St. Paul Schools Face Cuts If Levy Not Approved

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — St. Paul Public Schools are asking voters to approve an upcoming levy, or they may be facing some major cuts.

The district’s superintendent, Valeria Silva, outlined the possible cuts Thursday.

Silva said if voters reject a renewal or increase the district could have to make $30 million in cuts.

That would include ending all-day kindergarten and the district’s preschool program. The district said 1,000 students use those programs.

A committee will begin meeting in January to discuss levy options.

The current operating levy for St. Paul schools expires in 2013.

  • See BS

    Giving free stuff to people from other countries adds up.

  • stubby

    Thank your public unions….Walker has it right. Keep the libs in power and you in MN deserve what you get.

  • Ace

    All day kindergarten is free day care, let the parents pay for their own day care, It will pass because everybody gets to vote while only homeowners pay for it. Only those paying the bill should get to vote on this. Enough is enough, my taxes are way out of control

    • Tired of same ol'

      When my children were in all day kindergarted, I had to pay a tuition. Free all day kindergarten and preschool for children of non working families. Parents are not working, they can teach their own children, not the taxpayers.

  • Kindergarden for some

    In the Maple Grove 29 district up until last year only the section of Brooklyn Park that was in the district got free all day kindergarden. Everybody else had to pay for it. For the uninitiated Brooklyn Park is about 90% minorities and not the asian kind.

    • just saying

      FYI – this article is about St Paul

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