WOODBURY, Minn. (WCCO) — Each week, WCCO This Morning is rewarding a hard-working, dedicated parent who loves what they do.

Angela Davis went to Woodbury to surprise this week’s winner, a father who stepped up big time when his wife went back to work full-time.

We got the nomination from Terry Kelm’s mother, who was impressed by the support he’s shown his wife at home while she pursues her dream of becoming a business owner.

Terry is surrounded by supportive women, it turns out. Not only his mother and wife, but his three daughters as well.

“I am surrounded by girls and it’s awesome,” he said.

Though his mother Barbara Seaberg nominated him, it was his wife, also named Barbara, who sang his praises to us.

“My dream was to always own my own hair salon,” she said. “Terry has been helpful in watching the kids, helping with the business. He’s been wonderful. He’s a wonderful husband. Wonderful dad.”

Terry’s office is filled with pictures of his family. Terry’s daughters are 7, 10 and 11 years old. Their names are Maddie, Allie and Torrie.

“It’s been a real benefit that I get to spend more time with my kids. I am with them four nights a week now. It’s been a lot of fun,” said Terry. “Usually we are doing cafe stuff every night. They girls give me different orders. I do eggs for one, hashbrowns for the other one.”

“I get compliments on all three of my boys. My friends think that I am so lucky,” said Terry’s mother Barbara. “They all live here. I see them all the time. They are all fathers. They are each other’s best friends, those three boys.”

We gave the family a group of tickets to see an upcoming Minnesota Wild game.

Each week, WCCO selects a new Just 4 You Parent, so keep those entries coming. You can nominate a deserving parent, grandparent or guardian online.


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