MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Revitalizing Nicollet Mall to turn it into the heart of the city is one of the major points in the Minneapolis Downtown Council’s long-term plan.

On Wednesday morning, the council unveiled their ideas, 10-point plan, for transforming downtown by the year 2025.

The total cost for the entire plan would be about $2 billion, using both public and private funding.

“You have to think about that as a very high-level estimate. Many things could change over 15 years and we’ll just have to process that information as we evaluate the opportunities,” said Elliot Jaffee with the Minneapolis Downtown Council.

The plan calls for, among other things, an entire sports district. They seek a football stadium to be stationed within one of two sites near Target Field and Target Center.

The plan calls for the Metrodome to be turned into a lake with homes possibly surrounding it.

Also, the plan would include building a new highway interchange as part of that process.

They also hope to extend Nicollet Mall from the Walker Art Center all the way to the Hennepin Avenue Bridge. They cited the San Antonio Riverwalk as an inspiration.

They also hope to see more people living in downtown Minneapolis, ideally doubling the residential population to 70,000.

Comments (20)
  1. Crazy as a tick in a tequila bottle says:

    Oh, has the Downtown Council somehow been given the authority to print money to pay for all these glorious ideas???

    Great, let’s have them print a little extra so we can pay for a new stadium or two or three or more, fix the capitol building, feed the hungry, make the poor at least middle class, fix the deficit, repair the roads and bridges, repay the education fund, and put a new car in everyone’s garage. And for those who don’t have a garage, the state will build you one!

    Have I left anything out? Is there something else someone wants?

  2. Tom says:

    The update is needed!

    1. Minnesota is not so nice says:

      The update is WANTED, not needed. Until they quit putting in 50K drinking fountains do they really think they can be trusted with 2 billion? Until they fix the social problems that their agenda has brought to this region, who do they think will live downtown? The only way they will get 35K more people to move into downtown is if they make it a region where illegal immigration is not enforced, oh wait, they already did that. Who is going to pay for this $2 billion in renovations?

      1. jackactionhero says:

        What social agenda does the Downtown Council have?

        It seems you don’t really know what you’re talking about, sir.

        1. desert eagle .50 says:

          What agenda do YOU have JAH? Please be specific.

  3. RIII says:

    Block E was such a success it sold for a fraction of what it cost. I am sure they will drive property taxes beyond what is now unsustainable an make Minneapolis into another Detroit.

  4. James says:

    Actually, the update is not wanted, not needed. If it was wanted, there’d be people building these dreams right now. Instead, you have companies like Target who can’t wait to leave downtown for obvious reasons. It’s the next Detroit folks…

    1. Try Again says:

      Why did Target just buy more property downtown a month or so ago? That doesn’t sound like a company wanting to move out of town. Try again.

  5. Nancy Aleshire says:

    All these proposals for the downtown area sound great. What I would really love to see would be for downtown Mpls. to revert back to the way it was during the 1970’s when I moved here–safe, clean streets, with friendly people. Whether physical improvements would reduce the crime, I do not know.

  6. MIKA says:

    Remember the state borrowed 640 million to balance the budget.

  7. Grynch says:

    I wish I could spend other people’s money to renovate my house when I’m too broke to fund it on my own. So what makes them think that in this economy, people can afford to live lavishly in brand new downtown facilities? They could have at least used the fact that it will create some jobs getting all of this built as an incentive but nowhere in the article does it mention that. I’m zero percent convinced that this is a good idea.

  8. StraycatStrut says:

    When is renovation of the Mayor and City Council happening?? Streamlining the council to 5 members and putting the Mayor on part time would really help raise the funds.

  9. Meow says:

    The traffic alone will be INSANITY. It is wise and smart to have at least one major stadium OUTSIDE of the downtown area. Who wants to sit in traffic, then pay a ridiculous price for parking?

    The council has a lot of wishful thinking.

  10. N4CR says:

    How about controlling the crime in downtown FIRST!!!!! until then good luck!!!

    1. Brian says:

      Well said. Interestingly enough, nowhere in this “revitalize Minneapolis” plan did I see “nuke the north side.” No use trying to church up this turd hole without addressing the real problem.

  11. goggles says:

    Good luck with traffic.

  12. Journeyone says:

    I love governments, BIG or small, progress equals spending YOUR tax dollars. Please don’t tax greater Minnesota with your BIG ideas.

  13. Swamp Rat says:

    Too little, too late, and too costly. Why is this plan surfacing now when Ramsey County and Arden Hills are the prime sites for the Vikings venue etcetera? Minneapolis has other development issues to clear up or institute before trying long term last ditch efforts to build a Vikings stadium that has drag on a dozen years or so. Where is Minneapolis going to get the dollars for such grandiose improvements? Think about it!

  14. Jon Lindquist says:

    let us not forget that the idea of turning the metrodome site, and likely multiple surrounding roads and ramps, into a lake area would result in the need to relocate and redo a lot of the electrical lines in the area as there is a power substation on the east side of the site, thus raising the price tag a lot more. Then there is also the LRT lines that would likely be impacted…

  15. get 'er done says:

    Downtown doesn’t need construction for improvement, it needs the above surface detonation of a neutron bomb.

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