Mpls. Police Talk About Preventing Property Crime

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Crime specialists with the Minneapolis Police Department are showing citizens how they can take steps to protect themselves from becoming victims of burglary or auto theft.

Police are holding a property crime prevention workshop from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday.

They plan to show citizens how they can deter burglars through landscaping and lighting. They’ll also talk about what kind of locks and security hardware a house really needs, and whether burglar alarms are effective. And, they’ll talk about ways to prevent auto theft.

The workshop is being held at the department’s Fourth Precinct.

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  • jackactionhero

    This is like telling women to be careful what they wear in public, or else rapists won’t be able to help themselves.

    The way to prevent crime is not to limit their temptation by shutting all of your belongings in, but by eliminating the criminal.

    Most of these criminals are repeat offenders. That should never be a possibility. If you enter someone’s property or home and take their belongings, that night should see you swinging from the end of a rope.

  • Phil McCrackin

    Minneapolis PD is a joke, I long for the days of Tony Boza. I work downtown and when we call the police it takes hours to get an officer to show up, if at all.

  • Kevin

    My Mossberg 12 ga Assault Shotgun is my crime prevention tool…..

  • Clancy

    Those tips don’t prevent crime, they just relocate it.

  • Ace

    Where is the fourth precinct? It would be nice to know where to go to get this information.

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