The Timberwolves are hard at work at training camp, getting ready for preseason game number one coming up Saturday at 7:00 against Milwaukee.  Here are some news and notes from Day 5 of Training Camp:

Coach Rick Adelman is busy implementing his system and get the players to buy-in.  With Coach Adelman’s history in the league, he’s earned the respect of the team quickly and the team has been willing to adjust to the new coaching staff.

Here’s Coach Adelman talking about Day 5 of Camp:

Second year player, and last year’s number one pick, Wes Johnson is looking to improve in his sophomore season.  The Timberwolves are going to have to rely on him to play big minutes at the two-guard.  The coaching staff wants to see him much more aggressive on the offensive ends as opposed to the spot up shooting he primarily did last season.

Here’s is Coach Adelman and Wes Johnson talking about his second year in the NBA:

The Timberwolves do have work to do with Kevin Love who is looking to get a long-term extension done.  He’ll enter this season as a veteran leader on the team.  Here, Kevin talks about the team’s chemistry, adjusting to a new offense and the conditioning that has to get done in a short amount of time:

While the J.J. Barea signing isn’t official yet, it’s a sure thing the point guard from the defending champion Mavericks will be in a Wolves uniform soon (you can listen to David Kahn’s Interview from Tuesday with Chad Hartman here).  He’ll add some much needed depth to the Timberwolves backcourt and help Ricky Rubio adjust to NBA life (and help him with the language issues).

Finally, the Wolves locked up second round pick Malcolm Lee with a guaranteed three-year contract.  A rarity for a second round pick in the NBA.  Coach Adelman spoke about how he gives the Wolves a lot of flexibility at the guard spot and has been impressed so far with the rookie.  Here Lee talks about how thrilled he was with the contract:

Comments (2)
  1. j speedbag 64 says:

    this is going to be a good team someday…go wolves

  2. scrooge says:

    Timberwolves = Boooorrrriinnnngggg

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