EDINA, Minn. (WCCO) — Police say a woman was robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot outside Southdale Mall Tuesday evening.

According to police, the robbery happened at about 8:30 p.m.

Police described the suspect as a 6-foot-tall black male weighing about 200 pounds. He was seen wearing a black sport coat, a black fedora-style hat, sunglasses, black gloves and a plaid scarf.

Authorities said the suspect may have been driving a dark, four-door sedan.

News of the armed robbery took many shoppers by surprise.

Jodi Sticha said she shops at Southdale regularly and doesn’t think twice.

“It just seems like such a great area and you don’t expect to see that here,” she said.

Others — even long-time Edina residents have a different take when it comes to public safety.

“It does not surprise me at all, no,” said Dave Langholz, who has lived in Edina since 1960. “The economic situation probably makes people a little more desperate.”

“I guess nothing surprises me at this point, if people are going to want to steal something, they’re going to steal something,” said Joe Stradcutter.

While Southdale Center said these kinds of incidents are extremely rare, they say they do post common precautions to remind shoppers to be safe: park in a well-lit area, know where your car is, have your keys out and hide your valuables.

“I don’t leave things out because that’s temptation for people, that’d be stupid on my part if I were going to do that,” Langholz said.

“I’m not too concerned about it, but, you never know,” said Stradcutter.

As for crime at Southdale, according to the Edina Police Department’s website, there have been 10 shop lifting incidents, one case of stolen personal property and one stolen purse in the last three months.

At nearby Ridgedale Center and Eden Prairie Center, officials say they are already on heightened awareness during the holiday rush.

Anyone with any information about the armed robbery at Southdale is asked to contact Edina Police at 952-826-1600.

Comments (27)
  1. Sandy says:

    Sounds like the same dude that begs for money down by the Twins stadium!

  2. Nick says:

    I f it was in brooklyn park no one would care about a robbery.

  3. Dave says:

    It’s funny how my comment gets moderated when people talk smack about N. Mpls. all day. ‘Oh, but when it happens in “precious snow-flake” Edina. Can’t take the ridicule cupcakes?

    1. racist dave says:

      Snow flake Edina Dave??? You are the racist.

  4. d says:

    Dave. Your Homey the Clown thugs go to Edina, rob people and then run back to the hell hole of N. Mpls.

  5. Annie says:

    Getting robbed is no fun – it is a very scary thing to go through. I hope they catch the creep that did it!

  6. V says:

    Ahhhhh….. ’tis the season. I’m feelin’ the love. Can anyone else hear “We Are the World” while reading these posts?

  7. Another one says:

    I wonder if the perp has a permit to carry that gun… I have mine. The difference is that the thugs just shoot. We legal permit holders practice at the range, so if the time comes and we need to use it, we aim. Double tap and its game over.

    1. The REAL, real Jake says:

      He Shoots…..HE SCORES!!!!

    2. v says:

      Another tough guy who wears his manhood in a holster. We’re SO impressed by your gun posturing. We bow to your macho-ness!

      1. Another one says:

        You must be just another lib who is afraid to defend themselves in matter like this.
        Try to take what belongs to me. I will defend myself, my loved ones, and my property. If you have a problem with that, it’s your problem.

        1. desert eagle .50 says:

          If you want to stand up to an armed thug with only your face, go ahead. Well, you’re so ugly you might win, but those of us who look normal prefer to have carry permits and a level playing field. I carry daily and will contnue to do so.

          I don’t live in a trailer and have all my teeth.

          You should stop your retromingent behavior and stupid comments.

          1. V says:

            Stupid comments? OK… Tell me. What, through my typed words, is my most unbecoming physical feature?
            You carry daily for the same reason wealthy wimps drive Corvettes and thugs own Pitbulls. You have an inferiority complex. I am impressed that you own a Thesaurus, however.

            1. desert eagle .50 says:

              I don’t need a Thesaurus. All of my words are part of my vocabulary. I came to learn the meaning of “coprophagic” and “retromingent” from dealing with trolls such as yourself on forums such as these.

          2. jackactionhero says:

            What weapon do you carry daily as your legally concealed firearm? I can only assume you don’t choose the DE50…

            1. desert eagle .50 says:

              You don’t need to know that.

  8. High says:

    Sorry I meant a real suburb, the ones you listed are long gone from being decent place to live.

  9. Norfski says:

    Norf? Linguistics used to be one of my favorite subjects, but I am still looking
    for people who pronounce north norf up here over north (not up north).

  10. mo hair says:

    you can’t describe as ‘black’ everybody knows……it’s discriminating

    you just always think it is

  11. Dave says:

    If anyone cares to look at the 2010 census data you will see that rural America’s poverty levels are a mirror image of urban America’s. Plus, rural America also accepts MORE welfare than urban America. If one of these racists on this board could please explain that one to me it would be appreciated.

  12. V says:

    Do you have the same point of view about old white men in authority positions?
    Jerry Sandusky comes to mind… along with thousands of priests… Jeffrey Dahmer…. the list goes on.

  13. SSB says:

    If those of you who have carry permits actually follow the letter of the law and practice true gun safety measures, you may NOT carry your firearm into any establishment that posts one of those “bans guns on these premises” signs. You would actually have to leave your firearm in your car! In this situation, you would have to get to your car, get your gun, then get robbed; pretty unlikely things will happen in that order.

    Your permit is also NOT a James Bond “license to kill”; you should have learned that in your permit class.

    I’m not against responsible people owning guns, but I am against stupid people owning guns.

  14. just sayin says:

    I’ll just carry an extra cheap wallet with fake credit cards that come from Visa/Mastercard in it.
    Then as he drives off, I’ll get his liscense plate #.

    Teach those monkeys a lesson.

  15. Down and Out says:

    Herman Cain?

  16. parking lot cleaning says:

    Hi there, You’ve done a great job. I will definitely digg it and for my part recommend to my friends. I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this web site.

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