Haskell’s: Burglars Broke In, Stole $12K In Liquor

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Haskell’s Liquor Store representatives say burglars stole $12,000 worth of liquor at their St. Paul location early Friday morning.

According to Haskell’s President Brian Ferrell, the burglars broke into the store around 4:20 a.m.

“Front door broken into — literally ripped off the hinges,” he said. “The burglars came into the store and went to the office. They stole yesterday’s receipts along with quite a bit of product.”

Ferrell added that they took mostly liquor, including Patron tequila and Grey Goose vodka.

“They left a lot of really high-end stuff right next to it,” he said. “They weren’t the brightest guys.”

However, the burglars did take a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne, according to Haskell’s Chairman of the Board Jack Ferrell.

  • Common Cents

    Hmmm… Sounds like an inside job… I’m sure the place has an alarm, and it takes more than a couple minutes to load up 12K worth of liquor, and why would they want yesterdays reciepts……

    I bet that bottle of Dom is at Ferell’s house right now.

    • g8bbgg

      I guess you have never worked retail, if any job. Yesterday’s receipts means yesterday’s cash intake.

      • Common Cents

        I’m pretty sure they didn’t leave a days worth of cash laying in the office, its either taken offsite or dropped in a safe, or like I said, possibly an inside job!

        • Real Talk

          Of course yesterdays receipts means the cash they collected yesterday!!! You obviously have never been or worked in anything business related a day in your life.

          What…did you think they meant receipts like you get from a store after you bought somehting? LOLOLOLOLOL

        • me

          yea, you haven’t worked in a store before. You don’t leave a store at closing time with cash. too big a target. And it isn’t like a safe can’t be hauled off.
          Inside job is doubtful, why would they have needed to pry the front door open?

          • The Fan

            Not every company cares about their employees safety. Some jobs for example LIDS you are required to do night drops cause the stores don”t have safes

        • How Cute

          How cute.

          The only context in which this kids has heard the term “reciepts” used is for purchase receipt.

          Sorry sweety, in this context, it means yesterdays cash.

  • Partay?

    Party at my place tonight, and everybody is invited! No cover…

  • X-puffer

    Where is the Burg alarm? If they didn’t have one then, they learned their lesson last night.
    Someone has plenty good liquor.

  • Bud

    Shopping early for a big New Years Eve party.

  • alarms

    Yeh did they not have a burg alarm and cameras? Time to invest in some in this world now a days!

    • me

      Why are you assuming they don’t have a alarm? doesn’t take long to smash and grab. Cops can’t be everywhere.

  • Al Coholic

    I was thirsty!

  • Crazy Joe

    Par-tay time

  • Lagavulin16

    Tequila and vodka, white guys…….

  • Al Coholic

    Thatz the last of it iz mn i mean gm around?

  • Obv.

    12k in liquor, probably about $600, Haskells passing the stealing on to the insurance company now, 2 birds of a feather.

    • doubt it

      They won’t toss a claim in. Liquer stores usually self-insure up to a larger amount than this claim…..
      Pad ir for IRS tax loss though is common

  • http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2011/12/09/haskells-burglars-broke-in-stole-12k-in-liquor-2/ Haskell’s: Burglars Broke In, Stole $12K In Liquor « CBS Minnesota

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  • Occupy Minnesota

    Everyone come on down to the Hennepin County Government Center and join us for one big a$$ party. Our motto is “If we cant get it for free, we take it.”

    • mark

      LMAO well said

  • Ron

    probably not white guys, seeing as how the guy was running in the last part of the clip. Looked more like a black guy run. Also wearing a white sweatshirt, perhaps to make police think white.

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