Mysterious Donor Dropping Lots Of Cash Into Red Kettles

ROSEVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — A generous and mysterious donor has been stuffing some big bills into the Salvation Army red kettles.

The Salvation Army reports that at five different kettle locations, they have pulled out a tightly-folded stack of 10 crisp $100 bills.

The stacks of cash have popped up at five different kettle locations in the east metro — from Roseville to Maplewood.

The Salvation Army said they have hit the 33 percent mark for their red kettle campaign with a goal of raising $11.4 million. People can still donate until Dec. 31 but the red kettles will disappear on Dec. 24.

People can not only donate at the red kettles, but they can also text “Blessing” to 85944 for a $10 donation which will be added to your cell phone bill.

  • jackactionhero

    Huh? Care to explain that comment further?

  • Yup

    God bless that generous donor.

    p.s. You can bet YOUR bottom dollar it ain’t Zygi! heh, heh

  • xxx

    I wonder if the recent Bank Robber – has decided to be generous with his recent withdrawals?

    • RFF

      Thinking the same. Robin Hood??

      • Kevin

        Oh youd be surprised…

  • Dale Gribble

    They don’t want your money, traitor.

  • felice

    I think it’s a religious organization so then it should be anti same gender relationships. Is this worse than any of the “other sins” most of us are guilty of- I don’t think so, but marriage can’t be considered a possibility in a church. Civil unions should be an option, though, in my opinion.

    • jackactionhero



      Can you please try that again in English, felice?

  • republibilly

    well it aint a republican, thats fer dang sure.

    • Kevin

      Oh youd be surprised….

  • hope they use the $ well

    I wish I could be sure that the majority of donations went to those in need – as with any organization. Unfortunately, there are some known questionable practices within the SA related to donations. For example, donated money being used to purchase furniture, homes, cars, and other furnishings for Salvation Army officers. Another example, Salvation Army staff allowing their friends (who hold down jobs and are in no way suffering financially) to have free, early access to donations such as brand-name clothing, furniture, etc. It’s a shame that a lot of the good work that many SA staff/officers do is tarnished by the choices of some.

  • Dale Gribble

    I rushed off to Kmart the other day because the ad read “little boys pants half off” I was so excited until I found out it was only a sale.

    • Gale Dribble

      Hahahahahaha! Ya sick bastich!

  • Tebow

    Tomorrows headline “Thieves Targeting Red Kettles”.

  • Obv.

    You can bet its not jackactionZero, telemarketers are not paid that well.

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