Minn. Woman Charged With Killing Boyfriend

ASHLAND, Wis. (WCCO) — A woman from Rice, Minn. has been charged with killing her boyfriend and leaving his corpse in a motel room.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Ashland County, Wis., 38-year-old Angelina Mae Omara has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide.

The body of Michael Pies was found at a motel along Highway 2 in Ashland, Wis. on Nov. 2. Pies had been listed as a missing or endangered person.

According to the complaint, a room at the motel had been checked out in Pies’ name.

Authorities performed a welfare check, noting an odor emanating from the room Pies had supposedly checked out. They found Pies’ dead body inside. He had been shot in the head. No one else was there.

Omara was taken into custody at a gas station in Sioux Falls, S.D.

She denied having anything to do with Pies’ death, and blamed his shooting on the Hell’s Angels. She later told investigators that she was involved in a physical struggle with Pies and that he was the one who pulled out the gun. She said once she wrestled it away from him, it went off. She said she didn’t know it was loaded, according to the complaint.

Investigators later learned that the defendant allegedly asked someone at a Cold Spring, Minn. gas station how to use the gun days before the shooting occurred.

Omara later told police that she and Pies were not actually involved in a physical altercation before he was shot. She admitted to hiding the gun in some bushes in Ashland.

  • jackactionhero

    Really? She wrestled a gun away from a man and shot him with it, eh? I don’t find that very likely.

  • Amy reeks too

    What a POS
    That said – how come Amy Senser on the loose yet today? Didn’t she leave a corpse too lying on the road? Does a motel rate higher than the road? Does rich and white mean more than poor and white?
    ’nuff said …… lock them up , BOTH of them, for life

  • Murph

    Maybe he wouldn’t pony up some money for a facelift for her! He musta figured how much that would cost in a hopelless cause! She’d stop a bull in full charge!

  • rick perry

    Send her to Texas,we ain’t executin no one till January,and the needle is gettin lonely!

    • No doubt

      Heh – I like the way you’re thinking…

  • Tanner Z.

    Wow U-G-L-Y she ain’t got no alibi….she ugly, ya, ya, she ugly!

  • Mick J

    angie, i still love you baby, let me whisper in your ear…pig,pig,pig!

  • Jennifer

    You people are sick

  • Murph

    38 years ago,the doctor must have had quite a tussle figuring out which end to slap first!

  • jackactionhero

    She must go about 275, and a 9 on the Richter, and a 10 on the ugly scale. Dang!

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