MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — NFL owners adopted a revised “stadium loan program” on Wednesday that could provide up to $200 million for a new Minnesota Vikings stadium.

Team owner Zygi Wilf has pledged that the Vikings could contribute $425 million toward a new stadium.

Back in October, when NFL officials visited the State Capitol, they said the program would probably provide around $150 million. But it’s not clear if these changes would bump that up.

The new NFL loan program is based on how much the total cost of the stadium would be. The Vikings are hoping to build on the Arden Hills site. A stadium there would cost more than a billion dollars.

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  1. Taxpayer letting it happen again says:

    Frankly – if they need help from the NFL and they need help from the taxpayers – why are they buidling a stadium in the first place?
    Oh – I get it. They just want to follow the other Big Businesses in America and play Fleece the Dumb Taxpayers. One truly cool game played by the GOP, The DFL and yep, Ms Holy herself and her Tea Baggers
    cool huh

    1. Real Talk says:

      Wow…you vast and complex knowledge of capital financing is amazing.

      If you cant pay cash up front…then obviously it is a bad idea and you cant afford it huh?

      Listen, your dumber than rocks financial knowledge may help you balance your check book. But leave the business decisions to the men with actual brains sweetheart.

      1. @Real(bs) Talk says:

        Kinda funny comment RealTalk right – they actually getting in by obtaining about 20% of the financing on their own, the NFL does 20% and Holy Cow – the peon taxpayers of Minnesota on the hook for 60% – and we know that will just be the start. Give an inch and ……
        So the Wilf’s don’t have it pan out for them -BFD to them. The league takes over control – and Holy Cow. The Tax Ho’s in Minnesota still got 60% in it – times roughly 3 with interest. The got an asset – we get the empty dead stadium. You blind idiots want it all don’t you….lol
        Yep – Real Talk it is Real Apparent whom the Idiot is. Now go snuggle your arrogant pimply face under his desk again until he further needs you.
        You sports fools – pay your own damn tabs and leave 60% or more of us alone. We don’t want your rancid team.
        done with the facts pimple face, I’m done with the facts

        1. MrB says:

          Another dolt, go have another drink then go back to bed!

      1. Real Talk says:

        Wow. A well thought out retort by obviously one of our brighter citizens. I bet you win Group Home Member of the Month award!!!

        Your case worker has to be so proud!!

        1. MrB says:

          Build it, build it, build it….then send a bill to real (DUMB) talk guy! Short answer for shortminded people incapable of understanding anything longer!

          1. Real Talk says:

            Thats great….except I dont think you posses the intellectual capacity to discuss this issue at any great length. But nice cover though…blame your short comings on some stranger who has no control over you. Wow…and which one of us is shortminded again? LOL

            1. Frankie says:

              As this comment is attached to nothing real talk the answer to your question is you.

            2. MrB says:

              If it looks like a DOLT, and talks like a DOLT, well then by golly REAL TALK GUY, you are a DOLT!

  2. Why? says:

    Whole thing begs the simple question – why not either league owned in full or better yet – Taxpayer owned ????
    Hecker-Petters-Madoff and others own a lot with little skin in the game too. Frankly I am sick of bailing out people. Especially the rich bastids. 😉

    1. agree says:

      Well – since the DFL and GOP taxpayer dollar gobbling politians are in bed with money types for their daily fix I guess we trash them all next election and in the interim do everything in our power to kill this lousy stadium until then.
      I may be in support of some arrangement like Green Bays but the league want the billions so that will never happen.
      Not to many businesses allow you to own an asset yet use everyone elses money to get it done. Truly incredible – and truly bullchit from the top to the bottom

  3. Jill says:

    Bottom line: There are no economic benefits to taxpayer subsidized stadiums. Anyone who tells you different is lying.


    1. Really? says:

      Jill…sweetheart. You are confusing two issues.

      Is there economic benefit to having a new stadium….ABSOLUTELY. And all the articles you cited implicetly agree with that fact.

      Now….is the economic benefit going to exceed to the upfront costs? Debatable…depending on your sorces. But that type of thinking alone implies the only type of value the Vikes add is monetary….which is not true.

      Do we see huge ROI’s from Museums, Parks, etc….NO…..but do we only value those things because the put money in our pockets…..NO.

      Not getting into a right vs wrong discussion about if the Vikes have value aside from the monetary aspect. They do….just not maybe to everyone. Some do, some dont. Its the same way with any cause/event or structure our tax dollars go to. There is no law that says every citizen must benefit AND benefit equally from tax dollar expenditures. For those looking for this stadium deal to meet that narrow criteria you arbitrarily pulled from no-where….please dont reproduce!!!

      1. AC says:

        You mentioned to Jill not to reproduce. Please don’t repost until you get your spelling under control.

        1. Real Talk says:

          I most certainly did NOT mention to Jill not to reproduce. You cant even read, yet you can open your yap and comment…amazing.

          I said that, “to those looking for this stadium deal to meet that narrow criteria you arbitrarily pulled from no-where.” Now if Jill is one of those people…so be it. But i certainly did not put her in that category. You did.

          As far as my spelling. The least of my daily concerns. That is why i have spell check and an admin.

