(AP) — Rep. Michele Bachmann said Tuesday she still thinks she has a good chance of winning the Iowa Republican caucuses, saying presidential campaign rivals Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney “have significant flaws.”

Bachmann said in a nationally broadcast interview that she, more than her rivals, personifies the kind of conservative values Iowa Republicans want, and said she believes “we’re going to be shocked on Jan. 3 when we see the results.”

Bachmann commented at a time when polls continue to show her in the lower tier of candidates vying to challenge President Barack Obama next year.

Asked on CBS’s “The Early Show” about Gingrich’s surge to top of the polls, Bachmann replied that “two weeks can be an eternity” in a White House campaign. She appeared on the same day that Romney awaited an endorsement from former Vice President Dan Quayle and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman prepared for an appearance in Washington before the Heritage Foundation’s Bloggers Briefing.

“I think we’re perfectly situated to be where we want to be,” Bachmann said. She said the campaign is like a “political Wall Street,” with candidates’ stock rising and falling. And she accused both Gingrich and Romney of being supporters of “Obamacare,” and said that both backed the government bailout of financial institutions.

The Minnesota Republican asserted that Romney had reversed his position on “life” issues and said that both Romney and Gingrich “are flawed candidates.”

Bachmann wouldn’t say whether she will participate in a Dec. 27 debate in Des Moines moderated by real estate magnate Donald Trump. She said she likes Trump, but that she’s still weighing whether to appear.

Gingrich has accepted the debate invitation, and Rep. Ron Paul and Huntsman have declined. The other candidates are still thinking it over.

Huntsman, in an appearance Tuesday on NBC’s “Today” show, accused Romney of being indecisive, and cited the former Massachusetts governor’s failure to say whether he would join the Des Moines debate is an example.

“As usual, Mr. Romney can’t make a decision. He’s weighing both sides and may flip-flop on this as well,” Huntsman said.

He said that “people are giving us a second look, a first look in some cases.”

“I’m running against a conservative flip-flopper,” Huntsman said of Romney. “I’m running against a grandiose conservative. People are coming around to the reality that I’m a consistent conservative.”

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Comments (41)
  1. Ahhh Newt!! says:

    Newt is a dumb guy’s idea of what a smart guy sounds like.

    I so hope the GOP nominates him for 2012. Talk about a one-man clown posse he’d be!!

  2. G Dog says:

    Something about a pot and a a kettle seems awfully familiar here.

    1. A Voter says:

      …..or it takes one, to know one. ;o)

  3. Classic Case says:

    Of a first-class ego trapped by a third class intellect.

  4. Citizen says:

    I have to “admire” how the GOP–the party of family values– continues to promote and put forward candidates who are ANYTHING BUT! And the religious conservatives support these candidates? Talk about cognitive dissonance….

  5. Met says:

    She has signifcant flaws, too. A main one is that she’s an idiot!!!

    1. Tom says:

      @ Met

      I don’t like any of them. The big difference is that Romney adn Gingrich can put together a complete sentence, which really isn’t saying much either. Bachmann is just plain nuts, and delusional and pretty much sums up her followers to.

  6. What is the deal???? says:

    Who the he!! at ‘cco is related to this beetch or is sleeping with her?
    You give this flake more coverage than anything and she is below worthless, a non-factor in anything and a HTG POS of the highest standing.
    Done with ‘cco – many options abound thankfully. bye

    1. frozenrunner says:

      Just keep clicking any of the advertisements on the right side to ensure CCO will run more Bachmann stories

      1. Yeah!! says:

        I did, and just booked a trip to Tuscany. Thanks for the tip.

  7. flawed says:

    Bachmann’s biggest flaw is she still breathes ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    what a waste of bandwidth WCCO. There are more interesting and need to know things to cover than this creature of insanity

  8. Say what ?! lol says:

    Newt and Mitt have flaws
    Michelle is totally flawed.
    So a flaw vs flawed…enough said
    Seriously – would anyone vote for her if they have a choice? Didn’t think so

  9. get real says:

    GOP = Greedy Old Party

    Ya know, those homeless guys you see yelling at trees are less delusional than Bachmann.

  10. Suzette says:

    Newt and Romney have flaws???? NO? REALLY?? Michelle has no flaws? The fact that she opens her mouth with a microphone in her hand daily is her BIGGEST flaw. If she would just hush her mouth and work the campaigne, she may actually have a chance rather than just SAYING she has a chance.

  11. YOU HATERS!! says:

    Why do you detest Michelle so? You liberals are such meanies!!

