MAPLE GROVE, Minn. (WCCO) — The Maple Grove science teacher that conducted an experiment, which subsequently exploded and burned four students, has been placed on paid administrative leave.

Barb Olson, spokesperson for the Maple Grove-Osseo School District, said Mr. Matt Achor, will be on paid leave, pending the result of the school’s independent investigation of the incident last Thursday.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office is also conducting an investigation.

On Thursday, Dec. 1, four students were transported to Hennepin County Medical Center for burns after the experiment went awry at Maple Grove Junior High.

The experiment was being performed by Achor, with flammable liquid, when a fire erupted. Fifteen-year-old Dane Neuberger got the worst of it and said he could remember his face and hands being on fire.

Watch Jamie Yucca’s previous report, the day the incident happened.

Comments (25)
  1. Reasearch says:

    Hope that heals. This is why you skip that class.

  2. Kevin says:

    Paid leave…..I love the TeAcHeRs union……anyone else in the real world would have been fired before the smoke even cleared…….but not a teacher……nearly kkill four students…get a paid vacation…..I WANT TO BE A TEACHER!!!

    1. jackactionhero says:

      You don’t sound qualified. Also I don’t think kids would respond to your style. You’re too insulting, derogatory and negative. I have a hard time believing anybody would pay you to do anything that involves speaking or interacting with others. You’d do better in a machine shop or something of that nature.

      1. desert eagle .50 says:

        «. You’re too insulting, derogatory and negative.»

        You should be cleaning stables somewhere. You have a hard time in general especially when thinking is involved.

        1. jackactionhero says:

          I’ve cleaned my share of stables. I used to be part owner of an Arabian Horse Ranch.

          I also have a college degree, so I think “thinking” is right up my alley.

          Either way, you did NOTHING to refute the validity of my opinion, did you. No. You didn’t. So why did you bother? Just couldn’t help yourself?

    2. jackactionhero says:

      You don’t sound qualified. Also I don’t think kids would respond to your style. You’re too insulting, derogatory and negative.

      I have a hard time believing anybody would pay you to do anything that involves speaking or interacting with others.

      You’d do better in a machine shop or something of that nature.

  3. rocky says:

    blow up your students and get a paid vacation? Well, time will tell here but i don’t think any experiment that is potentially deadly is the right thing to play around with in high school. But they did learn something they won’t forget, so maybe it was a good idea……..

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Very dramatic.

      Nobody was blown up. The most hurt kid won’t even have a mark on him when he’s done healing.

      Let’s not blow this out of proportion here.

  4. midroad430 says:

    WOW it is amazing how everything goes right to the “union”. Can we get all of the facts first before making a judgement. Or is it just everything wrong nowadays is the unions fault?

    1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

      RIGHT ON!

  5. Teri says:

    FACTS! What a novel idea for all these people that are quick to comment on all these stories. Who knows what the whole story is — maybe he did screw up – I doubt any teacher (no matter how awful those union teachers are) would purposely try to burn his students — an investigation to determine the facts is always helpful before condemning people – for all those who are always quick to pass judgement – you may find yourself in a situation someday where you are judged publically before all the FACTS are in.

  6. WOW Spanny says:

    A little over the top if you ask me. I bet you’ve NEVER did something that didn’t turn out like you expected, I beleive that’s where the term accident comes in!
    Too bad it wasn’t your kid then we wouldn’t have to worry about you running loose eright now.

  7. Teresa says:

    It’s an experiment that is done every year in the “Osseo School District”. My daughter’s class did it the week before and all went well. I’m pretty sure the teacher is devastated. It’s not like he’d ever try to hurt a student. Give the guy a break!

  8. dueprocess says:

    Teachers deserve due process just like anyone else. Accidents happen, they should be investigated.

  9. truth hurts says:

    Union caused the fire….unions made the fire burn the person’s face; it’s all the unions fault.

    No, in the private sector the person would be forced to come to work the next day even if was against the doctor’s advice. We can’t have any loss time for accident on our records.

    This is not a theory, it happened to me. For two weeks, I had to read files cards 8 hours a day with my foot in the air while being wheelchaired around the plant. When I could finally walk, I was transferred to work in a different department not fired. This plant was non-union and one of the biggest in Minnesota MM.

    Don’t just speak talking points, do some actually research when you post or tell a personally story.

  10. Schpaver says:

    My prayers to the young man who was burned. I hope you heal soon.

  11. engineer123 says:

    Science is no accident, at this point in time we know quite well how things react with each other. I’m sure the teacher feels terrible but he shouldn’t have put the students in this situation. I would expect more from someone in this field.

    1. Lanny says:

      My thoughts exactly!!! Yes accidents happen but a seasoned science teacher no less,,,,inexcusable; we certainly should be able to expect more from a teacher being in this field for 20 yrs. I hope he does the decent thing and admit he was careless and irresponsible. Do I think he should be fired??? If I was on the board yes I prob’ly would fire him, this tragic event could of easily resulted in deaths, burns are serious!!! I wonder how many lawsuits will come from this, I suspect there will be a few.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        Fire him? A 26 year teacher in the school? With no history of accidents or disciplinary actions on his record? Fire him?

        And then what should he do, Lanny? Roam the streets with a shopping cart full of his belongings begging for change?

        Would that satisfy your bloodlust for revenge?

        1. Mn says:

          calm down ole ‘jack’, who rattled your cage this morning??

          1. jackactionhero says:

            What do you mean by “calm down?” What makes you think I’m not?

            I asked a legitimate question. Is it too difficult to answer sincerely?

  12. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    Couldn’t he stay in class and just stick with the textbook until the investigation is cleared? If not, paid administrative leave is ABSOLUTELY the right approach.

  13. Machor says:

    Union will take care of it and I get a job someplace…whatever… sorry kids…he he he.

  14. Callina says:

    Isn’t this just kind of standard procedure?

    If a cop shoots someone, there is ALWAYS paid time off and an investigation, even if it appears obvious what happened.

    There’s an investigation going on now, too. Let’s find out if there was negligence of some kind, or if this was truly a rarely-occurring accident before we vilify the teacher. OR the union.

    In any case… maybe that particular experiment shouldn’t be done anymore.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      It sounds like he should have had the protective glass between the flammables and the students. He’s used it before for this demonstration, and probably should have this time as well. And of course hindsight is 20/20.

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