MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you have a mountain of gifts to tackle there are a few simple tricks so the presents look great under the tree.

Before you reach for the wrapping paper, there’s something experts suggest you do first.

“Cross out the price, but leave the tag on in case an exchange needs to be made,” said Happi Olson, the Marketing Manager for Creative Kidstuff.

For wrapping a box, Olson suggests measuring the wrapping paper first before cutting. Folding the leading edges of the paper under will make for a cleaner look, she says. A piece of tape can secure the edges in the center of the box, making it easier to prepare the ends.

Folding the ends of the wrapping paper will also make for a cleaner look. Olson suggests using the box as an anchor to create a clean crease.

“The one thing to remember about tying a bow is that you want to work with the ribbon,” said Olson.

A nice touch is to slide a gift tag through the ribbon.

Part 1: Wrapping Boxes Like A Pro

For gifts that aren’t as symmetrical as a box, you may want to use a method that Creative Kidstuff uses.

Fan out four pieces of tissue paper and place the gift in the center. Then, fold up and in the bottom right corner of the paper. While holding down the paper on top of the gift, fold the remaining paper on the right side over the gift and hold with your hand. The paper on the left side can now be folded in and secured in the center of the gift with a piece of tape.

“We want to get our edges as smooth as possible so it will create a nice clean look,” said Olson. “It could just end up looking like a wad of tissue if you don’t smooth out the issue.”

Finish off the gift by tying a ribbon around the loose tissue paper, adding the tag and any additional embellishments.

Part 2: Wrapping Odd Shapes Like A Pro


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