Target Field Light Rail Station Receives $10M Grant

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Target Field light rail station will get some sprucing up thanks to a $10 million federal grant from the Department of Transportation.

The funds will be used to help construct a new passenger platform, storage and staging tracks and a new public plaza at the Target Field.

Officials say the improvements will help ease back ups when more riders take the train when the Central Corridor Light rail is done in 20-4.

Lawmakers are hoping the LRT makeover will bring more people to the downtown area.

  • Lanny

    Where the f did that money come from, I guess we have a big bank account some place and no debt to worrie about.

    • Swamp Rat

      Read the article Lanny! It says the money is coming from a Federal Transportation Grant! It also states that these forthcoming improvements are a future pre-emptive fix for the future to accommodate riders from the Central Corridor line. It’s a good use of our Federal tax moneys. Again, read the story.

    • Well!!

      Where the heck does the dang gummint get off investing in infrastructure like that!! You’d think they’d have better things to do than investing in public works projects.

      Why I know at least three rich guys that need another tax cut!!

  • RIII

    Another fascist government waste of money, stolen from hard working taxpayers. If they want to bring people (with money) back into the downtown they need to restore all the on street parking that has been lost and do away with the extra 3+% sales tax.

    • dude

      guys like you wouldn’t come downtown and hang around anyway. A little too urban, I’d guess.

      And the last thing you’d do is ride public transportation.

      • RIII

        Paying 16.275% sales tax on a drink at a bar with live music is a real buzz kill. People that work for a living tend pay attention to how their money is spent.

    • Yeah!!

      Let’s not spend anything on any kind of commie infrastructure stuff like this.

      And while we’re at it, lets bring back the Gold Standard, impeach Earl Warren and get the US out of the UN.

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