ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — The chairwoman of the White Earth Tribal community said the tribe would be open to building a casino that would split revenue with the state.

White Earth Tribal chairwoman Erma Vizenor said the real work of selling the tribe’s offer for a Twin Cities casino will start next week.

“There is a great, compelling interest to keep the Vikings in Minnesota. And for the last few months, I have been vetting different people, planning a strategy to go ahead and be prepared to offer our proposal,” she said.

In a surprise development at a Senate hearing earlier this week, Visenor said the tribe would finance 100 percent of the construction and split profits with the state. That money would cover the state or local share of a new Vikings stadium — unlike other ideas proposed.

“All require local money to be raised and whether that’s in additional tax dollars, or adding on to some taxes … White Earth presented our proposal. No public subsidy whatsoever,” Vizenor said.

She said she plans to meet with key lawmakers next week. And she’s chatted with Gov. Mark Dayton, who, she said, took the proposal under serious consideration.

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  1. zee the reporter says:

    this is a big time win for the state and the minnesota vikings!

  2. TL says:

    THIS sounds like a GREAT idea in the making!

    Unfortunately, GOP’ers wouldnt know a great idea even if it farted in their faces.

    1. dan says:

      And the DFL has had so many great ideas the past 3 years, right? this looks like a win win for the entire State. Just take a drool on society like yourself to try to turn this into a politcal game.

      1. TL says:

        well Dano, lets not go crazy here….the DFL isnt perfect but a hell uva lot closer to it than your GOP’s.

        your quite a naive soul if you dont think this isnt, in part, a politcal game as well.

        By the way, any party that blocks tax benefits to those people in this country that needs it because it can’t have a pipeline….theres your drool on society for ya.

        1. dano says:

          Is social security not in trouble? Payroll Tax is set up to fund SS. By extending this tax break you are only looking to bail out another social program. That is unless you support privatizing social security

    2. Carl says:

      TL must be short for Tool

      1. TL says:

        uhhh….ya Carly…thats what TL is…short for tool. Go with that.

  3. The Infidel says:

    Hmmm, the Tribe running scared thinking they may lose revenue to a state owned casino? Call me pessimistic, but I smell a rat.

    1. jean says:

      I second that,sound to good to be real, I smell a funky rat

      1. Kazperz says:

        it simple they would then turn around and will be asking for profit off the new stadium, short term, not so much lose, but less profit for many decades of profit for not doing anything after the main money contributing, The vikings are a consistant money maker. The ownership question would need the main question answered

  4. Rasputin says:

    Why would the Indians give half their money to the government?

    Do they already know the government would fail at this so it wouldn’t hurt their casinos? And if the government succeeds, the Indians get half the money?

    If the government fails at the important task of education children, they certainly couldn’t do this.

  5. Carl says:

    This deal wont fly! Sounds great on the surface but greed is going to take over. Dayton on his Lib following want a Stadium downtown but do not want a Casino downtown. This happens to be opposite of what each party wants. Dead deal!
    I guarantee within a couple weeks old Goofy Eyes will have a press conference stating the 2 could not come to an agreement.

  6. LBJHHH says:

    This is something I have suguested to our Rep for over a year. Looks like one of the Tribes beat the State to the draw.

  7. Betty says:

    Here’s a thought………..Vikings work together with the White Earth Tribe to have both the Stadium and Casino in Arden Hills. Cut the State of MN out if they dont want to make this work. Have the Casino own both and have all profits tax free.

  8. Please NO says:

    I’d rather gamble and give my money to the state. At least it’s going towards something else when I lose it!

    1. Cindy says:

      Ya your losses are going towards more government which in turn uses the extra money to make life even more miserable for the rest of the state.

      If the Indians want to build a stadium for the vikings or anyone else, fine by me but no more money for the government They are completely irresponsible with the money they already have and more will only grow the problem.

      1. Orrest says:

        The profits of the shooting star casino go to the health care and education of the members of the reservation. If that is being irresponsible with money what would you think they should do with the money?

