MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — We know we shouldn’t eat raw cookie dough, but sometimes it’s hard to resist.

New information came out Friday showing how sick the raw dough can make you: 35 people were hospitalized and it prompted a huge recall on cookie dough.

Doctors say the dough is meant to be baked, and if you eat it raw, you risk getting sick.

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  1. Journeyone says:

    I love raw cookie dough!!!

  2. Pate says:

    Yuck! Just bake it first,for pete’s sake.

  3. Rich says:

    If you never had the chance to lick the mixing spoon or spatula while making cookies growing up…better get a lawyer and sue your mom. It’s as much a part of growing up as eating dirt, dog food and that mystery things your friends dared you to try. A life without risks can be found in the dictionary under the definition of boring.

  4. See BS says:

    Ben and Jerry’s has cookie Dough ice cream, but I haven’t seen their new Schweddy balls flavor at the stores yet.

    1. em0886 says:

      lol my god!! lol I love cookie dough!! It’s all about moderation; if you sit down and eat the whole tub or whatever of cookie dough then hell yeah you will get sick but just a few innocent bites will not put u in the hospital.

  5. Old fashioned farm Mom up North says:

    That is why kids get sick now days. They don’t get to eat stuff raw or fresh out of the garden.Moms… let them eat dirt! Stop running behind them with hand sanitizers and wipes all the time. But most of all, let them eat cookie dough.
    Better yet, make the cookies from scratch. Less preservatives!! Get the neighbor kids together, throw a chicken pox party, make cookies and let them eat some dough!!

  6. Sgt says:

    I used to eat raw eggs as kid back in the 70s.

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