paid for by the government…..that’s what I like about people such as ‘ok’ you are so stupid it defies logic…no wonder she still thinks she has a chance….keep it up….it is keeping the rest of us entertained

          1. tan pup says:

            You forgot all the money she got from the state for her foster kids and a lifetime pension paid for by the tax payers for the very little she has actually done as a state representative. . . Get a clue MB supporters – saying someone is a liberal because they don’t like her and see her for what she is, a fraud, just doesn’t support any logic. She is not conservative or a christian. Sorry, just because you say it doesn’t mean it’s reality. She has NO credibility.

        2. funny says:

          tooooooooooooooooooooooo funny. she’s not even ‘spot on” when she tries to hit the pot ….. if ya know what I mean.
          She is however the one and only SuperSkank

    2. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

      Oh, by the way, if you like Bachman you must love being a debt slave cause everyone knows the Republicans are the party of ‘Debt Slave Creation’….

    3. Another one says:

      And another simple comment from another simple mind.

      And the righties wonder why we laugh at ’em..

      1. ok says:

        I laugh at you from my more expensive house, with my more expensive car, more successful kids, in my corner office, with my graduate degree on the wall. You probably laugh at me though as I wrive the $400,000 dollar fed tax check at year end.

        1. Well I tell ya says:

          If you’re paying that kind of federal income tax, you bet I’m laughing at you. You really need a better financial adviser if you’re getting soaked that badly!!

          1. ok says:

            Yes that is state and federal, largely federal. At a relatively low income, you are phased out of most deductions unless you own a business. I pay the federal income taxes of the government services my family tree will ever use for a thousand years every year. I’m not claiming poverty, just claiming I’m being ripped off.

            1. Bahamas says:

              No income tax down here. Look into it.

            2. Bahamas says:

              And Bachmann is still an idiot.

            3. yes 'em says:

              it is Sunday and even hypocrite and bullchitters such as yourself can take off from your lies for a day, no??????? 😉

  11. Support Bachmann says:

    No better way to fill the void left by losing an egotisical, factually challenged, pathological liar.

  12. Me says:

    It’s been less than 24 hrs since Cain suspended his campaign and Bachmann bases this on what poll? Oh, the one in her head.

    1. Me Too says:

      Its the voices talking in her head. You know God – Didn’t God apeak to Cain and tell him to run? Wonder if he sounds like Charleston Hesgton.

    2. Little Tin God says:

      I think that it’s the pole that up her …..

  13. See BS says:

    Cain getting pushed out by fake Media hype is a perfect example of how Corporate run media fascism works.

    Last election they rounded up a few hundred mormoms at a religious community for fake sex abuse allegations in Texas, while Mitt Romney was gaining steam during primary elections against McCain.

    We really need to line up our Primaries and Election process with the State Fairs, so it can be a public event without the media cashing in on it.

  14. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

    Almost forgot, Bachman is a moron…..

  15. she is says:

    Bachmann is NOT a moron !
    she is dumb, truly stupid, incapable of speaking facts, probably wears depends, getting uglier by the day, sucks off the taxpayer nipple, married to one ugly dude, has a pitiful life, one of America’s most disliked women, loves to grope men (hmmm-me wonders what all she gropes at that), suffers from memory lapses, talks to a God that seems to be visible to her at times and one that only Michelle hears for sure, has a zillion foster kids but were or were are they when she’s campaigning? (lol-they smart) , and last of all – she is the face of the BeetchWomanSheDevil. amen

    1. Murph says:

      Yup,she sounds like a typical GOP’er to me too!

  16. Cheryl says:

    One last dream….

  17. G Dog says:

    Bachman welcomes the adultery vote.

    Gotta admit that’s a new one.

  18. TL the alligator says:

    it does NOT matter if view points are most reflective of Caines…people are not going to vote for her because she is A FRUITLOOP….a delusional religious idealist who believes she actually has a chance.

  19. incredulous1 says:

    From supporting one dolt to another one. Good luck with that.

    Obama O12!

  20. mama says:

    I am NOT supporting Bachman as she habitually speaks before she thinks- Not sure about Ron Paul-leaning maybe towards Gingrich but waiting to see who Cain endorses

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