Is She Drunk Or Not?

A Mankato anchor is seen slurring her speeach and having trouble speaking during a 10 PM news cast.

  • Nancy Aleshire

    Maybe she just isn’t feeling well. I know nothing about her, but these things happen.

    • I agree

      I have to agree. There was another anchor woman who had started talking gibberish. Turns out she suffered a massive migraine.

  • gtV

    Why is this news? Unless a Breathalyzer or BAT was done at a medical facility, her problems look like another instance or some sort of medical problem manifesting itself on-air time. Was she taken to a medical facility?

    I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt regarding being under the influence but my original question still stands—“Why is this news?” Until all the facts are presented let the the facts be presented before speculations run rampant.

  • Kaye Anderson

    It’s a shame the producers didn’t step in and quickly replace her. What if it was a medical emergency? Why let it play out on tv? Now she has the embarassment of this video going viral. I hope she’s feeling better now. Best of luck to you. :-)

  • MN Cop

    Doesn’t seem drunk…She is not slurring but seems to decline as the newscast goes on. She is having a hard time getting out what she wants to say. I would bet she is sick or had a sudden stomach illness of some sort that is causing her to have a difficult time concentrating…

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