    1. because we don't hate is why ! says:

      shucks …. I am a big ol’ republican and I detest her too. lol
      better question is ” Why do so many Americans on both sides of the aisle hate Michelle Bachmann so much ? ”
      short answer would be ” because we actually love America. ” 😉

  12. judy says:

    Hate to agree with other posters, but this woman is beyond STUPID! It doesnt take a genius to know shes a flake of the highest standard and it has NOTHING to do with being a liberal. Face it, there ISNT a brain between the three running candidates. All are poor choices!

  13. Jay says:

    Cains chance of running has been destroyed due to his morals, Newt isnt any better, yet is being backed. Bachmann is one of the dumbest females Ive ever read about. Mitt isnt worth the ground he stands on. What has beome of us that we accept such low standards for someone that potentially will run this country?

  14. Jill says:

    The fact is ANY of the GOP candidates are better than Obama.

    1. smb says:

      That’s what the Dems thought in 2004 and we were stuck with another 4 years of Bush.

    2. Oh? says:

      And why is that Jill?

      Try to be specific. Factual references would be appreciated, for a change.

    3. Robert says:

      Have you a brain? I think not.

    4. Jim says:

      Jill- you need to look up dillusional in the dictionary.

  15. Murph says:

    AH,the GOP ain’t it grand! Where a complete moron can claim she is the best complete moron in the moron basket we call GOP politics.I wonder if Faux tv could try to put on a good enough vaudeville act to sell Michele into the presidency? I wonder if Marcus and all the holier than thou’s morons would be surprised to see God send down a messenger to expose this farcical,fascist plot again’st the pursuit of happiness at the expense of nearly everyone in this country except those with tons of money.If they had an ounce of real morality and religion they would quietly confess their affliction and go home to think about their hot afterlife destination!

    1. Linsey says:

      I am sorry you are such a bitter person, maybe if your mother was more like Bachmann you would have turned out better.

      1. Fuzzy Bachmann says:

        LMFAO …… I am like her and I am an evil sob. Bad gene pool

      2. Hey wait a minute!! says:

        You’re not sorry at all, Linsey. You’re just deluded. Too much Fox and Rush and Sean for you!!

        And Murph isn’t bitter. He’s just lost patience with with people like you who consistently display naive and poorly thought-out political and social philosophies.

        Nothing personal, but hey, that’s the way it is.

        1. alan says:

          What he/she said.

  16. j speedbag 64 says:

    bachmann will get a few votes…. probably 200 votes across the country…it’s gonna be fun watching her getting stomped by mitt or newt at the polls….

  17. Just plain greedy says:

    Its all about the money at this time. See Palin.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      I would love to see Sarah Palin. She’s a mighty fine lookin woman. Yowzas!

      1. desert eagle .50 says:

        I’m sure Palin, like everyone else in the world, has absolutely no interest whatsoever in seeing YOU!

      2. Murph says:

        Sarah has jungle fever,she did’nt put that in her book tho.No wonder hubby rubs noses with the Eskimoses!

  18. JGarcia says:

    Deadheads for Huntsman…follow the dancing bears.

  19. alan says:

    The living embodiment of “flaw” calling other morons “flawed”

    How Mobius.

  20. get real says:

    For all of Bachmann’s protesting of health care reform and every other government “handout” as socialism, she is something of a welfare queen. She has taken more than a quarter-million dollars in government handouts thanks to corrupt farming subsidies she has been collecting for at least a decade. More info here: http://dailycensored.com/2009/12/23/michele-bachmann-welfare-queen/

    And what about all those foster kids she’s taken in? She got big fat government checks for that, too. BTW, where are those poor kids she keeps talking about? My theory is that she has them all chained in her basement so they can’t speak to the press until their brainwashing is complete.

    1. Oscar D says:

      My, my, my…….another bitter demacrat. No substance just name calling. It must be exploding your bb brain that the republicans will take it all next year. Try and find a job or hobby to take your mind off it.

      1. Nancy in MN says:

        demacrat? Oscar, you would be best served to seek out an education – preferably one with elementary spelling lessons.

  21. betty says:

    This whole crop of Republican candidates are a bunch of clowns. Come on Republicians admit it. But then Republicians are always in denial. I’m a liberal and not exactly excited about supporting Obama as he has given in too much to the right wingers of Congress/Senate but we lived through 8 years of a Republcian president that brought us into wars based on LIES.

  22. Met her match lol says:


    an 8 year old is more than this fruitcake can handle one on one…way to shut her up junior. Job well dome. LMAO

  23. Tea Anyone? says:

    Nerous bunch of comments!

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