MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A little bit of snow made for an active day on roads for the Minnesota State Patrol with a few hundred accidents and spin-outs.

According to the Lt. Eric Roeske, between 4 p.m. Saturday and 8 a.m. Sunday, there were 189 crashes statewide with 22 crashes involving injuries. The patrol also dealt with 193 vehicles that either went off the road or spun out.

In the metro, during the same time period, there were 103 crashes with 11 involving injuries. Also in the metro, a total of 103 vehicles either went off the road or spun out.

The Minnesota State Patrol responded to one fatality, a pedestrian struck while crossing a state highway, but it was not weather related.

Comments (21)
  1. Snow Tires? says:

    My husband and I drove in the snow, wet roads last night. We didn’t drive nutty or anything, but we have good tires on our car. Maybe people should check their tires, it can make all the difference. Really!

    1. Jason says:

      They can have the safest car in the world but if they are an idiot, then nobody can change it. Common sense goes a long way in winter driving and well over 50% of the people on the road don’t have any.

      1. anti bachmann says:

        that is such a true comment
        most these people should just stay home when it snows make the roads much safer

  2. Diane Siegler Fritz says:

    I agree with snow tires. Why not have good driving skills and have snow tires? A good driver puts snow tires on his/her car.

    1. GetIt says:

      I’ve never owned snow tires and I drive a sports car all winter, and never have had a problem, its not the tires or the car its the driver!

  3. Ace says:

    I don’t care what kind of expert driver you are or what kind of great snow tires you have, there’s always the other vehicle that crashes into yours. Anybody is a sitting duck on the roads when it snows

  4. Jake says:

    Check this out….I saw a middle aged guy, riding a bicycle on the shoulder of University Ave. in Fridley, during the ‘storm’, at about 4:30pm (sunset time). No lights, no helmet, NO BRAINS. Take the side streets that run parallel to University?? Nope — makes too much SENSE.

  5. bob says:

    Saw a guy on University and Lexington on a motorcycle last night around 6 pm…

    1. Jake says:

      Number ONE candidate for the Darwin Award, and I am a motorcyclist as well. It’s WINTER PEOPLE!!! Put the bikes away for at least 3-4 months. They don’t work very well in ICE and snow.

  6. Tim says:

    Listen People….

    You are born and live here…that mean you should know..when snow coming down,,that mean you are driving….on ice….no matter what kind car or tire you got…you driving on ice..so slow down is the best way..and stop tail gate people..

    2 keys:: Slow down and keep distance..that all you have to do..

    Don’t think I have expensive car with VSA and ABS..oh…I could drive 70mph in snow..yeah you could but call your family…prepare funeral ….

    Still don’t learn, snow coming like that but driving like summer …60-70mph…and tail gate people..

    I am not supprise a lot accident..

  7. Jake says:

    Tim, surprised that you haven’t been censored by now…. YOU make TOO MUCH SENSE. Common sense has been almost been deemed to be ILLEGAL by now, because it makes TOO MUCH SENSE, but it MIGHT offend those who are based upon other areas of the world, and GOD FORBID, that those of us who have lived here for DECADES, or even GENERATIONS, try to tell any newcomers who come here how to SAFELY navigate our STREETS, HIGHWAYS, SIDEWALKS, or any other transportation system, if we should dare to expose even the skin of our collective BACKBONES, we will be baffooned, satarized, satanized, and called every dirty name in the ENGLISH dictionary so as to describe our demeanor.

  8. AP says:

    Everyone knows SUVs and big trucks can drive really fast in the snow. It’s just common knowledge.

    1. Shanene says:

      Yeah, I saw a bunch of SUV’s/trucks in the ditch on Saturday…so it looks like they can drive fast in the snow…just can’t stay on the road.

    2. Shanene says:

      A 46-year-old man drove his pickup truck into a pond in Vadnais Heights and died after being underwater for several minutes, authorities said Monday. According to Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Randy Gustafson: “The pickup was heading south on Vadnais Heights Boulevard and went into a pond near Vadnais Lake and overturned in the water.A county water patrol deputy in his dive gear cut the driver’s seat belt and pulled the man out with the help of two Vadnais Heights firefighters. “They got a pulse going” before the man was taken in an ambulance to Regions Hospital, Gustafson said. The driver died less than 90 minutes later, Gustafson said. “He was probably in the water for five to 10 minutes,” Gustafson said. Road conditions were icy, he said, and that might have contributed to the pickup ending up in the water.

      Too bad you didn’t tell this pickup that it can drive fast in the snow

  9. Jake says:

    I just wish that I could find a job OUTSIDE OF THIS STUPID STATE that paid as well as the job I have now, so I could move out PERMANENTLY. This morning (Sunday), I couldn’t even drive a mere 6 miles to work without having to negotiate around two IDIOT DRIVERS, who had spun out LONG AFTER the snow had ended, right on the 694 Missisippi River Bridge. Guaranteed — neither idiot driver got a ticket for ‘careless and reckless’, even though they were clearly guilty of. Guess what, everybody’s insurance premiums just went higher. Me??? I got to work without spinning out, causing any highway damage, or putting the Highway Patrol at ANY RISK.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      I wish you could too.

      1. Me too says:

        So do I. Would mean one less satanized “baffoon”. I’d “satarize” you right now if only I knew what the word meant…

  10. Shanene says:

    I guarantee that if everyone had snow tires, accidents will go down. Obviously it won’t eliminate accidents completely, but it would decrease the number of accidents significantly.

  11. Commonsense says:

    Good tires on your vehicle and commonsense make a world of difference in the snow.

  12. Fred Blogs says:

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