Dog Reunited With Owner After Mississippi River Rescue

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A young Labradoodle mix, named Beezer, has been reunited with its owner after being stuck on the ice on the Mississippi River in Minneapolis.

On Wednesday afternoon, Minneapolis officials say a man called 911 to report that the dog was stranded on the ice near the Lowry Avenue Bridge. Minneapolis Animal Care & Control officer Nick Wasche was then dispatched to the scene.

When he arrived, he saw that Beezer was stranded and asked a nearby construction crew to assist with the rescue. They then used a tugboat to break the ice and get close to the dog, and then lifted him from the water.

Beezer was taken to a nearby emergency veterinary clinic and found to be in good health. Later that day, Beezer was reunited with its owner.

Authorities remind pet owners to be careful with their pets around ice. If a pet is seen on the ice, call 911 instead of attempting to save it yourself.

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  • Common Cents

    We shouldn’t be risking human lifes to save a dog. Dogs (especially in Minneapolis) better be on a leash, in a fenced yard or in the house. It should not have been there in the first place.

    • red

      Hey door knob- think about it- it was probably just happened. Were they suppose to leave it there? If it was your dog would you leave the poor thing there? Idiot? You obviously are not a dog lover.

    • Love animals hate people

      Maybe they were walking the the dog? You are the reason why I love animals and can’t stand people…. jack–s

  • Judy

    Actually Common cents is right! I am a dog owner and love her to death, but also know there might be a time when something like this incident could happen. All it takes is a slight slip of the leash and some dogs will take off like a bolt of lightning with the owners trying to call it back. For this reason, I use a harness instead of a collar to attach the leash. These folks were lucky there was a work crew close by to help with the rescue.

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