  9. Mark Dayton says:

    “Hello Tribe Leader, this is the Gov Mark Dayton. Contact the Vikings and work out a deal to build a stadium where ever they want. No tax money will be used. Get back to me by Tuesday afternoon with your deal or we will be opening gambling state wide. Talk to you then.”

    1. Peace says:

      Funny! We all know there is no way Dayton could ever put two sentences together, much less have a coherent thought.

  10. Orrest says:

    Interesting initial trend here. Mention Native American with stadium and the uninformed wingnuts come out.

    1. Carl says:

      Oh please Orrest, inform us. We have been waiting all afternoon for your expertise in this area! Being the one that is so informed enlighten us on what’s really going on……………………

      1. Orrest says:

        Judging from your posts I would have to make everything real simple for you to understand. From the ASSumptions you post on others I would also have to be detailed as to not confuse you and thus be very long and CCO would never allow that.

  11. Shakopee says:

    Hey – to Say No, last time I was in a bar I saw nothiing but non-indians drinking. what you trying to say?

  12. New Twist? says:

    It is an interesting idea. Probably won’t fly due to state bidding laws. The state cannot enter into a contract for anything above a small amount of money without putting it out for bid.

    I imagine all the other tribes will now cry “foul” and tie this up in the courts for years. Even if it does get awarded, there will be lawsuits by others that did not get the chance to play. This could be a real mess, since it could open the possiblity of a bidding war among all the tribes, wherever they are in the country.

    If it goes forward, OK by me. As long as there is no public money involved.

    1. Orrest says:

      Casinos have to be on reservation land. The White Earth Tribe is simply trying to find a way to mutually benefit both parties. Although the state does not have a direct say, they can voice opposition to expansion of reservations or creating a new one. . Nowhere does it say the state would own any of the casino so there would be nothing to bid on.

      1. @Orrest says:

        Thanks for the clarification.

    2. Ordinary Guy says:

      The same legislature to approve such a deal, is the same one that writes the bidding laws, right? They may even be able to cede the lot to the tribe, am I wrong?

      1. Orrest says:

        Once again for a Native American casino there is no bidding from the state hence no bidding law. The Native Americans without any law changes would be the only ones able to build a casino with slots. Whatever land gets ceded to the Native Americans to build a casino on would have to be done by the federal government as the treaties are with the federal government (citizen, where are you when we need you?). In regards to smoking or non smoking, the Native Americans do not have to follow the clean air act. They need to follow the laws of capitalism.

        1. Ordinary Guy says:

          I take that mean that an Act of Congress would allow them to operate within the City of Minneapolis largely unrestricted, other than by contract.

          1. Ordinary Guy says:

            I guess I also came across mention of having it declared Indian trust land by a court decision or settlement, too. Anyone know what sort of suit that comes from?

            1. Orrest says:

              For some reason I think it would be the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The only suit I can think of was a few years ago the Shakopee bunch wanted to add to their holding. It would appear that they built their McMansions in Prior Lake and wanted to have their houses added to the res. Scott county and Prior Lake did not think too much of that due to the loss of tax revenue. I don’t know what became of that. I don’t think there is any historical claim for the Chippewa to Minneapolis, although some could claim they took over the area along Cedar in south Minneapolis. I don’t think that would count. I have not seen any posting by anyone who would now, or even remotely appear to know. A quick google did not add to my knowledge and wasted time.

              1. ordinary guy says:

                I did come across a reference that this sort of thing could also be done by an Executive Order.

  13. Momma says:

    CBS – are you not moderating this thread?.
    To “Say No” – Are you seriously THAT messed up in the head to get all bigoted about the Native American culture? (“drinking culture” reference) I. too have only witnessed (painfully) white-skinned norwegian/german drunkards slobbering around in the bars. Get a life … or a brain.

  14. Orrest says:

    There ought to be enough land along the blighted section of north Minneapolis on the edge of downtown along Olson Memorial Parkway to build a casino, a stadium and parking for all of it. One could then really see if a stadium can revitalize an area.
    All of the northern tribes should be involved with the casino, profs to the White Earth band for coming forward

  15. Ordinary Guy says:

    Smoking or non-smoking?

  16. SogShoows says:

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