MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — First apple juice, now rice. Less than a week after a study linked lead and arsenic to apple juice, a new study says rice may be a health risk.

Researchers at Dartmouth Medical School looked at about 230 pregnant women and found those who had eaten rice recently had much higher levels of arsenic in their urine. And the more rice they ate, the higher the levels.

“We’re not recommending that people stop eating rice, we just need to monitor the amount of arsenic that’s in our rice,” said Margaret Karagas with Dartmouth Medical School.

Arsenic occurs naturally in the environment — in water, air, food and soil — but high levels of exposure can be dangerous.

Arsenic has been associated with low birth weight, higher rates of infant death and an increased the cancer risk. But that’s at higher levels than the study found.

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  1. food says:

    Gee what’s going on with our food these days you cannot eat anything that does not have something bad in it. Years ago things were not like this we had healthy good food.

  2. George Johnson says:

    false story. Rice has properties in it that destroy arsenic and other metals.The top 2 countries for life expectancy are Japan and China, rice eating countires. USA residents, 36th, 5 years less life than Japan. Corn and Wheat companies love to talk about arsenic in rice. Arsenic is found in many foods, but as your stroy mentioned with rice, nobody can eat enough to harm them self. Rice bran oil fights low levels of radiation to boot .link below

  3. Pate says:

    Peach pits contain arsenic.Did that stop people from eating peaches?

  4. xybr says:

    Seems every year this story pops up again. Wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn the global consortium to genetically modify rice is behind it. They rarely speak about reducing the use of herbicides and pesticides that contaminate the ground water and soil with arsenic and other toxins, but they are only too happy to taut the GMO solution which in most cases has been built on faulty if not fraudulent studies of safety and efficacy. Unfortunately we rarely learn the truth and what was withheld or covered up until years down the road when it’s too late to put the genie back in the bottle.
    Numerous scientific studies over many years continue to consistently demonstrate aide variety of positive health promoting benefits from the consumption of brown rice and it’s derivatives including rice bran and rice bran oil . Whole grain rice, rice bran and rice bran oil contain an impressive array of antioxidants, phytosterols and other phytonutrients including gamma oryzanol, tocotrienols, IP-6, foiic acid. and alpha lipoic acid which can lower total and LDL cholesterol, improve blood sugar control in diabetics, help arthritis through anti-inflammatory actions, support intestinal and digestive health , help prevent polyps ,. Fortunately rsenic poisoning is not commonly reported.. Higher levels of urinary excretion may in fact indicate the eating rice products efficiently chelates and excretes arsenic from the body. Rice soluble have a history of improving the health and nutrition of malnourished children across the globe, not poisoning them..

    1. xybr says:

      Forgot to mention that folic acid, alpha lipoic acid and IP-6 have been shown to chelate and/or mitigate the harmful effects of heavy metals such as arsenic.

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