Mrs. Claus Photo Op Helps Keep Animal Rescue Afloat

ELKO NEW MARKET, Minn. (WCCO) — A financially-strapped animal shelter in Elko New Market earned a reprieve over the weekend, with a little help from Mrs. Claus.

The Windmill Animal Rescue hosted a fundraising event to help keep their organization afloat.

Windmill Animal Rescue is the only shelter in the area, and the owner has struggled to keep the place open.

Unlike other shelters, cats and dogs live there cage-free and they all seem to get along. The shelter has placed more than 2,000 animals in homes.

Lately, though, Windmill’s Toni Maat has had to run the entire operation on credit cards and money she borrowed from her parents.

After WCCO’s story ran Thursday morning, the owner said they have received an outpouring of support.

Over the weekend, they held a photo session with Mrs. Claus and had a great turnout. Organizers asked for a $25 donation for pet photos with Mrs. Claus.

The owner says they’ve received enough donations for two months of expenses. They plan to have another photo event this Saturday.

To donate or learn more about Windmill Animal Shelter, click on their website. You can also call the shelter at 952-461-2765.

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  • Toni Maat

    A HUGE THANK YOU to Holly and WCCO for airing the story. The outpouring of thoughtfulness, kindness and concern, as well as much needed funding and donation of supplies and new volunteers is a huge boost for the animals at the shelter.

  • Scrooge

    Ah schucks!!! I was hoping that place would shut down, darn you ‘cco for the coverage

    • zelda

      What a jerk.

      • Jerk

        I agree what a heartless jerk! Thank God that they did not have to shut down and I hope they get another good turn out this coming weekend.

  • desert eagle .50

    I was happy to give them a C note and a couple of catnip mice for the cats.

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