GOP Candidates Plan Town Halls In Iowa

(AP) — Mitt Romney is campaigning in Iowa, hosting a morning town hall meeting in Cedar Rapids.

Other GOP candidate events on Friday include an afternoon book signing by Newt Gingrich at Washington’s Union Station.

In Iowa, Ron Paul is conducting town hall meetings in Webster City in the morning and in Mason City and Waverly in the afternoon before attending an evening rally in Cedar Falls at the University of Northern Iowa.

Rick Santorum is hosting a town hall meeting in Cedar Falls and then speaking to students at the University of Northern Iowa before attending afternoon events in Newton and Des Moines.

Also campaigning in Des Moines is Michele Bachmann, who will host a town hall meeting Friday afternoon.

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  • maxey

    Iowans apparently need a constant barrage of this stuff in order to be able to decide which one is the most religious.

    • Don't Tread on Me

      Funny, seeing as two of the three mentioned are Mormon, and Ron Paul puts little focus of the focus of his campaign on his Christian values.

    • Tom

      @ Maxey

      Thats about it! Alot of townhall meetings and not alot of intelligent conservation going on. Trying to convince voters who is nutty enough worthy of their endorsement.

      • lonny

        Not a lot of intelligent conversation going on here either.

        • ma in mn

          thats because its hard to have any intelligent conversation when talking about republicans

          • Karen

            That makes no sense at all. I think you just made Lonnys point.

  • Bubba

    Who’s the right wing, Tea Party candidate of the week. What a circus of clowns.

  • Murph

    Yeah,today they have town halls.But they have been building concentration camps,REX 84’s for almost two decades,already manned with armed guards! Some 800 of them.Obviously these were a little over built if they were to house the upper 1 %! So if you see your name on it when your are marched in for not paying tribute to the super rich.Don’t act surprised! They will have to hunt me down in the woods I know every inch of,what’s YOUR plan!

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