MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio (AP) — A northeast Ohio middle school teacher says an employee at a local Target store told her she couldn’t shop with about 25 students buying items for charity.

Sandy Bean tells The Plain Dealer newspaper she and other Mayfield teachers have for about five years taken students to the Mayfield Heights Target to buy items for a Cleveland-area crisis nursery. She says they spend about $2,000.

She says she called Monday to tell a manager they’d be coming Friday and was told there weren’t enough cashiers.

The Minneapolis-based Target Inc. apologized Tuesday, saying the store leader contacted the teacher and the students will be shopping there Friday.

A phone listing for a Sandra Bean in Cleveland rang unanswered Tuesday evening. A message seeking comment was sent to her likely Facebook account.

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Comments (14)
  1. Unce Rico says:

    Have the kids buy gifts with their parents, then bring them to school over the course of a week. If this has to be some sort of an activity, then teach them how to wrap them. I wouldn’t want my kid missing school to go to some big box retailer for a “holiday” activity. Stupid.

    1. Fak says:

      I agree! Yay…let’s all take a field trip to Target and learn how to spend our precious money. Why not teach them how to save money and build/create items for charity?

      1. Why the bitterness ? says:

        Actually – I think I see a lot of merit in the concept.
        And as a volunteer in classrooms for almost 30 years I guarentee you the kids are stir crazy and thinking Christmas or break and attention spans are short. A diversion that teaches is a great way to address this
        They learn to shop – and do cost comparisions.
        They learn to work within a designated dolar amount – it’s called a budget.
        They lean to buy and give to another – it’s called charity and donation
        They learn to interact outside a class room setting – it’s called responsible social interaction.
        I am sure there are other things I am missing too.
        Maybe if people in this country actually did and practiced such things we would not be so upside down financially as a country and actually could manage our own finances better
        _______ just thinking some thoughts aloud

        1. Crazy Joe says:

          Nice comeback, love it.

        2. Dee says:

          I totally agree with you. When you can teach our kids something about charity and giving, while teaching them to (perhaps) earn the money they are spending? It didn’t say that but I know when I was in school and did these projects, we had bake sales and different money making activities, but it takes the attention off “me, me, me” and they can think of someone else instead. And actually feel pretty good about it! I think we need a little more of that.

        3. Mark says:

          Well said. I will date myself here and confess I go back to the ’60’s when I was in grade school and I realize things change. Having said that I took a lot out of the times we bought things, made things, gave things to others at Christmas and Easter too then. As the other poster here said – it took it off the ” me-I ” and I realized how fortunate we were, even though we had very little ourselves. It taught me the value of things and the value and joys of sharing and giving. In a sense it helped form me as I am today I truly believe. Maybe things like this should be done more instead of less. All it’s takes is to go online or read the papaers to see we could use some serious change in the way we are as a people. We have some wonderful kids and some not so wonderful kids out there who some day will be adults and a big part of the fabric of this country. I would much prefer them to be thoughtful, considerate and understanding of things. Not all of us are blessed and lucky enough to be playing on a keyboard.

        4. Another $24M CEO Policy? says:

          And also teach the kids when it is appropriate to boycott stores that have forgotten who the customer is!

    2. The Truth says:

      If the field trip involves teaching children about charity and giving back to others, I’m all for it.

  2. tom tom says:

    Target strikes again. This place grows more clueless by the day.

  3. Kasper Gutman says:

    Shop at Walmart instead. They don’t have the attitude that Target does…

    1. Auntie Venom says:

      According to a article, WalMart offered the class an additional $250.00 to do their charity shopping there.

  4. Tebow says:

    You can’t handle an extra 25 customers, doesn’t make any sense. On the other side you call to say your coming with a gigantic rush of 25 people? It’s a Target store for Christ sake. They don’t call McDonald’s when they roll in there on field trips.

  5. Jason Kieffer says:

    So next time its busy at target, they should close the store and say they are too busy

  6. CARING ONE says:

    Seems like some one wasn’t thinking when they answered the phone at Target. I love when I go shopping & is a group out shopping for other than themselves. Lets continue being kind & kthoughtful.

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