          1. Orrest says:

            The narrow criteria Jill used to say why not to fund the stadium defeats the arguments that a stadium pays for itself. You compare the stadium to a park, museum or theater. Guthrie theater used 100 million of money it raised and only 25 million of state money. That is far different than what the Vikings have proposed. Comparing the Vikings to a park, museum or theater is not valid. The Vikings are a for profit entity, the others are not. It is not even an apple to oranges comparison. When you find a valid comparison for spending 600 million then you can start to try to figure out how reproduction works.

            1. Real Talk says:

              Yes it is valid…you are a moron.

              First point of fact. We were comparing the Vikings STADIUM to the park or museum. Not the actual team you retrad. The team is privately owned…the stadium would be publically owned. See how dumb you are?

              Second point of fact. You used the Gutherie as an example. And how they used their own money and public money. Well isnt that EXACTLY what we are talking about with the stadium??? Sure the exact numbers are different, but that is arguing the symantics….not the real issue.

              How can people even begin to have an intelligent debate when morons like you fail to follow 3rd grade logic. Now YOU are exactly the people who do not need to reproduce you simple minded drain on society.

              1. Orrest says:

                Name calling is the province of people who cannot win an argument. Yes the Guthrie used some state money. Very little state money in a surplus year went to the Guthrie..
                The stadium that the Vikings play in now is of adequate standards to hold the event for the non paying public. The new stadium is only to benefit the team’s bottom line. State money in the current economic environment should be spent sparingly. One cannot have a debate with your level of functioning as you cannot grasp this point.
                Keep insulting people, it adds so little to your argument.

                1. Nilesh says:

                  Yes, all the episodes are from the first osesan. I’m missing the New Year’s episode. There were others shown in a different country. I wish they would show or at least put them on DVD!

            2. HaHa says:

              How cute. This guy thought he understood a topic and just took a shot in the dark with the comment.

              Hello!!! He wasnt talking about the Vikings as a team. He was talking about the stadium that would be publically owned.

              You must be one of the dumb ones he is talking about.

      2. Jill says:

        You obviously haven’t read the articles .Go back and read them.

        Once you have educated yourself and realize this is a giant scam, you can apologize to everyone here.

        In the future try not to be so gullible. When someone wants your money and you get nothing in return, they are taking advantage of your stupidity. Wise up dummy.

        1. Real Talk says:

          Poor Jill.

          You need to educate yourself and realize you are NOT the smartest person in the room and your opinion starts and stops with you. Its not some universal truth you conceeded little goober.

          Incapable of examining an issue based on merit and logical thought process. If the only criteria was monetary ROI. Sure…maybe you have a point. But again, you missed the whole point of the comment.

          Wise up dummy.

        2. Fat Rob says:

          Jill, “I dun read me some articles and got edumacated….daarrr hooo”

          Spoken like true trailor trash my dear.

        3. Chammers says:

          “When someon wants your money and you get nothign in return, they are taking advantage of your stupidity.”

          What, like basically all taxes? Guess we are all dumbies by your definition Jill. Think much before you speak? Wow.

          1. Orrest says:

            Spoken like someone that understands little. This is not only Chammers, but Fat Rob and Real talk. You cannot refute Jill’s point that the stadium will not return investment. Insults as a response to an argument are the very poor taste that WCCO encourages. To explain things in a manner adequate to explain to these people would require too much space for WCCO to allow

  4. Chris says:

    I want it. Build it!!! Lets get it done asap and watch some football in a new stadium. C’mon boys and girls, put your seal of approval on it and get it done!! Arden Hills please.

  5. Zygi Wilf says:

    Give me your money.

    I’ve got the politicians in my pocket. They dance to my song, not yours. You are going to be forced to subsidize my business.

    Give me your money.
    I’m not kidding, give me your money.

  6. Viking Fan says:

    I’m a Viking Fan.

    I’m too stupid to spend my own money. I need the government to take my money away and give it to Zygi.

    So take my money and give it to the billionaire. That would really help me out.

  7. Vikings da bomb!!! says:

    Good grief, its only money. We all know it is going to be built, so its a non issue. The state will be funding this one and with it will come Viking pride and numerous Superbowl victories. This is the ticket to happiness and wins. The faster the state coughs up this little dab o’ money the better. Time is a wasting. Build it and build it now. The Superbowl victories are depending on it!!!

  8. Jake says:

    WHY is the NFL offering to give a $200M *LOAN* to the Vikes, when they GAVE $150 MILLION to Dallas to build their stadium, which didn’t have to be paid back?? In addition, why is this being marketed as a help to Zigi, and not the taxpayers, who would still be stuck with MOST of the BILL?? The NFL should be saying, “We will help the State of Minnesota” in getting this thing built, and lower their share of the burden, but they are NOT. They should be saying that because that is where the MOST resistance is, because they will have the LEAST control.

  9. Vikings da bomb!!! says:

    Just build it you cheap skates!! Good grief, its only money and not a large amount by any measure.

  10. Steve says:

    If that is the case, then the smart thing to do is to build an open air facility. It will save money and real football is played outdoors anyway. The Vikings were a lot better when we didn’t play in a dome. If you don’t put a roof on, then between the loan and what the owner contributed, it could just about be built.

    1. Frankie says:

      You haven’t read much about this. The NFL portion was included in what they Vikings would pay. . The roof does not cost $600000

  11. raise credit score says:

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