Emmer Claims Hamline Backed Out On Teaching Deal

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Former gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer says he was offered a job to teach at Hamline University’s business school, and claims the college later backed out of the deal.

The former Republican gubernatorial candidate thinks that faculty members objected to his political views, including his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Hamline said discussions to have Emmer teach there never went beyond the proposal stage. University spokeswoman JacQui Getty says the two sides never reached a final agreement.

A St. Paul Pioneer Press report says Emmer wants the school to acknowledge that it failed to honor its agreement with him.

Getty says the school has no plans to do so.

  • Easy as pie

    This can be solved easily! Is there a written offer-please show us the offer or be quite. Otherwise it’s a he said she said. C’mon Tom.

    • Richard in Minneapolis


    • See BS

      Hamline likes to hire people who cheat on their taxes instead.

  • Minnesota is not so nice

    as opposed to all democrats? Like Bill Clinton, the “head” democrat never lied? Like Hillary never lied? Like the pledge by now president obama to have all committee meetings held on CNN ever occurred? what abot the pledge to reach across the isle, like the democrats did on the health care overhaul bill? Apparently lieing is not just a republican thing.

    • correct

      No – it is not.
      That stated – they sure have been well taught by the GOP Party. lol

    • bad spelling

      neither is spelling in your case. honestly, can’t conservatives do better?

      • me

        zing…good one

  • D Trump

    The big story here is; Hamline has a business school?!?

    • Non-Patronizer

      Hamline created a school of Business in 2008. It is new, hence the reason for the offer. As opposed to your insinuation that they are a small and insignificant institution.

  • dphilips

    The Republicans have been at the root of all the countrys problems

    • Your English Teacher

      Absolutely. The first thing they did was hoard all of the apostrophes.

  • John Frykman

    Irrespective of Emmer’s political stripe, you don’t sue a potential employer with whom you don’t have a contract. How likely will it be that he will get an interview ANYWHERE in the future. Why would he want to teach at Hamline, anyway?

    • sick of people's BS

      Where in that story did they say he sued the school? I must have missed it.

  • xxx

    The fellow is looking for a job, had an interview and was turned down for the job.
    Welcome to the ranks of the Unemployed Tom.

    This same thing happens thousands of times a day. What is so special about your case Tom?

  • Ken

    Discrimination hurts dosen’t it Mr Emmer?

  • Jimmy

    Just like any other employer. They did their research, and getting the full story on how much of a freak he is, simply decided not to hire him. Go cry somewhere else Tom. You got plenty of money squirreled away. Maybe you’ll just have to downgrade your Edina lifestyle!

  • Otto

    How dare anyone lie to a politician!!! That right is reserved solely for politicians to do to us.

    • Pity Tom but

      doesn’t sound like they lied.
      It does sound like Tom heard what he wanted to hear now, doesn’t it.
      Welcome to my world Tom….it can be a beetch out here

  • James

    What a shameful crowd of negative comments. First off, the point was not contesting a written offer or no written offer, it was that Hamlin backed out on multiple assurances and confirmations of the employment arrangement. Furthermore, liberals in power protested and terminated the new position because it didn’t match their political desires. Call it discrimination, call it what you will, free speech is a lost art controlled tightly by power hungry hypocrites like the ones in the faculty at Hamlin University. I don’t think it’ll be hard for Mr Emmer to retain employment with any business of integrity, but it will be hard to find integrity in the bowels of the unions and liberal controlled rank and file faculty at Hamlin and other institutions suckling off the teat of government funding and political correctness. Bill Ayers would probably fit right in for that position.

    • Shame on You

      Congratulations James!!

      You win the Fox News Stupid Post of the Day!!

      Your Myna bird-like repetition of all of the Regressives’ talking points is truly astounding!!! Roger Ailes may give you your own show!!!!

      • Shame on Shame on You

        Congratulations Shame on You!!

        You win the Huffington Post most inane logic of the day.

        Go do your community organizing responsibilities.

  • Goober

    Wow … Some hateful bastarts ou there ….

  • G Dog

    Another Conservative victim of society whining about how life isn’t fair?

    I’m shocked.

  • See BS

    He would have had a better chance for a job if he was associated with a religion that stones and beheads women and gay people in public places.

    Opposing gay marraige is pretty tame compared to some of the things happening in other parts of the world.

  • Michael Jacobs

    If you can’t judge them by their shoes, the spelling ALWAYS trips them up!!

  • maxey

    Why would anyone at Hamline think Emmer would have anything of value to impart to its students? Obviously, someone woke up before it was too late. Political hacks are a dime a dozen.

  • Frankie

    Emmer Bio; Education: BA poly Sci, JD law, Experience: Trail lawyer, politician.
    Where in that would be any training for a position called teacher. He has real world experience of standing up speaking sound bites, no teaching. I am sure out there somewhere there is a person with a degree and some experience teaching that could do the job.

  • SomeoneWhoKnows

    What goes around comes around Tom. You did some very nice people wrong as an employer and had no integrity in your dealings with them. Bad Karma. Its time to pay the toll. Doubt you will get much legal business after demonstrating how not “Minnesota Nice” you are. Free speech doesn’t mean people have to agree with or support you.

  • Pavel

    This is perfectly clear: Emmer applied for a job and was deemed not the best candidate for the position. Likely it had to do with his extreme views, not just based on his view of gay marriage. Those extreme views could impact on his teaching and are likely contrary to the policies of Hamline University.

    Anyone in education knows you only “have a job” when you have a contract signed by both parties. Emmer needs to grow up and move on in life.

  • G Dog

    Cry me a river, Emmer.

  • Murph

    Emmer and Charlie the tuna? So sorry Tom and Charlie,we want good taste! Even a God in politicians clothing might understand that,Charlie does, and he’s a fish! Not a mere lower primate!

  • Emmer gets small businessman award

    Is this how you run a small business, Mr. Small Businessman

  • Mark

    Too bad Tom, you might have to work at Wal-mart to try and pay off the multiple mortgages on your property. Or have you already entered into the nightmare of forclosure?

    I only hope you have more compassion shown to you than your group showed the rest of us poor folks just trying to make it.

    Good bye Mr Political Hack! your two minutes of fame are over, and we really don’t feel very sorry for your situation!

    • Wah Wah Wah

      I find it kind of sad how all of the liberal based comments are very akin t this one. I guarantee you do not have anywhere near the education level, accolades or resume that Mr. Emmer has.

      I agree this story is a bit petty on his part, but this is one of many posts with similar selfish outlines.

      Keep your sad sap stories to your self!!

  • hmmm

    Well – chit happens every day Tom. Most of us have been dealing with it our whole life
    Thinking a lawsuit there Tommy boy????? me smells it comin’ lol

  • Superchik1017

    He had a job interview and he didn’t get the job. He’s just making a big deal out of it so he’ll have something to talk about on his radio show.

  • Kevin

    More castarated liberals bullying! Will Gov google eyes create a “Bullying” task force to investigate?

    • mandy

      fianlly a comment i can agree with….’Gov google eyes’ my thoughts exactly!! is he ‘on’ something or what??? maybe he forgets to take his meds. you know what that means??

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